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Mike Barrett - Comcast Sports Net

May 2, 2014|

Mike Barrett, voice of the Portland Trail Blazers, on television joined Isaac & Suke talking Game 6 of the Blazers - Rockets.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Here's Mike Garrett blazers TV can be you'd be extra jacked for this one buyer. There no not try to try to maintain composure and but yeah I mean it's there's more anticipation certainly accustomed. Than other games and the you know knowing what's on the line as to you know the the potential of closing it out person going back used and so. A topic include the -- and the thing. Does it mean. If the blazers get out of first round because you know I mean look it's not like they can't go to a game seven in winning Houston because they absolutely cancel the series not over him lose this game but. He went tonight. And move on to the next round after several. First round and now it's been awhile mean I think it means a lot what does what do you think it means to the franchise to just just get oh. That. Well and I think -- it's always you know more special when something happens when it and expect little bit I mean you think back to their. The last time they played Houston in the playoffs you know they have that 54 when he's in when that really came out of committee but it might be okay you lose -- in an effort -- forward because it has this. It has there's -- attached to it because of the fact that it wasn't predicted. And this year has a little bit of that because you know -- media day NIC -- saying you know there's no reason why we could be one of the top five teams in the -- people -- And and he was kind of mocked birds -- so you know for saying that -- they were the only guys -- truly believe that's kind of cliche but that it's true and so I think the fact that. You know like Vegas adamant 38 wins over under and nickel -- to meet those kind of things don't happen it's when you're battling expectations when you're in Indiana. Or even to some degree OK even know what -- they're gonna survive. -- of the times and you you have first round it's it's it's more relief than anything else this is different and I care what happens the second round and certainly could take on San Antonio eighteen team that wants ethnic -- in recent years. You know you wanna do well in the second round but as you said it says it is extra meaningful to get out of the first round because it has been law. It just feels like a big game for the franchise. Him regardless of what happened in game seven and know that you have that there are just. This feels like one of those moments that if things go Portland's wait tonight we're talking about this may be a couple of days ago. Then you're gonna look back and decked out remember remember that game remember that moment as this team hopefully builds towards something bigger better. I agree and you know there are when I think packet. You know there's a few games I remember the last I mean that I remember a lot of what do popped in my mind and that could be one of those you know. And pull up game that you look back on and just because of the buzz going around the city and around the state really in the region and in it is that way again because of the magic that they -- can't. -- early in the season and then late and if you come in next year in -- predicted would be. Third or fourth in the west which is probably realistic course WW predicted to be some more for like six somewhere there. And then you make it different this that this that these kind of things don't come along they come along every. Every different set of player every you know little Iraq and this is the little or Aldridge to Matthews. Error in Lopez's well but he hasn't been here -- and I think you have one of these times and ticket. To get over the top of something is invited that a second ago to get over the hump of getting out -- from the certainly. Could be a meaningful and -- -- might. Coming off his really only bad game in the series do you expect Portland defeat the market's early and often -- He. But you know it's it was and just LaMarcus Houston did. You know little different strategy in -- the trucks are gonna go we're watching tape of what they did do and it wasn't just take you know but Howard on him and leave them and they'll do that again upon its power to el Al trouble. But they've they garnered him with power and -- fast enough a big enough to cut their problems in many want Howard wasn't on him. You know he was coming out of immediate double team which which we hadn't seen you know they were -- Terrence Jones. Play Albert straight out and one on one and the market's obviously. It got the better that the 46 and 43 Indians won't do. So I would expect to do the same thing and and if not for Howard I'm not securely logical start on that. It you know when they moved Howard to imminent even Jones when it's been in the game. But the market knows that you know he is the face and he has been here in August he was the only guard. All last and he's he's played this series you can try to get himself more involvement like we saw in game one go inside. Drop the shall reduce some of those things we -- during game one the biggest thing is he's got to stay out of foul trouble defensively early in the game that's what turned. -- Portland absorbs Houston's opening hunch. In games five and that was one thing we -- was -- but the one thing that crippled haven't really changed everything is when he picked up the second. -- -- Huge TV here on the -- -- funny you mention that I just thinking in my head it's like. What if the rockets had been guarding LaMarcus Aldridge this way the whole series what you know will then where would it be. Yeah I mean I I do that too but there -- things changed so much between every game and you can go back and a German lenders. And it hadn't really -- -- and all of a sudden because Beverly beaver and get the opportunity and he goes crazy -- three to -- factories so. Then Houston -- -- wireless currently employing a veritable wealth. And it didn't happen. Happen where Beverly was now Beverly copies -- that mean when it goes game to game all the different changes and adjustments so. Military is not a good coach and he'll try to answer was some moves of his own so. Yeah I mean I understand with the pending in the way they are now. Especially the fact that it makers just that's one that's right right six you don't make adjustments for 43 Afghan and all of a -- you announce tomorrow. That's you know Kevin McHale with that right -- -- -- big mistake what is what is Terry Stotts preaching most here what's the key for him. As they enter this one. You know Terry is he's very good. Perspective and every time like -- go back to that pregame interview we start talking in. You know you fight convention tomorrow we're coming up -- it -- -- -- game because you have this he stops and there's now it's it's the moment it's this one game -- this this time you can just say that I mean I think he really believes and and the guys. Believe those same things so I think for. Her coach I mean it's more of the mental side of -- -- -- -- report -- tonight news. You know don't get to Jack play within yourself don't you know lose composure earlier been WA little little things and he's better -- act passed up some cookies. He can't -- off -- -- trust guys it's rather like him. But I think tonight you know I don't think it'll be a motivational speech or you'll you won't do anything different reported that way because we all expect. A different approach or a fiery speech I don't think Terry does that I think he puts it on his players and gives them the trust that you know they're going to be. -- on the rebound. Yeah you know the funny thing is that -- actually. That they averaged more rebounds in the series it's the offensive rebounds and and Houston is not a great offensive rebounding team. They have been in this series and the crazy part -- -- a couple of numbers that are rebounding part of that the offensively. And the fact that you can keep saying Portland killing us in the off the collapse. What exactly the reverse I mean -- -- gotten some of those especially in games one and two and they won on the LaMarcus. You know we've we've ever -- -- to rebound the put them back can't. The blocked shots as the other thing and that's because Houston. Scores in the paint so much but what they average about five blocks game garbage over and series. But a franchise record fourteen games aren't so there'd been some wacky things and to see happening in the playoffs and you start forgetting what happened in the regular season. It is almost like a little beaten up it's only when it comes to. But numbers together and trends. You kind of look back and forget all the numbers they -- pretty. It's. The -- James Harden has played is that more on him does not making shots or how much credit do you give. To the trailblazers defensive plan against him. I get electrical Wesleyan and game one I mean Portland started offices. Steady diet of -- -- down low and going to Matthews in the post that we haven't seen a lot since then. But that I give that atomic I mean Wesley up in him the whole way up -- -- for. And in some you know some ways that that Tony Allen has done -- Kevin Durant even McGregor -- last night. You know when you when you've got a guy inside your service your forties that it is an -- and I don't know whether or not -- ever going to be -- the credits analysis series is over but -- made it. And we need to work defensively -- had a huge game and can -- You know got himself -- with the -- in the third quarter of that game and so part of it is he's missed some open shots that the other part of it is you know. And it -- the three point line forget that and I know he's actually more normally should the US threes. But part of the transition guy and -- the pink and what she won't but it didn't -- him option. I think he's got the -- of the few times got an out of rhythm and that's what we've seen is shooting percentage down. -- All right keep prices in check tonight there you'll see on tuck the ball OK are right rear wheel Oprah would be talking about a victory in the conclusion of series. Yes sir thank you have a good car that is the great Mike -- the Playboy himself. From blazers television.

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