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Patrick Creighton -- Sports 610 in Houston

Apr 28, 2014|

Patrick joins Travis to give the Rockets perspective of being down 3 games to 1.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's time to head to Houston and bring on Patrick Creighton back to our show and sports 610 downing Houston pat let's go to -- they are about. Always did document friend and you know I've been having some conversations on and off the air over the last couple weeks about this rockets team I really didn't think they had it in them. On Friday night to come back and make a series out of this recent prizes at all with the resilience. With James Harden Dwight Howard leading the way who don't always seem to beat those kind of guys. Honestly you know I can't expect them to come back and win back -- and and I expect -- to -- -- not -- -- as well let you know they're they're very long treatment sometimes that works for your paper where they out. Actually really bad losses that shake things all. Ardent personality usual laid back about everything in real peace and that he's the guy who you know each had a terrible game terrible week he could shake at all and looking at it kind of pick up on actual. The fact they were able to get back into this series on Friday night. I don't think Dallas -- a problem I think that was more -- more expected that. The beach scene -- that actually match though and and we don't -- controlled -- purposes rocket blew another. Yeah they certainly did they had every opportunity in the world until -- talked about that so today down 31. What's the perspective of rockets fan what are they saying. Well the stand -- appears. You know that's typical reaction from the fans were down 31. Student loan. You know scripting is horrible world and tribal regions are cut just a reaction to -- emotional. Realistically and I -- their backs are against the wall. -- you know that is you know we're told you circle the wagons -- trade. I would expect the rockets will you don't come out come out hard. Are on wedding date. After the way you see Gainesville okay -- -- -- -- -- indicator well it's kind of a trend this year. I don't think you're gonna get passed in six. Yeah I feel and then also -- at a game five at home on Wednesday is there enough life left dim dissing the body language come off the floor last night to get that game home. Yeah I think they'll be very competitive on on Wednesday gave us you -- -- edition the last stand. You know they they are proud team. And you know that tropical on extra pop catalog while liberal -- are expected to see all the fighting -- Iraq -- Patrick Creighton is our guest -- 610 in Houston and Patrick guy you know Daryl -- and great job putting a lot of talent together on this team. And it's finding guys like Patrick Beverley in nine trade Daniels who were on the scrap -- basically. But with Dwight Howard on this team does he really fit the floor of this team. -- than promised -- -- -- under Dwight Howard they don't even make that isolation. You know life is if you look at the -- five minute fourth quarter went down. Why how what hole he gets blocked on defense not -- -- -- to get their act. They're only field goal by a five -- can't -- our. Yeah she was it -- the only thing they had gold formal final spot and it's. On condition that with Sharpton and I talked about this excruciating. It's a shame that you've got furious with your routine that are really really well matched. And we appreciate your future -- -- you could give -- the chance raining down. Lord. This is -- -- -- -- it's an honor. The special horrible bolt -- But it's not be officiating in the officiating not to read a lot of rock down 31. The rocket defense or lack thereof opt regional while they're down 31 rocket to -- can be shot. Period via -- and -- -- I haven't they and the entire period. Bearing the entirety of the rockets' winning any game. It that they may shock I minutes -- fourth quarter erupt 1996. Rockets go one up mine field -- Why is that we saw James -- political big plays last and why is it that they are so challenged with making big plays down the stretch. You don't that that that model that is you don't during the regular season -- stretched. That was -- injury and art you know may Olympic Euro all and many. Pardon -- shops all along. Out of -- flight are all subject like huge Gator. Head. And it. He does not look right -- -- the ball longer and should be -- Keystroke on the wall correction will actually -- -- open -- fortunate shot and should be Patton -- doll. It is really. I can't explain that little -- and so I -- -- last year up against Oklahoma City in the first round of the playoffs it was its first hear it being that guy. On the team they didn't have a white power of big threat to download everything fell on genes can. You could have been handled very well play -- all season long. Hard and it didn't think I. At least flourished. We could play off that wall. Do you think that because Dwight Howard is another one of those build big guy type players Willis featured type players that takes the ball with -- sometimes. And that's frustrating to him. I don't know what sort of changed it'll certainly tell you which cannot -- that. You know we. In the hackers -- out. You -- wind went -- -- featured you get rid of -- you're slow you're down in order to call her you know kind of check out. -- little bitch and yeah it will all shape that it's got to do that she's got a shot. On reducing that win big comfortable out how we're there yet and GTY. Just touched him while. For the Houston Rockets at this point pat -- going forward obviously they've got a very good foundation but going forward in the future is this a championship type of teen. Or we may be overreacting to one post season series. I think that the NBA championship team -- Realistically another year virtual way immediate another player you know forging a couple -- last two games spectacular. He's willing to meet this seems really at all you can which has. The shooter off the bench they brought an -- can't -- the Nazis and picking you to be that guy. Crooked stretched or -- -- its reporters to work for about two weeks and went back in a cast. Renewable contract RC was gonna get -- he had knee surgery. And and it would be it actually was we got cable bench last year latent -- and and it's a big shock to them but he's better able to get healthy are they made trade Jordan had. Animal in you had a great fighting that came right back toward apple can. Shall they have a bill that lol all yearlong. And you know what are the other things that and I think this skit that gets overlooked a lot to us. Before this -- we talked about pensions. And the Portland bench being a little short in the rocket and being a lot deeper and clean out that way. Karen strolled by and can help on the bench you -- think -- -- Securities scared. Our parents children abysmal Jeremy -- -- hot and cold makes a great place and makes walker that one point Tara. But the rest of rock and anxious out that a tornado computer games MIA. Have -- to go it -- the blazers getting some respect now in Houston is clearly they weren't done readings and things before the series started. Well -- that much is true before this period saw a lot of people don't you -- The blazers were were going to be a walk old are going to be -- fury like a rock let up. You know when -- when -- -- pocket that seven. People all real lack of the blazers are they don't now. Patrick Creighton is our guest sports extending Houston onto where he can find him -- -- Creighton went always get a -- that talks in middle of next holidays appreciate it. --