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Bill Schonely -- Legendary Blazers Broadcaster

Apr 28, 2014|

Bill joins Travis to remember Dr. Jack Ramsay, who passed away this morning

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It is time now how to bring on the legendary bill shot only of course the long time but voice of the Portland trailblazers. Mr. shot lead is great to talk to you my friend and unfortunately it's on the circumstances that it is -- today. Well it's have been a tough trying by -- from the my best friends. Very had been in. All my life today have with Jack Ramsay didn't. They knew it was going to be inevitable inspiration credit to him but the man is gone. Whatever I can't say about a news. There are so -- things to say about Jack Ramsay -- outstanding human being. The good friend and mentor to me. An icon here the great Pacific northwest and didn't worry ominous start. Well you know it's it's always very tough when someone they care about is no longer with us even if it is something that. He knew was gonna happen eventually but there are a lot of blazer fans that listen this program that weren't around back then that that didn't know doctor Jack can only so much television or heard the stories. And if you're talking that younger generation of blazer fans didn't know much about mode be the first thing you say. Well the first thing that I would say when he joined the organization in 1976. We had known one another reform but only in the working relationship. He and I hit it up immediately. In those days there was that head coach Jack Ramsey and assistant coach. The Jack McKinney are trying to Iran -- The team. And me. And that we became a family at that time. Jack and I lived in the -- as we go very were we were close shall we were together at all times. The one outstanding legacy as far as Jack Ramsay is concerned with the fans of the public. Here in the Pacific northwest of course he inherited. A very good group of athletes. In 1976. Went through entity facilities revenue of one of the world's championship. And he was a character in many many ways. That he was an outstanding. Human being. He. It. Great family man. You and I talked a lot he was a mentor to me he taught me a lot. The election things about the game. Of basketball and sports and in life. He would have just one in the heck of an individual level of terrific. Man. And what he did it with that team. At that time. The biggest regrets -- at that time the state of Oregon in the Pacific northwest. It was it down time for all of us at that time. We had so Ryan at -- at the protesters. In the news so money things were going on. Then the blazers came on the scene. Ramsey took over in 1976. And that the 77 years. They went through this season. All of a sudden the team was winning more and more and more. And the people got in grows with this team went on a one of the world's championship to make a long story short. And he alone -- change because they won the championship. Brought right Mitch. To this area. Of America. Things turn everybody felt good about that team. They were enthusiastic. All over the state. And Jack right in the middle there was nothing that he would do do and he would do everything before everybody. There's by elements please write down to the clothes he wore -- those beige. Plus the fact. He was a teacher. And mentor. Whose team low. Before that he walked on they would do anything for him. And he had them play as. Two team and that's why they won. And Jack Ramsay. Was the man who orchestrated -- he made -- all feel great. The legendary bill -- only is our guest here on tape the fan and you know bill when you look at where he came from Jack Ramsay was a Philadelphia guy big drive guys from saint from went to saint Joe's coach Santos. Philadelphia 76. -- to respect there's no. In those days -- When he came here how did you how quickly did he embrace this city in the northwest. -- almost immediately almost immediately. You. Again that he was the teacher the teacher he was very -- optical. The man could do it all he got his doctorate degree and had legitimate doctors agree. That's Torre's called the doctor Jack -- he's called doctor Jack well more than he ever was a coach. In the election Bill Walton -- location. But negotiate go right on down the line and in that group of people. They would do monitoring of the world food for the metadata ours said today. -- -- A lot of people have wonderful things to date have been reading the commentary is just about Jack Ramsay is the person not Jack Ramsay the coach not Jack Ramsay the teacher than -- towards that. The type of person that he was -- about that type of person in in what he why he was so well respected as a man. Well that was just his make up Travis he's. That was that Jack. Ramsey he wouldn't turn down. Anybody. And he would do anything he could to help individuals. Either to teach to consult. Or whatever it might be. Jack Ramsay was their policy had a wonderful finally turned out of these. Two terrific. He had to take care of his wife -- for a long long time she was very very you know alzheimer's -- right at the end. That presents to you after he left here got into broadcasting -- -- -- the end. And he was assigned to game. He would travel