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Mike Barrett -- Blazers TV Broadcaster

May 6, 2014|

Mike joins Travis and Josh to talk Blazers/Spurs.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Joining us now is Michael Barrett might -- afternoon sir Harry you. -- are always happy to document friends so gable and tonight obviously we know how things ended before we move on to you the second round series. We heard your call in with our rice at the end game six just out phenomenal that was. That experience for you tell us about it. Well -- -- we talked about it a little bit last night and Mike and I really hadn't talked about it but it was. You know I think you could tell from the cult leading up to it each -- kind of stand because your feeling like. Do it was -- -- evidence reestablish the bounds before he got the ball and then me. Offensive rebound the got Parsons the basket you -- gonna get caught -- -- anyway bit. You know Howard pretty clearly -- to go blazers got a bounced clear traffic Kirk Parsons so we're kind of sit there thinking. If not -- -- -- protocol which is the fact that. They got a great break and got a bucket and so you're still kind of try to put that aside network has -- talk about. What play can be -- it seemed like the play crept up on -- cycles fast. Where we were still kind of sitting there and almost I don't think you know I'm not trying to say preparing for game seven. In the back you're mine you're trying to. Perhaps put together the words that would express. Disappointment but not to the point where Europe already saying you're gonna lose game seven but it took golf from that down did that -- -- -- -- -- -- I think -- -- -- -- -- has -- off -- -- -- -- try to -- plated -- -- we talked about a -- -- law. To which we've seen in the past and other things and then before you know it. You know your console its grip on the top -- ball throws an Internet. You know the call back when he called game like that you got to go back and think well which are set it up differently -- reacted differently but you know. In a moment like got to think people. Get caught up in the the exhilaration of the moment anyway and so -- I'd try to can keep it together a little bit more but I had babies so. That's probably only regret I have another kind of retreated as laid out. But the crowds of the story -- you know viewers caught off guard and shocked by the tremendous sending anybody so it was good good to I barely beat myself up after any kind of cult like Arabic about it but it was it was so -- it -- -- -- Berry did a phenomenal job man everybody was excited am I got a question for your -- this team so much. Dean delivered stone cold approach I don't mean that negatively just that attitude we've been around -- athletes and you know what I'm talking about. He once that ball and he wants that pressure on him. Is that something that he's had since day one. He -- You know and that you know -- we like get on the bus to go -- hotel and we get on the early -- to go to game. The early guys go over the young guys go really. And then some of the eskimo that is about after ours than it normally is reserves that Albanian always comes on the second bus company earliest bus where most guys go art like rookies who -- gonna get -- work to you know aren't gonna be -- minutes. And playoffs I noticed and he always gets on any. What can you -- right behind our society want to talk and we talk about. The game we talk about this stuff in the playoffs. And while still nice. He was all business I mean he was still wanna talk and everything ready. Look on his face and everything else I mean he has a game face like. Few others I've been around as far as just business only and and so there -- small Arkin and we sensed that when he first got on the bus and so. We -- just got to change cartoon. The matches and I love that demeanor and I -- -- and that the -- you know cliches you can't coach human and you can't. He has got that and then cover on the pick. You don't and one -- -- all the different angle there but he had on their iPad and Smart on of the shop which revolves. The one that's courtside behind the stack of players is great because you can hear Damien clocked -- Is and whether or five times really fast before the ball even got handed the official as as if to signal that this in mind. And he comes on the topic -- -- -- furiously give me -- ball and I look better attitude because. You don't eat dinner before anyone a couple of games of shots from the outside I want one as a rookies the new world you. -- and we are -- Detroit Cleveland back to back game winners we have this year to. You know guys who are built -- those situations. Anybody -- land in the NBA has is a you know to some degree a gamer and a guy who can step it up and has the ability but the extra -- Is the is that intangible -- give me the ball I'm not. Nervous at this point I want the opportunity. It's not pressure it is opportunity and I'm gonna make the most and so. That's -- -- -- -- member Leon and that's something that you guys have a -- it took LeBron you know LeBron used to criticism because he would pass -- Potential shots that wins the people to what did he take that and well he's unselfish yeah but except what you don't want -- also urged you want golfers. With guys in that role and guys are gonna be and also I love that about in the hearings sophomore season in his first playoff experience. Stepped into that you know ring of fire and I I want to keep our message and I want the -- American and an administrative -- Mateen. That's something that. He really. -- -- one -- put some -- in intelligence. Mike Barrett is our guest -- -- blazers insider Mike after that emotional series that physical series. Is there any concerning your mind for a natural let down tonight in game water in this series. Well maybe but. You know that you go watch the clippers at last night and they were right for that to having -- our guys who have little more experienced and tested in certain situations that. You know this team and we just talked about Damian and all of his X factors that he brings. In this team has become a reflection of him to a certain degree. Wesley is not a guy who allows for anybody to let down or and be satisfied with what they just did end so. They said the right things that more than that I think we see it in. -- attitude is well. These guys aren't. They were happy they weren't shocked. And I agree that difference so I I think if you have seen maybe a different attitude right after that because it was a half an hour after that a majority thinking about the next round they allow themselves to celebrate per second and we talked about all year. The thing about this team maybe has made a special course seem different is the fact they don't get too though they don't be too high that's a reflection of damion it's also a reflection of -- stock who's been here before and so. With those things in mind I