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Mike Dunleavy -- Former Blazers coach, SiriusXM Analyst

Apr 23, 2014|

Coach Dunleavy joins Travis and Josh to talk Blazers/Rockets and NBA playoffs.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back to Travis it will not it is time to continue our discussion in the NBA is the blazers back in action tonight in Houston game two against the rockets. Joining us now is the former coach -- the trailblazers actually the coach the last time the blazers won a playoff series that is Mike Dunleavy coached good afternoon how are you. We are doing very well also. Tickets are the first game this series a little bit for the blazers in a very physical very emotional but. How does that equate to going forward DC any possibility of a mental let down or anything like that after game one. I don't in mental letdown means you know hot or sports game all out yet and so I mean -- like people who are. The rockets were gonna get all the cops on the deal think -- There. Pretty you know that should know their game plan and I'm not see from the from the side that India has. -- although it's 46 points. I mean -- the duplicate that for. On as well so. You know you -- yet -- do a great job on -- I mean it's quite so regularly works -- point shouldn't. It did a great job in and out stretched so. To see you know little more change American history are ordered out of the will more structure and maybe get more involved. You know I think last year anyway I would most efficient are playing pick and -- -- I don't see him get his teammates and while trying to create more tracked the remorse as opposed settling for jump shot. I think I think on you know Portland side. You know they'll be able to you later -- looks -- them pay a lot more attention to all the original post and -- -- double team him. I don't think it all mean and that it is in your diet -- a camel I go -- and trying to the other guys out you know it works I mean. Obviously came close. But we should -- number and I think all screwed that. Now it's throughout this whole treatment and that an articulate and you know if somebody want a lot of school picked up. Coach you mentioned James Harden in the pick and roll is it and part of that is. Has to do is wells how they're defendant are they going over the top or around is that something when you're gonna look at as a coaching staff -- to. You know what works best for you where the scenarios work out best if you switch some -- -- mismatched to work out in your favor. Well I mean I think basically. You know happens is it's hard to get anybody current rate players steady diet anything. So you have a couple of different. The coverages and mines that. What you see the well became cult supplying. You know that you make your decisions are based on what you think is okay that's out. You know QQQ -- -- track or you know pick and locals she's unique she's switched to our -- -- -- a lot of option there. I think part depend on Google will work them. -- -- -- -- -- that I was to do what you know they had focused on already it has to get to him earlier in transition because. One thing you know he can do is he's really great. At attacked the -- and -- to create -- line and when he checked the ball in open court situation. You know that's where it does best. Mike Dunleavy is our guest former trailblazers coach also now with serious sex and NBA radio and coach what do you make of the perception at least. That James Harden is not exactly the best post season play. -- -- sample to make -- called in the guys are shown. You know you -- -- the architecture all NBA Sheen -- this year. -- great you know great she's been. I could compete numbers and -- -- people well so. I think that it's too early for -- retract that statement. -- the impact the blazers bench had to calm during this game our game one was that I get in here we're gonna foul. But Dwight Howard used up some thousand worked in their favor but displays is big -- do something a little bit more maybe because I think you said earlier on. He plays are gonna score -- score all the time so who else might be to -- it has to really step up and and provide some energy up that bench. Yeah I know that's that. That's going to be part of you know keep the bad and I bet they don't have any one guy you really do yeah I think if they can they do our committee. But it just about that at least focus. You know are not trying to do too much. He. And out here that they can carry the biggest -- load. And then in the early gadget is just -- consistent basis in every hole there -- -- -- the future to them shortly so much and they're pretty good job of but you know -- Trout slightly on and on Dwight Howard. And hatred just keep him away from don't get an easy buckets. You know offensive rebounds and things of that nature which -- left control. You know coach is really easy to -- game one of the series or game one in game two -- -- nobody's really dominated this series so far we look at the top of the west whether it's that. Thunder are losing game with the spurs having some struggles in game one it is thirteen C that is the clear favorite in the Western Conference. Or there -- three or four teams that really should be in that same category. Yeah I mean look I would ala cart gives the advantage to choose San Antonio. Based arm. The way they failure of law they're -- -- is picture they're the minutes of their guys now. -- I think this report we get it you know a lot of our league you're about. -- -- And the -- seen how it all each holds. Ministry interest in -- can change coming into the