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Ryan Longwell -- Former NFL Placekicker

Apr 28, 2014|

Ryan joins Travis to talk Caddies 4 Cure and more!

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Joining us now is for NFL kicker in former cal kicker and punter Ryan Longwell -- Kentucky to get -- -- it. Am doing great I appreciate -- joining us so you're going to be out here in a few weeks or caddies for Kerry been a part of it before it's always a fun event everything going on the bowling and golf and the charity auction your -- is so important for you to be a part of this in some it's a big. Well I think it could integrated effort stop -- minutes on her us. Athletic that the guys are not so much this year you know look like fools on the bowling Alley and then I'll be able place in the great courses in the area but. Bottom line caddies in the greater organization you know rider -- dear friend. You know not -- for. You know 1015 years now and what he would -- dog -- and because of the caddies -- treated so much money in the I think over millions of dollars now and and to give back community. And give people a chance that. It becomes you know it's that belief that we can do come out -- donate our time and I think the crazy thing that those Google realizes. You know. All the athletes and their own way out there and so that's how much that you know that that. Charity Ryan's relationship that's how much that means all of us -- is. You would find a way to get out there. You opted to give our time and an injured on weekends and not. -- to bring that up because we we hear all the time but athletes doing charity work whether it's -- their. You know doing with their team with the organization -- the fact the you have these guys paying their own way to get out there. What does this say about the quality of the individuals and these really big time athletes that that are taking. Part of this and in being part of it. Well you I think it says more about Brian -- didn't -- here than it does about the efforts prosecute that. Baird you know well to do whatever it takes to help cannot help you know -- -- -- and that's a caddie is I mean it's a great you know bowling event that we cannot -- let loose. It's a first class you know band and -- to Japan at Tiger Woods center on you know on campus Nike. On Saturday night and a great tournament and I think she by the turn -- -- I mean this thing is sold out yeah way to get in and played it. You know when the auction and raffle what's going on and and that's sick it's a cool thing to be a part of its -- thing to be part of minutes. It's a special going to be part of and so I think that's why. You know it's there's so much about rioted in the -- screw that you know all these guys from all these different sports and all these different and entertainment companies are you want to be -- -- -- so much of a part of it. Ryan long was our guest former NFL kicker also played his college football at cal went to -- high school. And right there are a lot of things are changing in the NFL and college sports as well we look at the landscape of college football and the issues with the unionization in all of those efforts at northwestern but but the meals aspects and that was passed fairly recently -- Making sure that every athlete has a meal at three meals a day. Why is that something that's so important when you look at the schedule and all those things that college athletes have to go through every day. -- -- and Arctic it people think shell on Saturday and play the game you know Chris. Unfortunately. The world sports now like you know it's a year round effort to train year round and dot. You know you need to be at shaker -- On top of that you look at. Just technology in general out everything in advance whether it's left and Roberts -- and whether it's training and then along with that is the nutrition and nutrition has such a key component of success and failure of your training program and your season that this thing that you can get away -- -- You know a protein bar in -- and on the magistrate you know just to stay eligible for as as you know or. You know within within the rules like guesses best way to say it column. You know it just doesn't seem right especially with the product. You know these universities are making millions and dates and days at all to football program and their athletic programs. And you want to update of the best chance to not only succeed that stay healthy. And so that's why I think that as you know Mr. Big thing in my treated tip of the iceberg of much of things that need to change. I'm not sure the union thing is the way to go but it d.s -- that you know I was on a full ride at -- You know you take away money from the scholarship check for training table -- you know during the season argued in order. Actually. And read in the eastern system barriers are not cheap. So we were you were struggling big -- -- as scholarship athlete natural light out you know so I think there's a glamour to beat on a full ride. That people think that year you're making money -- and -- quality not -- -- you are you not that you really you can't work because they need any dollar that you make it scholarship athlete has to go back. -- I'm so you really -- and a -- and the ability to eat. Was he's been bad. Rama noodles quite off it's that you can get called for -- you know and that's I think -- -- -- its step in the right direction. It's really easy look at the NCAA and say the system is broken but it's been raking in in developing that way for a hundred years so it is there. In your -- and that really can be daughter is something that maybe they should really start to consider starting over. Well you know I think you have to. You know look at what you want to accomplish