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Joel Freeland -- Blazers Center

Apr 28, 2014|

Joel joins Travis to talk the Blazers/Rockets series after game 4.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- it is time to head over the blazers practice facility in joining us now is Jill freely into the Portland trailblazers Joseph good afternoon Harry don't. Now I'm doing good thank you are you. Do very well appreciate join us today so take us through this series so far from your perspective. And what the playoffs have been like is -- -- you spotters have been a little bit more physical little bit more intense. -- and mr. pretty horrible illness thought that could finally get in the playoffs and finally get to place physically look at and during the season the ovitz also conducive to a two wannabe. You know in the playoffs and that a couple things become more open door and -- fugitive server must go. For you in the off season you talked about being able to find a spot herself on the floor and having to take that role be more physical. He more defense and rebound oriented is what we've seen so far -- a fitting that style for you a little bit. I think sort. I made it possible months. You know -- Find somewhere in the market helped that you know what they'll elect in and it got to democracy and and that's sort of comment you are -- -- selected in the velocity and would we do not someone who come -- and -- -- effective screen then but it took not a retirement to about. And I find it on the -- solutions including in the saint. Obviously with the my injury. -- to conduct not deployment. -- in the independent the award. On this undercut the old old beat up in -- How difficult was it for you when he had that injury -- there were times in the team was struggling and then LaMarcus Aldridge went out you had to sit there and kind of watching you weren't able to play how difficult was that from your perspective. If it bit difficult because. A sloping -- on the ball where. A new electrical arc and a nor can make a difference on the market -- That's not that perspective it looked pretty difficult but the same time I -- too much into -- delivered to but it took other. It what it was what it looked and -- over the injury and the majority over so that. Joseph freely and as our guest here intended to stand -- tells we've seen from LaMarcus Aldridge in just his his development from when you first came on this team. And how he's taken over as a leader. He's played unbelievable for another month for the mormons are going to do. You know it just took a -- -- -- at some point in a lot more political dispute. He knows what's your opinion and and committed people to be there and pitched in regional court. You know you heard that upbeat and it shifted the possibility antidote -- -- every year he's been in the lead over the city pretty -- and so all of those that what decision now. And it in its -- and oil. You know Joseph this team hasn't had playoff success in a really long time and markets has been here for awhile but. Sometimes the fans get a little impatient and start to lose little faith sometimes when you see what this team has been able to do. In this series in an always find a way to get back into your down late what does that say about the resilience of this team. I think you know we're we're on the same -- And without egos and we haven't seen that components -- -- Victor who went. We have to go another name -- kind of ignored the order the order of the on the in the goes out -- -- up there. The date -- called dual mission there are one knows that should be with -- that live at the end. Pretty much to help -- when it. And I think that's a big factor in why we agree it's -- what revamping and wondered immunity close -- -- And I think that you know chemical which usually well. Did this is -- -- the only team you play on in the NBA in -- -- a couple years do you play professionally overseas and things like that's how how rare is it. To see a group of players without those egos and be able to play together likeness. -- and not a law you know not any incident a lot of people who. Simply QB to have more rhetorical short -- the historical making sure that culture and -- was some bounces scored points. -- -- When you get players who. Kind of set that aside and and -- -- worry about. During the win -- and that it takes to win -- conduct -- successful thing and the police are on the Internet people there. What we've been debated they don't come out there today the -- actually beat him though arts that on this -- to look at this we get a team. -- go to win the -- over them. A lot of whistles on you and in just a few minutes so far in this series and I'm sure he can here with the fans were saying last night about the officials but it kind of that way both ways. How do you not let the calls that don't go your way bother you and how do you not let those things affect you in the -- a team. What caused the little putt at some point I'd I'd expect you not like an applicant like -- -- -- It was a little spot -- -- -- bear -- from under subsequently hit second where it also. W. Mark Felt wants the judge noted clinical problem meet Ursula. Told you want to -- to help me. And you know trying to get to many it is a lot to do it Robin what impresses you -- -- -- without that it's it's not and then come back in the and into. For you guys -- -- the Houston now up three games to one -- close this out you know this team just doesn't have the experience of closing out a series. How do you make sure that happens and not give Houston some belief -- the Mac and when it. Yesterday -- huge network build support of this series. You know if we needed it and give myself a peck on the cushion. Our government the next inning and it would have been public school that. And I can't -- they can be this stupid because. Note to go to get a malignant and ultimately come thought they can they're they're gonna come out or don't ladies and every -- enough of -- -- -- season. And and they'll be ready to play so we deputy. We go to -- have already been able for the notebook which although the have a mentally and physically. Actually in -- of the tentacles of expert. Joseph Freeman is our guest here antennae to stand -- and it's a busy day for you lets you run things -- take the time with us good luck on Wednesday in a little Japanese -- Thank you very much appreciate it.