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Bill Schoening -- Spurs PBP

May 5, 2014|

Bill joins Travis & Josh to talk the Spurs/Blazers series that starts tomorrow.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back to -- -- -- Wilcox the blazers in the spurs open up their second round playoff series tomorrow night in San Antonia and joining us now as the longtime voice in the San Antonio Spurs bill shooting. Building after an argument. Griese joy and so I take us through the series between Dallas little bit. Didn't like was the best laid series -- through the first six games neither team really wanted take over but Sunday yesterday San Antonio finally showed us so we waiting for. Why is part of it is for those that have been dispersed for long time I -- Got to give credit -- first volume -- -- playoff -- for about two weeks before they got him because they had a fight with whomever. -- hasn't been -- averted an extreme got let out until. I think the content that they came into the series maybe a sharper and the spurs the spurs clinched early early got the number one seed. Our public -- guys down the stretch anyway to make sure we're ready to play out so. Rob those Republican -- that momentum going -- -- other big play very well certainly did have an expert. Older to wobble effect on it finally able to figure out so. I was a good first -- test for the worst -- about which split pretty high level. In that series. Look ahead at Portland it does create a heck of a series guys rob -- or I really am. I'm looking at this matchup point guards in Tony Parker and Damian Miller that's gonna be a phenomenal wanna watch. Will be leading clearly doesn't like to quite -- the playoffs -- slavery well it'd be closing moments that used to getting of course guys. That we he's an amazing player who really has Tony was saying great things about it yesterday so. At W on matchup to watch you know. Yeah it it's amazing what that could let -- early -- it's one of those entry into -- a lot of these Lancaster and you don't want to do well audio so. Several it will rub it ignored all the sports stars -- -- your religion even -- so young he's all year. He's just had a player. You know bill we look at this blazers team knew they weren't overly physical -- they needed to be in that day Houston series in the cattle herd had placed a playoff basketball little bit. When it comes down to physical reality in being -- aggressor. What is San Antonio's motives there. Well you know it's funny because pop asked would be asking all the time will be when he feels like he's getting pushed around a little bit -- Clearly part of the series against Dallas the spurs I didn't play with a passionate and he did it Ecuador in the regular six times. For whatever reason so it it took them awhile to get that one -- up physical are -- unusual we can really really have an impact on the game because so question. And I think -- you'll -- the -- couples ball games in the series later mr. especially in our. Almost burst into little Cold War you know it was 22 that you are actually it is a tough series I think the economic. When you look at LaMarcus soldiers -- you know the first couple games he had and that that what he's been doing the last couple years what -- expect San Antonio to do it -- -- here. In this next round because he sought Houston try to sit there they threw for five different things that empty because -- kind of looked at what Houston did as well and knowing what they've done the regular season. -- I think one that is we will cheaper shores jobless what are -- LaMarcus Aldridge splitter is a good player and true in the Dallas series. But he can go out quicker court would even though he's 611245. Law. He's a great -- the better prepared to every usually makes you know good decisions. See him solve all -- altered the plague or what it's that ski. In that series he will be also heard whispers had double double in the game seven in game seven -- -- out what small host what are the applicable shall put the team but it's not -- so I. I think that's what it'll do it enabled it forced on them would be to try to trump wanted to series to see Whitewater perhaps all the all due to no. Markets -- its eleventh why should -- of these for a long long arms against a good defender about penalties steady diet that. -- but I would be practicing at least -- require political. LaMarcus Aldridge at some point. Bill showed he's our guest the -- play voice of the San Antonio spurs' ability of these. It seems like everybody's waiting for the year that the spurs finally showed their age or at least the -- perception of what their ages but RC Buford is in such a great job continuing to. Re load this roster of -- now with Tim Duncan and Tony Parker those guys have been there for a long time but. Talk talk the job that he doesn't continued that they use the movement a little bit finding great players that are at the beginning in early middle their career. All things that you were picked by players that fit their system and I think it would pop watch them and above all up later. So there are certain guys that that they don't go after. -- like Beckham might not be a good record high volume shooter as assist. The ball well. They want certain type of guys sort of -- into their system that their formal players like Marco Belinelli are Patti mail's any greed. A purely better than the sort of I don't broke why Letterman that epic for building -- -- strip. These -- is a small or is only twenty years of age and really has what you treason for good defender. He used a lot. -- people -- actually opt out of -- was saying. Are they try to -- with my -- the Dallas series they