don't foresee a let down. I think if things don't go their -- tonight it's going to be more because. San Antonio was clicking like they are it's not going to be because these guys were ready for the moment. Less serious Robin Lopez. Had had a series that a lot of people you look at the stat sheet he got burned but he did exactly what is supposed to do came up with some big shots. His presence is that it. Is there gonna be a guide this series that you think has to play outstanding. You know we -- we got the big Cuban who's that the other guy that has to have a series for the blazes to hang around. Well I I think it's it's tailor made for NIC Batum to have a good series simply because. Different things inspire -- and and next and a guy entrance onto the last of the ball wanted to times and he missed a couple of quick clutch free throws in the regular season late which -- never seen before but even go back to a nineteen year old rookie you know he was a guy who you are on the talent late in games and he would. Come through and never seemed to be rattled. He always seems to step it up when he's playing with. Different things motivate different and some guys don't need motivating fighting special. -- Canada and it's not a bad thing but. You know if he's called out by somebody or even silly things like before game of course in their car and I got. You know I got about a price you're gonna get Tony rebound in the game you're gonna get eighteen rebounds. The whole game every time he gets a few he'll look over Gary he remembers -- -- edit its owning -- -- motivate them with other guys. It would roll right off with -- -- and what I'm getting at is Tony Parker and -- you know -- one year -- basket last summer for team France which was huge and nick talked about a moment in that series. In that term last year where Tony Parker said this New York time. You have to be the leader now he's not a kid anymore and nick has mentioned that that kind of took him. Responsibility lies to another level now he goes up against Tony in this series -- always plays against San Antonio we've always felt because Tony -- And he knows all of France will be looking so. Whereas with us we get provincial we think Portland we even think NBA nick thinks NBA and I also think Europe all the European friends and teammates so. I think that's gonna motivate him to where you know in game one against the rockets in the first -- -- pars and those are seventeen and as big efforts we were kind of saying where's -- you know he looks like he's you know at this point floating a little bit and I don't think that's going to be case now because he realizes that. Parker in and the world was looking at -- certainly this country is looking at himself that's the first guy the second guy. Is Mo Williams because of imbalance between the benches because we know it San Antonio and strings and the guys that bring up advanced. Portland's second unit and granted they're not gonna play huge minutes because the games are spread out in your starters are gonna handle most of but. Most got a community played well against San Antonio. -- they couldn't it been a big moments and Clinton in -- finals most got against some offense also between Elliott is Roland as a big defender. But the paddy mills Mo Williams match up that some big -- -- ministers. How important is the offensive glass. It is it's you know the main thing it gives you and it's fairly obvious point. It gives you more chances score. Sense army units and -- talking about that series we got to keep court and off the offensive glass well. It was the other way around Houston dominated the offensive glass. And they got more shot attempts in the game they played well you know they got what it -- in the -- more attempts in the basket. Because of offensive rebound now a couple of things can give you more opportunities. A it's turnovers by the opponent and then turn over -- not a big factor in round one at all and neither team force a lot of turnovers. But the offensive rebounding I mean you're giving and and it's not what we talk a lot about but if you look at the stats -- game one game. Took twelve more shots. You're you're right kind of -- by threatening to realize that twelve more chances to score that's twelve more possessions I mean think about it from a football standpoint when. You get opportunities and possessions how many more chances you have. Until yet that is. I don't see the rebounding battle may be as vital as it was in the Houston series simply because. You know I don't think it's going to be a big problem because Dwight Howard's not a war and for Lopez as it turned in that battle splitter. I think it's going to be a chance for a Robin maybe not get better stats that maybe have more of an impact as far as. Getting -- numbers offensively and shooting at mid range shot if they try to collapse on Aldridge because like Portland. San Antonio doesn't double team so Aldridge likely gonna have a lot of one on one action against Duncan and when Portland won in San Antonio early in the season. They didn't bring in double on him until really late and that's what Portland made -- you remember the big western -- -- parties agreed that. Put the game away. I'm really curious to see how -- -- they -- against LaMarcus as he's had big numbers against Duncan in the past and Duncan has had a lot of difficulty. Mike Barrett is our guest of course he's our spam blazers insider he could find in my Twitter at blazer MB. And Mike to answer not to be down on and San Antonio -- -- -- -- -- ball or else. Yeah how we're gonna be a soccer ball tonight after the games all be over that -- for most of that ball game and then Thursday I think right into the soccer ball probably be a doctor jacks and probably used to cut corners -- what -- -- -- the -- of course I'll be here as well and you know kind of stinks. And the way the rules are. Local TV get booted after round one but that's the way it is in the league. Now national takes over but we're gonna be you have plenty of stuff and on the web site TV TV stuff oil a lot of stuff on their assault we're gonna have a big presence still even though it's not the one we really wanted to have a this year. I think it sucks Barrett I was hoping YouTube account meant to you guys come over my house and Colin this turn on the bit media noise. That's. That that might seem like a good idea that kind of scares me a little. I knew I knew that yeah my trailer park has a couple good cheers for you guys so don't worry about. God that I don't mind feature on the propane heater and apple -- I -- Keep watching it. But my three legged dog named lucky in my Camaro on blocks won't scare you -- That's that's that's that's -- least I can only imagine a just and -- that you know so Metallica banging out the windows and and UN their place and up here. But dad I hope the media shirt he had a late greats of Michael thanks what was he got to the go to center on Saturday night. --