are obviously. You know. Percentage wise in less than 1% of the athletes going to college are gonna make it to the pros whatever sport -- and so. I think yet to realize that the best asset that most athletes are gonna walk away from college were it not only the light experts that really is the degree and so. In order to do that you have to enable people to have as much success on the academic playground -- you on the athletic player and so. I think the end game is to get to guys and get out to get their degrees and have a great experience athletically in order to do that. Each eliminate all the struggles stresses that. Are going on right now and that a lot in the meal a lot of that is the lack of -- -- work so it all comes down to money so you know the way I he would. You know like a cash card at the -- were -- something goes in there over the course of you know every quarter some pendant in the kids can use it. Ability to hit for the programs in the coaches and whoever's the choir concert a track where those which you -- going to make it before. You know alcoholic before drugs and Baghdad they can be recruited they can -- apps like -- -- you know. All but I think you see the -- NT products as a whole. That it's Eagles just the bottom -- it is that these kids donating their bodies basically. For the greater good. Of the school and the NCAA's taken all these millions and millions of dollars to bookstore. And you by the kids jerseys although they are their names on the back in the -- is no -- -- that can accept. You know it and it's close sanctuary it's just they're making and or a -- and they really you know the kids are sack are -- their bodies spirits others so authorities in the program. For a former NFL kicker Ryan long was our guest here on the fan and Ryan for a guy who spent his. Had fifteen years making a living on me you know kicking extra points and field goals. We're seeing new rules being thrown out there -- new ideas with extending the the -- and the link them field goals may be shorting up the the the width of the the goal post when you see all that stuff happening what do you think. I'm very -- aid -- kickers get -- You know. You know like first came in the league in 1990 shattered I went 80% and -- -- partly. My last two years out at 90% you were top you know seven in the and -- and 80% in you know my last few years late -- eighteen years later on you in the bottom -- league itself. You know back to what I say before I mean that training in the nutrition in the practice everything -- such you know supersize right now that. You've got to -- that you get what they're doing and so. I think. Gotta look at this beautiful one what do you want out of the game and you know when it goes on a twelve -- scoring drive in just gets crossed the end zone just scored a touchdown. The -- of the logistics and getting that whole offensive line is what like in the field. PM turn around all the way back to the twenty yard line it's set up connection point one of them is gonna take. Another shot because guys are trying to block -- You know it just doesn't seem to create survive it it's kind of export the cherry on top great drive -- a great touchdowns so. Job I think there's two ways to do you go back to what we did in 99 which as the cable. Which is a brand new football you're kicking -- and that eliminated a lot of excess of the guys had it is hard hit. Or you know Google post that. Change in the flow of the game I think with -- in the next point longer and do all I think you yet again sabotage the excitement. And bottom line is that is what the fans want that's what you want excitement about how do -- On and they don't want to wait you know thirty or 42 -- everybody goes back out to the twenty yard -- contrast forty some yard you know which point. There write your northwest jabs he went to bend high school he Boeing originally from Seattle and spent a lot of time up this part of the country read them all over the place as well so by and kind of in the northwest rat a sight out of mind up here but we've seen success with the Seahawks win the Super Bowl on the blazers are getting better and or do in football in Oregon State baseball when you see that all the success that the northwest is having what does that make you thing -- Cuba that. Wasn't the source -- I mean I think it's. You know -- -- -- Like -- each of the Washington -- start to turn that program grabbed him you know what Turkey and did it. At -- U dub and and obviously. You know down here in south -- Florida now you know what production done. Put basically the northwest and just the actual on the map up there. You know with that then it department Pete Carroll went on USC that you know people respect in the West Coast and they would quarterbacks in the back playing football this fall on me it's hard to argue that there's a better conference -- -- though are being around around baton Orlando's. You know want to argue that she's she's -- -- talented it's a source of pride to know that northwest. You know although hidden in the times than not there's really make it a name in sports world and yet they deserve it they've been really do it could be -- -- Optional -- -- Seahawks -- and given the chance to kick for the -- auction last year or two years ago now. And just you know such an idea such great. -- -- sense of pride that that. The Seahawks finally did you know it is really really funded via watched that. That group go in and -- said no Republica. Ryan Longwell is our guest on Twitter you can find him fourth and Long Will also -- caddies for curing caddies for your dot com. Right always great Pataki thanks so much of the time look forward to seeing out there the reserve a couple weeks. Yeah my pleasure looking forward to it will be a fun tournament.