were it will post a ball a lot a lot or at least. Are you throughout August you're gonna start double team which -- other things up war. Just also post up game of letter. Anyway I think it you know this team who's got the actual players to compliment. I Ginobili Parker Duncan and that's why they've been able to maintain the level. I'm just gonna ask you about Danny Green how important is he for the spurs going into the series. We you know it's funny because. He got the nickname icy hot sometimes he's IC and sometimes he's got. And he can go either way but when you get a rhythm when he's -- -- mom -- you like to shoot to three in transition. He get the spurs opposite -- a little bit streaky shooter but. -- he's a good defender to -- you know he's -- he's 660 played Carolina all -- people realize that he's accurate record a question guys. The north Carolina -- -- won the most games that target what is integrate all four years they would look -- -- twice. He was horrible player out our attempt to gain but he wasn't very important -- looked like play toward. Bill when you -- did you know that the foul trouble sometimes we see we saw a lot of that happened with our Robin Lopez and sometimes with LaMarcus -- in that series it doesn't seem like the spurs are gonna get you know a whole lot of foul trouble so. With the blazers defense is concerned are making sure their big guys are in the game. How does San Antonio adjust to those rotations in and whether it's he'll go small at times what they do. To make sure that they do trying to get some of those guys and palatable thing if needed. Why don't think the big old old game player trying to get probably about trouble Xstrata bought their game brought such as there are widespread it will all mobile Arctic -- And you know you're forced to defense to make -- decision to switch like Palestinians they would -- -- -- applicable what Tony Parker tried it fifteen put choppers what he did in game seven. That that was part of the recent government paid a lot picture drops -- he's been over couple arms applicable trying to get out on the script and -- went up so. I he's a tough guy to guard when healthy and stay strong I think he's gone good right now. And so the bad matchup there's talk literally as you are important but obviously Tony Parker is -- the engine that -- also touched. We -- also on the last place -- series against Houston and offensive rebounding was such a huge factor for the rockets to be able to take some of the big leads -- -- to blazers out of at least two to a point. For for the spurs again doesn't seem like -- Great offensive rebounding team but they don't you offensive rebound how big is that game. What you know it's very important to not allow second chance because pop always stresses. And our programs they should around late algae don't get stopped them to get bored. And that that's true but he Jovanovic in the chancellor obviously are your chances of making stops -- down when you give up second -- opportunities shall. That's what the main point conscious -- the first of the series because. The blazers outs and guys you can -- to -- about arguably economic -- actually get a stop the spurs have never been a wake up it's rebounding team. Because -- get back in transition to property credit reports so you'll see that many guys crashed out of West Coast. Others are you were getting getting back -- because -- when. And not allow a lot of transition that's. What's the overall perception of the Portland trailblazers now after the -- Houston and walking into this playoff series. Policy spurs have a curriculum respected they've always art public or armament of the -- aren't around Portland. Back when that the -- -- operate in the playoffs most commercial billboard number two seed so. You know the spurs have a history at least recently about an exceptionally well what was out. I think I broke the picture by splitting the series went back and -- over a without several top players on the Olympic Games of that money could competent -- yeah. Two great crowd -- Portland. Again I think -- a lot of secretaries stops and thinks Zuckerberg jobless. I've known about -- all along target or what tax law or not -- thirteen years -- That was what -- markets got UT at Austin so I'd heard great LaMarcus Aldridge stores my current law -- And he's good as sabotage not talk about not of course a really good guy actually that potential job markets would target their peers with a and eagle at the University of Texas -- well. We've been fortunate to have him around here for the last eight years and you look at the bench and clearly San Antonio has an advantage on the bench but again when you get this deep into the playoffs do you use it all like iron into 89 deep maybe a little bit further depending art -- situation but. How much of that venture we going to see in this series. Up from the spurs yeah I didn't see a lot of credit and that's what they do. Now obviously come playoff time guys minutes Tim Duncan and Tony Parker -- W comes off the bench. -- minutes could expand because you know if you're playing every product backpacks. You also have these -- on television timeouts. Which really gives -- guy next competitor -- and after minutes between indoor braced etiquette or -- well let's look at that helps. In terms of you know maybe extending guys minutes but. Each of the guys almost crashed it regularly make contributions -- bills -- Ellen ports -- under the main guys they will be bury a lot on skewers. They'll showing is our guest the longtime voice of the San Antonio Spurs -- always thanks so much of the time we appreciate it enjoyed -- series and we will to a flu activity soon. Thank you.