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Ken Griffey Jr. - former Seattle Mariner

Apr 24, 2014|

The Kid joins Isaac and Suke to discuss the upcoming Caddies 4 Cure event and his transition from perennial all-Star to dad and coaching his sons.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

As so caddies -- -- present my current path is coming up by the week in a may seventeenth in we talked to this guy every year when he comes to -- nice enough to give us some time. To shoot the breeze and I will say that says his golf swing is just as sweet. As his baseball swing hits the hell out of lefty Ken Griffey junior returning to our program what's going on how aria. -- well enough and I mean we've got a lot to catch up on one. We have to Lecce gloat about Arizona over or again because I think. When you guys were here last year -- Josh Wilcox former up Blair hosts a show here on the station was giving you. You any crap about the ducks vs the wildcats. You know it happened everybody saw this is so we. -- this year but. You know for a couple weeks -- Quite happy. I was the boys like in Arizona. I elected I mean it was it's a great picture him. Armed you know far enough that. -- grow up in close enough that. Mama -- diplomatic. Profile respect mother -- Think about it millions of course forty where no where you -- not shops and opt. Out Cancun and mom mom's lies that the suspect. Yet. The only called me when he -- -- you know that hey. You. Mom cooks so on the one on that list and it could practice let's talk about what issues. Cut on the same line he why did he choose football busy busy no that is status that's the has he he was given one of the greatest swings of all time. Taylor bunny are you cannot choose what you're cute little -- As a parent you just have to be supporters are. On the Ottawa and you know need to won a mop board is actually sleep -- And for me. Person -- up but did not realize it's what the greatest thing -- oral. -- have to go -- and coached little leakage. Because my southern poverty. So it made it easier transition from eight. Going to and you know watching my cute play you know be extra eight. For football lesson is -- you know right. Are based policy and just about -- well but you know my eleven year old seven ebitda are based ups and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Is there an element that's. You mentioned at the pressure of you having to coach and they're just gonna look -- can you wanna take over here but how it is would there be pressure from your your kids maybe subconsciously. They give your Jordan's kid you wanna play basketball if you're Ken Griffey junior -- do you really want -- comparison when you go out on the dime because it's. I mean I guess you did it but it's kind of a hard -- killed a client there to live up to the expectations that are unfairly gonna be placed upon at at any age when you go -- they -- that name on your back. -- I've got coaches here who. Just one -- on an early. Age you know he's got about earned it and it's Uga played left you know replace senator. And benefit and they don't care about winning or losing and I think that's where most people she. Get concerned when you're nineteen and eleven and twelve where -- about winning and losing. Is just trying to develop kids. You know our children but it coaches. I doubt no matter where you are we in your packet -- count you -- After the coaches because he made an impact on a lot. Not a bad word about wins and losses at age you know not to let it Baghdad. You know when you go back home you've got it in everybody. Whether that's a school teacher or coach it's still somebody that you always think about. When you get back into town. You didn't seem like a guy that would have a hard time stepping out of the limelight and so was it easy for YouTube to defer to those other guys or win win. You show up somewhere is it. There was it was at the scene that you got Ken Griffey junior showing up at little leaguer at football practice or wherever. Bomb not fortunate -- there's a couple of -- -- -- Barry -- terms saint. I don't think seeing. Com I got Bo outlaw sun. Playing on the eighteenth football which I haven't umps felt fortunate. Parallel at its terms playing on the -- provoking so I have cat suit that played at a high level. Whose son verplank and they're all playing football. Should not completely pick any place. Good grief that's yet that's into what actually leads us to something that we talked about recent I think it's been in the news recently the headlines that. Baseball on that newest talk about the son Jackie Robinson day that. Another fewer African Americans playing baseball than ever before. I don't necessarily know that it's it's a racial thing that dude what do you think about that wire fewer is just your kids are playing baseball or is it fewer. African American kids are choosing baseball only what is -- TU. On its -- -- period you look at the situation. Arm when you look at all commercial you look at a basketball commercial. It's all about having on -- in making. You know it entertaining ever be -- Com. Would -- back in the big spot spot. I don't want a novelty -- enthusiasm. Today and Sunday at eight you know. And class. You see the whole field football. -- -- you know court basketball. When you show based on each other pitcher catcher in maybe. Got on base. If you -- I'll second that direct -- is not selling the whole field where people can actually she. What everybody -- and how the movement -- movement start again it's our. So if you're watching. It seems like it's like it just thought it record it that's correct answer when they don't -- actually. They got moving. The manager's making calls so we're -- what do you think like that they have all that. You know -- -- 22 what is it put out against forced now. You know what it was -- where shot and so you know the game has only movement. And I think that's what. It's like it's. It's a fast paced game you always movement in baseball you know it's it's a little bit of hurry -- wait. And we'll baseball league record attendance record revenues the last half of the year sides of the game is is in fine shape right now but it is that's something twenty years down the road -- -- baseball may be in trouble because of that youth movement. -- -- you know they'll start you know promote and you know urban younger generation -- keep it on com I'll always. You know you see the Super Bowl you have that whole week not to let you know -- to -- what you also have a whole week you know all start peaking at where. You know you're don't want some. Baseball on Monday Tuesday it would take you play on Thursday. And a lot and we kick you out you know you know parent not gonna take on Tuesday -- -- -- To go watch a baseball. When does baseball need. -- the best way to put this marketable young star -- growing up ending granted we're in in Washington so. I mean it was you're in our backyard that you -- kind of the face of baseball to have backwards in the smile and and you were you when you -- the face of that generation in it was a very marketable