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PJ Carlesimo -- ESPN Analyst, former NBA Head Coach

Apr 29, 2014|

PJ joins Travis and Josh to talk NBA Playoffs and more.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back to Travis in Wilcox we keep the NBA discussion going and joining us now of course the former coach of the Portland trailblazers now with ESPN of course he's PGA -- smoke PGA good afternoon Corey Dylan. Travis just everywhere you guys appreciate -- timing I want to start with in sibling -- -- -- yesterday and it's such a northwest Portland area a -- you being a former coach of the trailblazers. You know obviously you know lot about doctor Jack -- what he meant to this franchise and in this city with the news yesterday of his passing. As you know some who's been a part of this organization what does he mean to you. Well I think it would be hard overstated. I imagined it. New -- since I was in high school. To judgment on school -- pennsylvanians. Jack was coaching at saint Joe's at the time jesuit college and I wanted to go there -- -- but. You know one of the reasons he was such a successful coaches he can recognize talent and lack of talent. Try never got a chance -- -- Herbert. We literally go that far back into the sixties. Great coach who worked so much warmer celebs do. Do clinics with -- -- abortion -- which amid Europe he would and we share which you. His impressions he always helped young coaches. It amazed me over the years home watched the players in the the and and I swear words you have somebody younger guys. -- could not told you what college he coached that it probably knew he coached places but that would then don't certainly they would go buffalo. Played erupted from listened to or talking to. And -- wanted to meet -- in time in common notion throughout Italy was to the game which door. He he would cut the ocean Ryder Cup group practice and the players wanted to meet him. Everybody always wanted to talk to whom they wanted to talked about basketball because you could learn so much from the man. Isn't what the most difficult things is the head coach to -- x.s and o.s and kind of team chemistry he seemed to be the master -- that. It -- players love to -- handled peoples so well he was so competitive and so blessed themselves. But he was so good it's motivating and pushing his players but not offending them. He was such a great people person I mean he's. You don't. Simple statement he's one of the best basketball coaches of all time but he was a better person so obviously you know that that's just how special an individual he was in you know to be able to. Say he made our profession better and lit it meant a lot to me. One of the many reasons I enjoyed coaching the blazers on March was just that look it -- that there are 277 -- realize what jacket on and you notice dated they're not that I was a basketball coach at a place where it would -- which Jack Ramsay worked was was enormous privilege from it. Yesterday we had never unity talk to bill shockingly and of course he remembered Jack Ramsay and talked about this blazers team and how Jack rams who would loved what he saw on Sunday night in this team and you know that just the type of basketball team that we're seeing right now how important is all that team chemistry stuff in Canada older style. Teen stuff been working out for this blazers team. Well it's enormous and not being disrespectful but you gotta do is look at Indianapolis and you see the difference. The chemistry. The way these players played for each other and with each other. When you see all the guys you know step it up the other night and it would make its side. LA got close to thirty whatever he got Wesley scored points but it was defense I thought it was even more important. -- -- -- -- is always incredible matches to score which everybody talks about with -- assist. Terry Stotts and his staff have done such a great job. And this team plays which supports energy and they played together so well and he coaches. They have the same ups and out of every team in the league has put this team you'll note that happened -- drive stretch whether it's dirty game whether it's. You know for a week during the season. Just read it they're gonna come back because they like playing with each other and they played with so much confidence in each other. It's great to watch and I think that. Returned to Regis is -- that no problem. With top -- selected for the coaching job he did in San Antonio which you can make just destroy the case for Terry Stotts in the Japanese and his staff have done. It's been pretty amazing as well I mean it looks like as you watch these games go it's you know game by game you have to gain adjustment but they've taken a game by game is that -- one of their benefits whereas other teams are looking kind of ahead. You can't look at the playoffs and our effort to blazers are tortured expression the only ones in the west right now and it seemed have. Figured that out but I mean he showed it always struck me was always so funny because as you got ready to play somebody steps you can fortunate enough to know what -- here to advance and you -- play which. Really wasn't the case -- to speak matchups this year but it it was with the Houston Portland want. -- almost hard to watch support games in -- regular season and you look at all the individual -- and it's out the window what you start playing games because -- -- game runs over that story when you look at horns played its true value look at you know at this point play the next game. It used -- day. That's the way to playoffs work at it you don't understand that you're not -- cents. BJ grows -- our guest ESPN NBA analysts of course former NBA coach and former coach the trailblazers and PG we look at this Western Conference. And going into that the playoffs it looked like he was clearly the spurs in the thunder yeah maybe to the clippers never look so wide open right now. Is this the most. New wide open and don't really know who's gonna come out of the we've seen a long time in the last. Without question. I mean gold in the last night and -- got themselves back obviously in the series is far from over but go back last night you could have may need a legitimate argument. They're the ones from foresee were treated for it it's maybe it's possible. And -- you could look at -- that you don't want this could be 5678. In the second round and that's how crazy the west is. -- balanced it is it is just not that big difference. From one to die -- George you -- well -- should be. In this thing to -- -- there was at least nine in Minnesota is better then more than have to teams in the considerate to -- the Western Conference is amazing these playoffs are only gonna get better and you know again and it's I was so sick not a -- but I enjoy it -- -- -- We talked about is the playoffs in general we've seen so many close games three overtimes in the blazers series three overtimes in Oklahoma City series. It what does that mean going four for some of these teams that start to get tired out too early on Monday in these rounds played long physical tough series. The depleted finished in the east whoever comes out of the east and let's look more more like my studies I was -- -- early out of city and yet it was the best team in the league and they were gonna talk about it didn't tell whoever -- -- was gonna have an advantage because. They would have a -- limbs intact on June whoever comes out of the west is going to be so bruised and so beaten up. Studied forty's so I think that's an advantage for the east are really do it it's an advantage to the west because there are gonna have played so many. Like elite playoff level games but always overtimes all these road teams went in. -- so it would. Should come back could be absorbers assisted because -- built for all the years he reached parity in the NFL. He would be delighted with these playoffs and got so far. He did the other -- this entire weekend has been Donald Sterling but how nasty from a coach's perspective we just talked about the playoffs it's a one game series. Just a Doc Rivers and the players what they had to deal with and all the outside drama in your have a playoff series with the warriors. Absurd. You know limited. -- needs to be -- about how ridiculous what happened it is in our -- so bad for docs during the game -- -- -- -- -- great uncle -- I think -- their focus was was not older but he towards the wiggles they played a total would have made a difference but. Watched them at a press conference after the have been texting back and forth with doctor what are cultural try to you know some. What happened is more important in the big picture part I think it's a mistake when you read what he's starting. To track of these playoffs you know the present work so long and so hard to put themselves where they are -- would it. What did I would have said they have as good -- chance. To put complete but I don't -- that is good chip to get not the western and and play entered NBA championship. And now I don't I don't figured out this series I hope they can. You'll find a way to import for them but I just want it to be basketball and it's been so hard for them. To get back to basketball hopefully tonight that's what will seek. What do you think that does for the fan base to a fan base that is just built so much for years and years and years of just awful basketball on the floor they finally get. A team that it is good and is a winner and then have to deal with this how disappointing is that for the fans if this does end up hurting what they do and longhorn and on the floor. Well utilized live up near you guys and Seattle I've been mentioned on the East Coast all these playoffs. I don't think cynically those advantages there would you expect that the mideast peace -- that are. Suffered for so long is the main reason now. That there at this important time for the organization. They take steps backwards indeed they do things that. Are counterproductive for these organizations so. This supporting I just hope that they can find a way to get around to -- It's not an accident. Why -- Edward event for so many years and so I guess we shouldn't be surprised that right now obviously you know there's certain themselves from which it. Deputy -- tomorrow game five for the blazers in Houston who's the most important player for Portland in that game. I still think it's LA because he's dominated series you know we talked about how balanced team decision isn't deductible -- donated to -- you know it's just. Wesley didn't and the guys guard James Harden don't do is great job. You go right on the -- Robin does that mean Robin hardly anybody talks about -- I think he's been an incredible. Addition for that team and how much he's changed them. Defensively and internally and he's underrated offensively but. I still think what it all comes down to it the difference in this series is used -- is that a lot of trouble with -- I think it is -- compete can continue to play a skeptical Garrett gets 48 but he's got to be special which is what he usually years. BJ -- small is our guest former NBA coach of course former coach of the trailblazers he is now an analyst at ESPN. Coached always great -- thanks so much of the time really appreciate the -- our Chris. Thank you.