from Naples Florida. Where they have a you want her home. And he'd do the game immediately you get on the first plane to go back. That take care of -- Plus the fact sometimes twice a week when he was going through some therapy with -- early stages. Of cancer. He would apply -- New Jersey here at home there to live from New Jersey to Houston that the great clinic down there or from Florida. Do to get -- treatments. Right back to take care of gene and the rest of openers scrambling those are things behind the scenes that Jack did. Data in and day out and didn't Alter social life. You're a favorite memory of either working with him being with him or watching him out on the floor coaching. Well I've told this story is so money time and voters to -- -- -- Jason quick visit eluded to it on the news Sunday common story treated him very well. But that it stands out to me it's almost. Real personal language. Jack. And the team that brought -- four game losing streak in check. Hated. To lose he hated to lose when he he could get over it quickly but on this particular case. Leo we were all on a road trip there was the next year following. The championship here. And we were at Houston normal pleasures of the story unfolds. Rick Alamo was with Jack. -- -- -- -- And my show we're gonna take Jack. Out to dinner we have we have an all night so it was public that the tablets in the B 6 o'clock will be in the lobby -- an uncle who made the -- you're gonna go Lou whatever restroom -- willows. And Jack would still because that beat the night before. In Dallas civilly and our views and and I have looked dejected and I want ours has put my arm around her shoulder. And I sit Jack you can't win them all. And he turned to me with -- -- place. And decent challenge. You and win the malls and don't you move forward get it at that time I was shocked. He's reminded me of the story is true what do you think about it if you do things right you and you can win the mall that was part of his velocity even to his teams that he coached over the years. Bit when he was in the early stages of cancer. And all the problems he's had all over his body and treatments and everything he never never. Gave up. He knew that he could weather it out and -- -- big -- right. Before the end -- said Jack you're cancer -- here okay. Now maybe he looked right at the end up to the end. Until they had to go to hospice. Especially could he did not wanna go put. He lost that 1 but I -- always looking down on the rest of the as a -- view looking down. Last night's game at the moment sooner. Jack Ramsey would have little. Because. All the blazer players. At the touches of the ball they came from behind they -- they gave him. Reminded me so much of the championship years and they played the game that Jack taught them. And that's just one story the other one was that the the championship game you know objective was kneeling on the sidelines there -- those crazy clothes we all wore those days of this revenues. And don't let Sunday afternoon and named Donald won the game over the Philadelphia 76ers for the world championship. And what a -- when -- was over Jack reaching -- all look forward is arms in the air. -- right to the locker room. I don't know there are pictures of this we're using either pouring champagne you know rejected. The commissioner. Of the NBA it was there. And arms raised in the -- that was Jack he used to do that after ever read win. And those are just too little stories -- can -- -- on my guests. -- what did you think about the tribute to Terry Stotts paid do doctor Jack earlier this year with the end plaid jacket the wardrobe there. Yes I thought that was terrific -- -- That have talked about it. -- Terry and I have a little thing going since he's been here right before. The National Anthem of interdiction of the players at home. I'm down the -- but by the blues -- bench and that we hug one another. Have a little conversation very very quick. And he of course admired Jack Ramsey -- his philosophy of the game of the way he treated his players and what to do. -- -- As how does that picture object Ramsey in his opposite out of the practice facility. And I -- -- him last night. And so that -- five words for you. What's the challenge. -- -- You you yes. You can't win. And Jack Ramsay. And he thanked me for that Terry and I talked about that but today. And I Ramsey game prevailed -- nationally. And Terry knows as well that his team right now is very similar. To the cart championship came development team and many years ago. I'm not saying that this team this year is gonna win the world championship. But they're gonna surprise a lot of people -- May have surprised a lot of these people the YouTube Thursday but Jack Ramsay mesmerized. Something good in the northwest with that championship in the last of all these huge. Bill shot only is our guest of course the legendary -- of the Portland trailblazers and he had a heavy heart today bill and we really appreciate taking the time forests and not. Letting us -- -- Chester remember your fondness in your stories of doctor Jack really appreciate the time today and our thoughts and prayers of course do you into his Stanley and everybody involved and knew so well. Thank you very much. Mr. -- will never be forgotten.