playoffs that. Nobody really want to play loose probably -- speakers. And there are literally still you know it why don't change your yet strong low post and merchandise. -- can -- on the program that shot and passed ball and rebound in the and there are other troop increase and to treat and they have. As they have strong individual. That the centers. Are -- -- outlining gristle. And Tony Allen out on the perimeter. And then you know -- one week interface they have had in the past the center. There and ability to you know genetic. Three point shots and stretched and stretched the current and they've -- with a -- this year he throughout got Mike -- island retreat accordingly an arbitrary deadline. And and it it impact weather and my colleagues recruited great you know from. Outside shooting and you know he just -- you know become more veteran leader. You know you're -- so -- There are very you know they're very interesting. I want to ask you this is a coach it's coach to the playoffs and now it's a seven game series but it's almost you know it takes if they go to seven games it's almost two weeks so it's. It's reality it's it's 71 game series is what you're looking at is that. Is that how you approach it as a coach. Well look in the not necessarily mean that you go to. You know permanent without on court ballot on court they look. And so you know looked -- they did what they're supposed to do al-Qaeda -- just to great. It takes the loud and in -- -- can gain bears though thrusters on. You know -- -- on used by now you know what very. Sort of breaker not insisting. And I think his yacht I know how -- defend -- Portland and what are being used here. We now have the you know the home court advantage they are so -- there in great shape. It's they can go get it done tonight even that much more. Output it nominee and they're not and trade related instantly. -- -- so. Michael you look at the Eastern Conference Miami is obviously did the favored at this point but it did and that's who struggles they were thirteen and fourteen in the final 27 games or some struggles in the first half they game against Charlotte. Are they just waiting for the right time and pick things up are they still the same Miami's Dwyane Wade healthy enough mean the questions about this team they still the favorites when the time. Well I hope that senator -- -- the title because they -- they struggle could portions of the year. -- record decorator in any hiccup which which hasn't been a very good conference. I'm so. I can't tell either they you know how how confident they can be here. Out on the outside but for -- -- speaking their culture. And you know me I think you have. You know -- went on virtually. You know try to be the same bracket is and the factors at Brooklyn this you know ward though. Against them during the regular street and and there are series -- now now they have worked on court is probably getting a win up there. Have you ever expect that second round matchup. Could be critical of Miami yet to entry but they're clearly. You know contribute the court it's all about match sharks. I mean you look at that actually happens I'm going to be Brooklyn vs -- and it will be a -- there. Right now near Atlantic Canada and it'll ever you know having any you know how ordered to serve their -- allowed. And make three point shot should the ball arrangement virtually. -- -- -- Out of the out of quite there and that's similar to date saying so you know they went in the Arabic -- bad matchup as well there -- a lot of very interest in. Matchups. Before you can get to -- which -- You know Frank Vogel was kind of the the golden boy of coaching in the next guy two months ago when a year ago what's happened in the last two months can they turn that around you can save his job his -- that is to say about team that finished and in. With the best record in the Eastern Conference. Well I wouldn't. I would think your job as -- in jeopardy at this point but. I think what happened errors in the classic example. You know they went out and made a move prior to impeach trade deadline that they hated. Can't Granger. Who look strictly at the pitching. They'll have a real leadership spot on the team is completely -- the point arc this goes well point out that we are all there are almost surely got a little young guys. A couple of Frontline guys or you're older veteran guy I think they're trying to lead. But I and I don't know what it is understood the -- this is a -- tried in the end. But if you if you if you can look at when they made their deal Granger it was that Zealand you -- you aren't going to. Note clippers now. And they get Evan Turner from the Philadelphia. Well. -- you know the better part that route for a long time am who you know could convert ponder them and a lot -- you -- what are your locker -- leaders. Locker room leaders and now you put situation you bring it got end. Who basically. What it looked like you're saying. OK to use using -- -- function. I -- we know you're not restrict create and at the end of the year. And -- clarity. And this is the guy who will look at the -- to be that guy took we kick it for the right price. We have a guy -- waiting right here. Which it's always may be strange in the matches are very traditional and on. Something other be more crux of my numbers are. It can make lactic tires linked to collate and knocks at your chemistry I think that some letters are now -- Mike Dunleavy is our guest of course former coach of the Portland trailblazers -- can now -- month series sex and NBA radio coach thanks so much of the times it was great tucked it. It.