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Brandon Sprague -- Co-Host of BWW Gamenight/Fan Beavers Insider

May 5, 2014|

Brandon joins Travis and Josh to discuss the firing of Craig Robinson.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Craig Robinson is out in Oregon State more than six weeks. After they played their last basketball game in joining us now is -- the hosts of Buffalo Wild Wings game night heard here on the -- -- seven that handle sore fan beavers insider branded sprayed. Britain were you surprised by the timing of this. -- I was surprised by that I mean no it because he had just hit me just talk couple weeks to hand madness about. The very situation occurred Robinson and we kind of went back and forth between that he heard I heard. And ultimately want Bobby Carroll came out and supported and what that letter to boosters and -- You can't about the story would die out now I'm not shocked he got fired I mean I look how long -- they are not actually going to be his last year and he can have access. He would go on what I'm surprised about. Is effective date financially had the money just say you know what we're ready for a million dollars and actually a little formulated four point two million social. They've decided that as an institution that they don't wanna. It is the best time to move on I'm just I'm not -- and are more -- -- -- the financial wherewithal to actually to pull this off. What was that a factor of boosters coming up with some money was it's you know or or feelings people not renewing tickets he got all these players transferring out what was the deciding factor -- I've been reading the comics and you watch a press conference what did Bobby -- -- Yeah you know -- it really geared specifically one reason my gut tells me is based off what he says he got eight ton of emails and phone calls from -- boosters and talking about how long you look for trying to keep the Greg Robinson now. He did make it heated make it clear that boosters are not responsible for this buyout there's no -- stepping up to pay this -- point two million -- changed so that the pinched into the institutions taking their. On excel continue to look we're gonna eat this money ourselves not taking it from looser now when it comes to hiring a coach and there are plenty of names out there. That's where I think boosters need to step in financially especially at peace and really want a program that's wedding. -- right now they are bottom thirteen in the conference just based on their facilities. Location. -- asking many Iranians wanna start winning. They have to finance we stepped up their own pockets and say okay what are we gonna take to get a big name how much we could do we need to write checks for. You know -- as far as those transfers are concerned I've heard from some people. Close the program that some of the guys really just did not like playing for Craig Robinson how much of that was a factor those transfers. He had how much of that -- plated business. You know that part of it and it really. It's really no secret what kind of died in the getting to know the organs skate program on the he had his supporters you know people like Robert -- and that anger or exceed that. Stayed their entire careers than an array of how great of a man Craig Robinson and the look and impartially and just. He -- coaching aside he really is a great guy now when you secretly transferring you know -- -- last year it -- -- cook this year. Charlie Barton going to Europe to be a pro even though he has one more year that absolutely had everything to do our relationship -- Craig and you'll for a player like -- cook I don't blame them whatsoever that it's not anything personal against Craig. It's just looking looking -- help cook's potential he really got some good run this year he had indeed he's been. And he -- years at a low which you do register currently three years and clean our beach years with new coach he's recruiting to build up clash after you. Which goes somewhere or sit out a year two years of eligibility left and play on a team like Iowa State are essential so I think it kind of a no brainer. You can see the writing the law can -- to be good next year you might as well user's skill set and I go after it and played a better program. Brenda what's happened guy as a head coach and they gonna bring in that program yet to fit within Corvallis and work within Canada whole culture their but yes to be a dynamic and unique -- kind of individual doesn't. Yeah absolutely I think you know the one name that pops up drug deal last probably two -- -- -- -- -- stated -- Lester Conner. He currently an assistant coach we have completed Denver nugget -- -- which I know he's in -- year and -- a lot of people. Really talk about in terms of having really good -- lot Smart username and I think that kind of a sneaky good one is Randy fail period a Weaver state. Coach Billy Mueller and you know he's done great things over there Ogden Utah Uga recruit target you can absolutely. Corvallis put. You know you're looking for big name iron I believe -- -- -- probably arch. It got -- indeed been calling it a bit now and just sitting in Los Angeles garden sitting in -- -- -- unique not doing anything getting paid to leave it on the beach. And you see all the national council guys they tweet out he obstacle to get and you look at our conference -- actual right up there. You've got tied a little bit about in terms of having to friends and acquaintances down there so. If you can come up with the right money I'm sure Ben Allen would be Indian that would spark a lot of interest in the stands and somebody who really pitched incumbent. Britain's Greg is our guest of the fan. -- you mentioned money to be that's the only way that I see -- how -- we going to