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Matt Bowen -- Bleacher Report, former NFL Safety

May 5, 2014|

Matt joins Travis and Josh to talk some NFL Draft and Hawks/Niners.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back to the Travis it Wilcox -- a few days away from the NFL draft and joining us now we as met Bo and he is the lead NFL writer for Bleacher Report. Met yesterday and -- it. Our Latin have you on here -- us today against get ready for the draft here in Joliet article the last couple of days -- Johnny -- Allen. And what it would take for him to have success in the NFL -- been -- we differ reports where he could end up in what would work for him. What system do you think of what team would be the best fit for him. Hannover it is specific to you what what I wrote what I believe when that would all these prospects as pressure the quarterback position hasn't flexibility. From -- about that in his position coaches -- play card can -- -- himself but it traditional drop back passer. If you want to do that draft by people like -- of tunnels for. The rams all you have to adjust your game where you have to cater to his ability to wanna maximize his pale. Put on the identity movement -- -- -- pockets where it came to boot gave this direction. Let him -- on windows in the entity now he's a unique playmaker. He -- we haven't seen for a long time. The terms of the stopped play he has scored in college game. But if you want you can do basically saying is you can't put him in a box -- you have to be flexible. You have to be creative whenever team that is fiscally rapport that -- Tennessee and Minnesota the Oakland Raiders have just later in the first round -- team decided look we can. We can help Jeremy Mandell transitions vehicle game perhaps start with dust and stopped coaching and play Carolina. You know in this day and age a lot of a lot of stuff you know the calm by workouts. Person individual workouts what people are saying but how much -- you know this from playing the game and being around it. These people really look at that game film over and over in. You know I often argued that they keep tape really shows a lot more in scouts and personnel people don't really let that on to -- in the public it's all about the -- what they did -- work out and whatever else but how much that this whenever the value -- a quarterback like Johnny -- out they really have to look at that game. Don't say okay he can make this throw in the NFL. You know that put a lot of income of quarterbacks. Because it is. The reluctance in this respect you draw on that tape to two Alabama keeps demands they'll put the last two years and one down the Tuscaloosa. One this past season don't count station. That's the best competition you just tell us or all can agree -- that the FCC right now where except. -- about the present basic Kosovo last to see who's actually he turned reality -- -- start at some questions. Absolutely not consistent taping -- and -- consistency with any of these young props because there are still developing -- -- -- and so easily -- You have to look at that should be your number one tool in the Scottish press OK what they ran a forty -- to what to look like they're Prodi was thrown out there. -- own resources no. There's no adversity and approach the -- -- in the locker room. To work out -- wrong by your strength coach there's no pressure like -- with the scouting combine. Yeah should be you should look -- he should succeed should produce in the prototypical back to keep on what is it Tony. Then what does that skill -- totally can't do transition how to protect the program where does it fit. Do you have the coaches that can develop that type of player that they would John McCain's gonna have to position post. It's going to work -- took steps to check out is what you work with -- I'm talking at least now I have to say as a giant bellas we've talked about position he placed. You have to understand is as decent situation to look at the film. Men's delegates out of pocket he throws off -- he doesn't set his feet. He throws and different platforms and by different platforms he dropped out of control at second base in the terms of adult place and talked. That's stuff you can't coach pistol Pete don't wanna correct. Because you don't want takeaways -- imagine -- widgets outside the pockets of the coach Joseph and understand that look this can be a challenge for me as well. But I don't wanna get it to. If all those tools for evaluating talent art in which you say they are will we think they are. What is Teddy Bridgewater stock dropped so far after he stopped playing his last game. And I think it's a great question Jack I do because meticulously apply. He's on the most active quarterback in this 2000 -- -- question no question but he's a good decision makers neutral great people may not. Does have the best people aren't. I'm out I want to record back it up all right I'll go out best people when it. We kind of fell acting in order to erupt -- sort of the defense is schemes are gonna see all -- -- -- That's how it is forever young quarterback to throw a ball. In the NFL. And outside Britain -- you -- that things have actually. And he's gonna -- people it's about these approaches and mature effort to take it over six points. All placement is bigger -- arms stretch right now that's my. Yeah that's my personal friend is someone else my place and differently after playing in the secondary. Hello Carol took part at all the ball down to work he put to squeeze into tight when you put on the -- -- all the way to leverage the defense to back up front they Teddy Bridgewater to -- out of Prodi has always brought up as a just mission that would mental approach is always brought a footprint -- as he didn't. Have that perfect clean quoted that it won't want to see I don't know what the reason was. He's still like to talk but no one tool that they came to go back to film let me tell you stores