star it was someone that looked like they were having fun and we have guys like Trout McCutcheon and there's some really great young talent but. There doesn't seem to be that. Know that kinda young energetic as you said fund face of baseball right now. Well. Look. The new way pissed him off I think you you rendered him speechless. Very adamant and put to him on hold them to see what's going on patent. I don't know what happened there's some like he was still there. But he was getting into his car so we not have had a case where who was switching over from AB Bluetooth. Now you've got to get on those you know one of those type moments but think about that when -- yeah grown up. He was he was the guy in Nike commercials indeed he was the face and it wasn't it was it was kind of a young energetic star and you know -- doesn't subway commercials -- stiff as aborted. McCutcheon is a great guy do you ever listen to that guy in an interview were you watch some of the cleese does -- puts on he does all the different batting stances of all the different players that history. He can guide that you could market in the -- could get behind the -- There's not that face that national star for the. All right now that's a by the way we're talking with king Griffey junior and we are gonna try to get him back on the -- couple more questions that I I like what he said about. White kids are picking up the game. I think all of that makes total sense it in terms of it being on television bit but not really can't really learn the game that way got to play it -- You know play united since boring it's just not cool and and they're not -- on the fund that. So what about decide deal where you do to. Good to see ex brother last year on the on the memorabilia item I heard that was quite the. Well you're not -- opt out as I was told you know just to say it wasn't I'm arm just to get a reaction problem if you finish. You know this is what it prized possessions and and you know they -- -- -- -- -- all it -- it's it would -- But please be -- you acted well the best part was that Randy -- got involved and at the very first thing is -- took the data -- down that Randy -- from Mike did the cheap seats that they -- yours and rightly said that the look -- my brother's face -- like that -- started to quiver if you could you could see that -- a -- was counting the. But after we told them I thought the sort that out on Opteron recovered. At the bottom of the Big Brother our government -- You approach shot. If we have -- know they can sign the bad form and is now the the featured piece in my brother is a -- you're under lock and key big nice glass case that. A T what you there's very few days you have a chance to get your older brother back for all the crappy did for you -- that was my all time get my brother backroom and. Is out. With what they I just before we catch a -- a year we appreciate the time but so why you come caddies for cheer and you know kind of talk about the event is I think there are some folks who well may be and should coming out and hang out for -- Japan. Well I mean you look at that have been fortunate to play baseball that a lot of people who who need help and you know who are not force enough as the cats are comedian. And to give act. I think that's the most important thing bit better athlete or anybody can do. And you know Ryan has done an unbelievable job. Putting on this this tournament some. Immediate medical. -- is name. Because he just wants to be in the background but I mean it is starting with. When -- transit and envelopes it. You know there's not people showing up. Mean next that's what that's what it's all about and per -- actually just flying in and play golf we -- golf -- golf and and you know organization. Are. -- caddies did. You. Know that the night before. A little gala the tables and enacts a lot the next day like Alfred Eric Greek whether. The last couple years. You know and even if it is raining a little bit extra great weapon -- you know what -- columns for. Now in if you call if you could not bid on the -- teacher this year I cut health for losing that -- last year from the wide so if you could go ahead and not be that that would be great. I'll. Still haven't made that. If you. I I mean what happened that you know when you know all your kids are in sports like mine argue. Have nobody else I didn't realize how much stuff that my wife does tell active retired. And and she was like hey we got this this this and it's not like so. What it is seldom get to be done. You know on November she'd like outward and it's an extra week I'm like well. Though I mean we go from football basketball. To practice football arm right now my little guys think Roddy. So where. Are still adjusting to it should be retired. And the only advice I give my not so maybe. It did -- do this. If you don't start. -- -- But the delay delay had died two point sage words of advice. Yeah I'm still I'm still working on our garage she's like are you at a clinic your credit should not get -- and I keep on more stepped in there should start last and you liked. Oh yeah that keep -- -- I'm like you know I am trying -- organize. Locker. Yes I know that -- But you're Smart man nine and we will see you next month all right thanks for the time yeah thank you all right take care that is the great new one and only. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah he made he made fun of you with yes is it taking -- and I mean he uses we just did you should actually probably barter with them and get it he has used yet. How is the high bidder is like go in one story do you like yet that's mind. In my life whatsoever of me is like no we're not going any higher and she's like yes we are currently no we're not. And it 'cause the huge rift and after it was -- he came out he's like you're really in trouble are you I'm like yes he left me and walked to look at it you can barter with and it. And CD and yes he would trade you should say hey whatever your high -- your -- deadlines you know because he paid way more for it yet. He is he's really generally it was a idiocy does a lot of stuff buys a lot of stuff known as the cause and everything but come. You should offer him that same number. And say hey just give me the trip come. Let's make this happen right everything else are not gonna use it even if you decide to go to Europe pilot you have your complaint he can fly there I cannot. Damning critique so caddies for care presented by carbon path is the premier sports celebrity event the north was. I can give -- -- just one of the many names on the celebrity list you can check out whose common. If you go to caddies for -- dot com now this have a great time there and you can see how Lee Baca Griffey is they all believe in the cause an assistant that ninety chipping in -- what you out there can be a part of do you buy tickets for. It's just it's it's an unbelievable experience to go and rub shoulders with these guys and couldn't be any nicer and it's it's a one of a really a once in A lifetime sort of experience.

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