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Jerome Kersey -- Former Blazer

Apr 21, 2014|

Jerome joins Travis and Josh to talk the Blazers win over the Rockets and Caddies4Cure

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It is time to bring on one of the most renowned Portland trailblazers of all time that is of course Jerome Kersey. Drove good afternoon garrido and. I'm doing good just -- you just don't -- it. We are doing great glad you could join us here for a few minutes and you're gonna be participating caddie for cure coming up here and a couple weeks we'll get to that and just to second but. The game last night between the blazers and rockets game one on the road very physical match up to that game can have a little bit of a retro feel -- it to you with the F -- reality of it. Oh yeah you know playoff great great arm of the NBA season and last night out of Portland really kept their composure when things got a little crazy. But. You know they've battled back in then great because like LaMarcus Aldridge is a leader on the team especially then another step up. Along with all the rest of the draft it is a great job but like -- say. Keep their composure. And knocking down big shots like we always do. Drum what's it like when you get one of those kind of big cup playoff victories in the locker -- team you don't draw and you guys closer together and you mentioned at those guys. Adversity wise that inflates if anything bad came their way it is kind of weathered the storm went right through it. I yeah I mean you know it's like you you know you look at the next guy but I take you get the job done tonight this way we complain we can -- fifteen. What you don't give up you know ahead of yourself is one game in the series -- series of long. Along on deal but you're happy and you should be happy with their effort they put out last night. And that definitely -- the game wind is somebody -- about the environment the way it was last night is huge for the -- -- When you look at LaMarcus auditors able to do especially with some of -- longer shots not falling yes he did a couple hit a couple of threes but a lot of the shots that he made within ten feet. What does that tell you about LaMarcus Aldridge being able to be physical be in that situation. You know there's a couple of words -- congress Israeli force this year and you are. I can probably see him -- about. Are -- to a three fade away last night. Everything else was at the basket. And you know being tough and physical and I ended up like 46 points and eighteen rebounds and 7UP from eleven defense -- so. There's nothing to -- -- about his performance last night. You know early on they forced mr. -- a place in defense teasing -- effect on his game later on offensively because the more -- energy puts out on defense stepping in the in his -- a little bit tired. Oh yeah I mean you know most people don't go right at him and -- separate you know postal Wesley Matthews met western Massachusetts and -- -- and I think it does take some time off as the players they. Note that even before they get down court they get they gonna have to play defense on the polls. Or somewhere around the court. And I think that it takes to -- about -- it's hard game last night. In a -- if they they've made him play in between the three point line and at the basket which he's not accustomed adorned on a regular basis. Jerome Kersey is our guest of course for Portland TrailBlazer winning NBA championship in 1999 the spurs and after all we've been on a lot of playoff teams you've been a lot of playoff situations so when you see what we saw last night a lot of things need to be adjusted from both teams. How difficult is to make in series adjustments liked after one game. Always I think it's very very easy you know they that got a break -- -- -- for the games hardly even over. From both sides that's because you -- -- -- they expect to have a lot of things that you need to. Not a lot of things that to -- which you can actually do better. And and I can say is a game adjustment that's when -- -- think in this series and but I thought you know I'll look at last night's game and you know the only thing you know that all -- and they do differently. Is. You know do something different on the post. I don't think they really have to change a lot to got a chemical wrecked a few things that -- that to begin on the third quarters maybe -- those things as they. -- -- on when we come out of the locker room. We can't come up out and get -- -- run you know start their. And also as well with a playoff series being as you know -- back to backs have some time to relax you're ready to get re motivated it's almost game by game type of of management rather than series by series. Yeah it is as one game at a time that -- seriously and if you get hideous you find yourself going home after this. First series so game one is done for the all of Israel places. You can harp on that anymore and that game two was nowhere is that so just go back to draw on board the big guys that area slate fresh. We have come out of play harder and harder that we did first. Were you surprised at all by Damian Miller -- composure last night that he was just ready to go from the first minute and kept it up for 53 minutes. I -- pollute the process composer first I've been a playoff series and played against when these guys. Patrick Beverly spoke Italian nemesis