stores telling me this is cute the first for a -- If sprint execs were two inches taller but everybody be talk about him as a top ten pick. Yes and yet there would what he'd be the same type of lateral aptly. -- at that heightened when you about that. It's not look at a guy -- Bradley coached in the -- reminds me of when my former teammates it's going back and I'm not about -- it looks. I called Mike -- that it comes greatest show on turf are the key. Lies. I get nervous except people because it lateral ability that -- put his top line of scrimmage get to know when you're working inside the numbers that slot should get a lot of room work. And outside numbers. He's taken outside releasing an appointment to -- to one of greater comeback that's it is known as the -- -- -- backs and Payton his sidelined. You get two routes you can runner -- -- knows -- -- number -- working entire route tree okay. The thing about credit crisis so special and unique is his ability after the catch. Part of your safety take reporting August Brandon Cox news comes strike of the -- -- the fight to augment its exports right there. These explosives -- he's got that lateral speed. You get the burst after the catch so I think he's purpose where yet now we always -- the paparazzi cities simply by China has got 614 birdies and I want pick probably. But it talks where he's that in terms of his frame turned aside and wait I think he's ideal player put inside the numbers. Put an impartial -- stat -- let -- go to work. Matt motives are against Bleacher Report also former NFL safety and now when you look with the niners have to deal with thirteen picks. But they did lose a lot this offseason there obviously a lot of things notable about this franchise what is their attack plan for the straps. I think immediately. So it might disagree to some speed at wide receiver position. Apparent -- in the process but I grumbled about your department strong safety in April. -- is a comfortable -- -- -- Michael Crabtree isn't actually an intermediate route runner. Did you have a guy that it's -- -- you don't feel when only about guys who play -- to a safety. The third after the initial line if at eighteen yards at a fifty. It's on the to put the defense down the field to open up a deep square for Michael Crabtree open up that deep program -- all you need to speed at the wide receiver. What -- kind of think about what would happen this year is a lot of teams and possibly -- to trade down we have developed partner willing to trade up. Yet that's great point you know a lot of talk out there that says that he used to want to move over number one spot. And I'm sure there's teams that want. Wanna go out there did you have on -- I would. Did you have on climate reminds which aren't -- -- click OK. Top tier athlete on the edge guys don't come around very often and move up as an -- Abrupt and sixes in buffalo -- -- and I looked at -- as a quarterback -- I think -- -- it happens every year but especially -- -- so many questions about this class wanted to run a quarterback star is there. There's a lot of quarterbacks in the top ten the good teams like Chicago Bears when he defense. They're developed that there's an almost players get pushed back. It was gonna make first pick at the quarterback position who's gonna be and it comes to hack. I can't figure -- I don't think anyone care because there are so many questions about the process. The young quarterbacks wouldn't be the first -- come off the board and who's going to be second to initiate the second quarterback come up support that seemed to really need to play the position start to move up. You know considering the Seahawks displayed Earl Thomas they're gonna have to pay he brought Richard Sherman coming up in very soon in the next year to. Russell Wilson what is just -- biggest challenge keeping their roster together in Seattle. And its debt and that's one of the reasons are so -- I mean if you -- to tell -- beginning of last -- -- -- -- our -- Poor corner in the super ball make some place so you might believe you but that's what Seattle -- -- there. So. Providing a second and third line on the roster what I mean news. They're back. It's the role players guys that are supposed to be special teams guys the players were of course specialty units -- sudden -- stepped into the ball game to be starting -- -- -- rosters -- -- -- challenge when you have to start to -- with the salary -- you have to pay quarterback you have to play girl to look Earl Thomas deserves. As much money as he gets he's the best seat in the game we eventually received for -- in the NFL. But how does that impact of the bottom half your roster -- -- those guys -- -- -- I think the other thing in the draft it always comes out is if you have his favorite team that was picked somebody from a smaller school that really you know and is not on the national radar who are some of those guys out there maybe the kid from Montana can really make an impact in this draft. You -- Jordan trips are back from Montana and I was -- that the senior ball. I was suitable. You know my personal violation processor starting point -- become popular policies and you're going to get used to live for us about the -- -- -- -- -- as far as I'm concerned Jordon trip. He looked strong safety during drills Allen advised Clinton drive's going to come out to break she's an ideal fit for two -- into the linebackers in the NFL. We talk about -- -- forefront only want. But 7% of the gators played some packages I'm sixty took them back some pupils linebackers that are in -- sub packages. Have to be happening at eagle on the inside C vs tigers had to be a tackle in space -- a -- got a look at probably a third fourth round pick. Matt -- is our guest he's the lead NFL writer for Bleacher Report also spent seven years in the NFL as a safety. -- by my Twitter that Matt Bowen 41 Matt thanks so much of the time today great stuff and enjoy the draft this weekend. --