Corvallis to be considering all the players that are dropping out. And the situation narrated just doesn't seem to be elect the right situation for anybody who wants to resurrect their career try to build their career because. Right now it's kind of a graveyard right there is Seth Davis put it. You handle it into graveyard right now but. I mean look there are many examples of programs that work. You know where until coaches got there and you know you give them two years in its first recruiting class fuel as freshmen or first come -- -- they turned it around. I think Craig Robinson and so it is an example. He comes into eight I your situation which I don't think people really understand or appreciate. I mean look Craig Robinson had his time he couldn't quite get them to that point where you wanna choose I don't I don't play more entry warning to make -- change. -- -- realistic which resulted in -- -- and you look at where that program -- when he got there and by the way he was about their strict. -- so people weren't even returning phone call -- -- interview nobody living in that job. And I took it on the opportunity. And look -- change our eyes and look what its first recruiting class came in fairly evident that things were being turned around shall get higher it looks right now. I really believe you are right recruiter because that's going to be most important at this point -- a guy who couldn't it be known correction note that perhaps we can now. At -- they can't understand that much in any of the Craig Robinson great recruiter got a great action -- note guys -- You can get a coach kind of follow vulnerable categories. Not in dire think with contribute three years. What was the overall feeling a response from being your fans when they heard the news this morning I mean it shocked me was it cam. Okay yet this is a little bit too late or what's going on. You know I think yes I think it. I think it's a little -- rejoicing egg and I don't treat you pulled on purpose and a bureaucrat I I'd be earned here. Under 70%. Agreed with Craig Robinson needs to go I I do I really would just based off. How would seem finished last year you look at what we're coming back that we had going in an extra trip actually wanted to change. Soccer partly yeah it's the content you think about right now in getting them made it halfway to the hiring period. Kind of an odd time to get -- on what you think about what -- athletic director did just couple weeks ago. Chief he sent a letter to boosters school loans still hanging in. Packing Craig Robinson explaining look Craig -- the guy I fully believe in is plan going forward. And look I think she got a little bit egg on his face as well and I'm Bobby careless. Even if you agree which actually getting rid -- And -- or higher like Powell and look at this situation and look how to handle -- mean it would come Levy Bobble propped on -- there and people entry and need to realize. Not to -- robbed because that you -- build a winner Morgan Creek not just -- simple as just head coach. They need to invest into a program into the athletic part critical deeper than that. You can -- it's -- -- that you really can't. Did you reach a point if you wanna get an upper -- you wanna start talking in double A tournament. You have to have a commitment from the athletic part -- what organ has. -- freedom and have that right now so goes deeper than just a Craig Robinson six. Mean Catholic apartments and I'm not I looked firing anybody it's a mindset and attitude and our Carol kind of addressed that today. When he couldn't we need to make basketball -- priority they do need to make great hire and they need to say look we want basketball to be a strong track export trust. Were all it. That's got to -- wanted to go next to me it's obvious or basketball as in the pecking order it's not anywhere near number one maybe it's -- baseball right now at that did -- university but. If they do drop the ball again -- considering where they are in the process couple weeks left for the final. Signing day for basketball Marty in early may if they if they swing and miss again as Bob the careless start thinking about his job and may be looking at Corvallis the rear view mirror soon. Look I mean my god might actually -- about Carol's got to finish out his contract or insane or higher but. Mean look to be strikeout he hired -- coaching. And coaching Libyan aflame you know in New Mexico State code -- kind of been thrown out their tactic comes in here realizes. It's one being echoed in Mexico's states and other to coach recruit in the pac twelve. If that guy comes over forty and now the first couple years you know you can treat for your did not have access. Yeah you're absolutely should be pointing the finger out of Bob Carroll he hired Craig -- -- response over at our church and let people talk about. Riley impact eight intact Casey is like a one coach I don't think you can point entry -- question -- I love Mike -- I think he's a great actual mortgage -- He's doing is about as well as you possibly can in terms of big time college football. In Corvallis but even Bjork and upped their question and look and say it OK to be 500 you look at the last four years might -- record the -- 500 so. There are a lot of things will be your can't contain. Yeah great yep because -- baseball coach but what does arbitrarily done but how I'd -- to keep my Riley are at entry into the country that they're OK with it. You dropped the ball the next hoops coach. I think I didn't turn out for the coach job at for your job. Branded Sprague is our guest digging near week nights here on the fanned seven to ten in Buffalo Wild Wings game night of course are -- beavers in -- is well on Twitter at Brandon Sprague is always bring good stuff thanks much there for bad. It.