but I really don't think he has the same as I was cornered him in many apparently. But I thought. -- given. Like if -- the first time he's been. In a playoff series of this magnitude. That we reveal those tickets beginning. But I thought he was a wonderful all night planned and directed the team didn't got the ball. On when to take over activity and in the Marcus -- 'cause. Six. Picking the ball to the hole this got away you know taken jumps out. But he mixed up his game and so a lot of maturity from a year player. Takes a lot of pieces to put the sub together and make it work caddie and these two guys which one's gonna be the most important in this series -- the tumor Wes Matthews. I think that the tone like to see -- you're going a little early in the deal less ideas or portrait -- in my recent shots there. You know in the second half but I like to see him be more aggressive on the -- -- civilians and make tell apart from work but it's important that really nice game the first half that. And he really kept there at the rockets into it and -- make it and they came about a half so. You know you know I like. Company that owns several -- involvement. Which -- -- about an activity in the in a more active -- -- and. Jerome Kersey is our guest in Jerome I've seen it with my own two eyes anywhere you go people just kind of swarm to you oh my god -- Jerome Kersey and -- obviously you handle the public still very well you're -- have an opportunity again here is caddies for a cure coming up in a few weeks but you do a lot of things that the community and everybody here in Portland loves you. Just tell us about you know the importance of doing those kind of things being a part of community what's that like for you. Well you know those communities give me a lot in old Mario. Well I mean -- -- immunity before respect it's unfortunate. You know years I have been here. And my play and date of earmarked for eleven years in this communities actually advocate violence that has an opportunity. Who work in there was Israel places actually give back I'd do some things on my own you know most people -- probably hear about it I don't need them they hear about them. But I just like these you know just give back and correct and then. In the an opportunity. Because they have their Mexican means so much important so much I liked. Now for cancer cure we know you'd like to get out and hit the sticks we also -- -- bowl and are you a hell of a bowler I hear the stories. -- indignities -- at this election timeouts are not up there Marshall Coleman. But. But -- mama -- guy. There it play and not just this. Now have a good time and collect all hard bottled -- those street -- that the fancy ball you know more power. So like I like about -- game. You know so you have got -- -- -- on -- -- you know a big out there go those increases that whole incident forced the last few years. And but the -- out -- good thing but you know you can go online. And actually you'll be at that what -- to a spot open. Go to. You know WW dot case secure dot com and may have an opportunity -- those spot. -- ISO one it's something you know for you for going out playing golf you've been involved with some these golf tournaments I admit it many of them you've done some of my father but is part of it for you as well let's talk and other guys other athletes in just kind of get to know them in that fraternity. Oh yes straight you know mete out such as yourself you're dead to the very gracious not to panic as you're on the on the. My that's true -- also we know that. I enjoyed every conversation -- father and hopefully you know we get the opportunity again to speak. But you know when guys commit you know the -- to come details of the they pay their own way here. You know succumbed to the -- that. Ryan put on every year in -- -- super guy you know he kind of sound a little bit -- you know Ryan give -- -- -- equipment is that may -- more than we ever get him back and even. This comes as a -- and I'd like to know publicly. Think Ryan threw everything he does myself as a witness as well as every other exactly the content to Portland and author of it is. In a talk with the celebrities paying their own way they're certainly are a lot of them from all over the country and all major sports what does that really say about this event in. And this charity what it means that those guys not many guys are going to be willing to do this and willing to be either support it. What Ryan has been champion for this event you know it the national multiple sclerosis society and he has been the champion of this event for long term his wife. Has this illness and also my wife has so and go to great marriage for it to come together like this city's champion in advance and they you know it is personality. Has attracted these guys to want to come. To Portland. As much as you know Ryan you know giving guests the -- on golf equipment and stuff like that. But I think that because of Brian as a person that he's got also wanna come back -- they're fine with -- cause. Jerome Kersey is our guest the website is caddies for cure dot com you can bill on the bowling event on Friday may sixteenth. The united chipped in on Saturday may seventeenth and then the celebrity golf classic on Sunday may eighteenth out the reserve. Drove it's always great hockey thanks so much for the title for to see you soon. All right thank you guys have a good evening.