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Mike Barrett -- Blazers TV Broadcaster

Apr 21, 2014|

MB joins Travis and Josh to react after the Blazers game 1 win over the Rockets.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This time to head to Houston and joining us now is the voice of the trailblazers and our fan blazers in Sadr Mike Barrett hit my carrier. Did you get to sleep last night after that thriller. It was one of those that you know it's just assault sleep because you're kind of -- their buzzing about it. And -- asks you haven't gotten in the interview until practice this morning in Iraq a practice now so. We digits and sleep during the back in the arena today and walked back hotel. The most exciting games he's been a part of in a long long time Mike. Yeah I mean it was -- and the courses seem like you know you do so many over the years that they all they start to blend get a little bit but this one certainly stamped out because those. You know one of those in -- from the broadcasters seem like Houston had one. Several different times -- -- Through the -- guys come back and bounced back to where they do in somebody oddities. Of the hard part was. You know we also mention something here you you have a hard time remembering all the key plays because there were so many in the game and them so you know Lewis -- very memorable and but the thing about it it will be a distant memory and you're welcome but he had this series because I think we're gonna look for a lot of games just like -- sectors. You know Mike it's really hard to find rivalries in the NBA it's -- it's it feels like there's something a little different at least from the fan's perspective with Houston you know five years ago. Against Houston -- a lot of players all different players from now but players that really get under your skin where there was Luis Scola or other guys now you have Patrick Beverley in that same kind of rolled it in a different position. It seems like there is something there with that animosity -- musicality between these two teams. Yeah I mean mechanic kind of lose a guy at masters you're talking about was our test yeah. Don't forget it was dark sense in this series he was kind of exact. Beverly has kind of taken that to it a new level of maybe a little bit different and sometimes you know I get. The energy -- what novice -- -- that you do not spineless. Kind of silly and you know following every blade into the huddle and strive -- in the here in between. Every coach -- conversation. A little bit you know. I don't necessary mean game -- that good that ministers -- a little different. But for the game BGC a focus -- look on the markets is. Body by late -- out of his eyes knowing that he was gonna have a game like that. No I mean I think you know his his history he knows that you know Terrence Jones who is has trouble defending him and I think -- idea going in secured. To get a lot out of that -- that matchup in the game -- Talladega you -- expect him to go off like he did in the crazy part let's. Early in the game an outside shot wouldn't talk to me is Alex you was blocked again. From the outside and had a good feeling beginning at it took. Took him doing some other thing getting delayed. Getting that foul line where it found its rhythm. You know for LA less than a lot of his shots came from within nine feet you talked about his earlier shots you're not falling but from LaMarcus last night we saw the change on defense enough Foreman is to go in the first quarter Jones comes out not she comes in. To guard LA he's given LA some trouble why was last night a little bit different for LA when he is being defended by Howard Russia. Well you know they didn't do much power on him in the fact only a couple of times negated that bring a double team -- I think it's -- problems on him early in the markets knew he had to picket Benazir kind of young seventies and it. And by the time they're trying to make adjustments you have that -- you'll and it seemed like the market started feed off of that and the great part of normally when we see big number like that LaMarcus. It comes when the blazers are getting a bunch of threes because you know that opened it up we talked at all you're on outs. The three point shooting at me like he's you know LaMarcus to you can't double well they weren't hitting threes that you did this anyway and that maybe was most. Surprising thing about the ball in my spot in order for the markets to have a big game Mikey dead. Portland -- we -- got a bunch of threes didn't help last cycle. It puts a record numbers and you. It seemed a little bit -- -- night that it coach stocks was I don't wanna say not out coach Kevin McHale but you know he was one step ahead. Every time in every time that he would go for some that it actually worked out his favor. I agree and I'd I'd side -- -- tremendous and battle indeed the thing we've gotten used to like. The -- play called that timeout that training a timeout the game management the clock management those things that are. Coach not always been great -- -- -- you're right in the substitution. How we use Thomas Robinson. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- No -- articulate some terrific game -- again and illustrated how valuable years are being. Not as a -- -- the -- just manages the game and keeps his players spoke there's been another Egypt's accredited news and he deserves. That -- what he's done all season and now a national stage. To do it in that ball game and effort. Some of the national supposed errors kept -- -- kind of taken a beating on how he managed so. Perhaps it takes longer have yet there's been about their grip. -- -- -- -- Our fan blazers in -- -- Barrett is our guest in -- look at this series now at this point Houston's got a battle back you know they lost the home court advantage but obviously with playing time left in the series to go so. What adjustments do you think the blazers are gonna be ready for at this point. Well they're gonna have to do something to bring it LaMarcus I think if that may mean double teams. That may mean going to the bigger lineup now they tried to go to our -- but he got such early foul trouble you look and act Germany at 51213. Minutes and actions so I think that's the -- and it talked about it and you know. We just got done at practice I know they didn't run too much to date tomorrow would you back into today more dissent. It out in the media availability speculate or not. I'll bet -- -- asked played a practice to -- it is to some shooting. But I think you're -- expect -- different to look at -- speaker. You want repeated team in the series to force -- can make adjustments to match you and that's where Portland that now. That's the benefit of having made the property adjustment -- series and there's going to Portland has to do differently as well. I think you know the biggest. -- nonstop -- minute ago. Stepping in all this pounding hard. Where -- on the post over and over and over and over yet you know that was surprising people what it can't there's. It made heartened after external what you in the Giambi gets. And all of us that he's concentrating on that. Wesley did a good job and make it into the 28 but I thought the move was going after him defensively attacked in -- -- this -- Here in Houston about how you know Harden has been underrated defender well. Now it's on him to step up a little bit in not only way to send it back on his mind where's the opposite may be as secondary -- or. Lot of talk about you know hey this teammates the blazers first time together in the playoffs how to handle adversity well they didn't -- she wasn't a high low viewed as this game there's a lot of chances ago real higher low -- the -- They stayed pretty steady is that something because they've been through that late in the in the regular season is that had this team and in the way they are. I think it's kind of the way there are and you know we had mentioned last night it was going to be. Damien first playoff game how would he handle it. -- it differently got reverently to deal it who's who's trying to get -- -- in using just about. Any tactic possible -- Damien -- and you know he almost overshadowed by LaMarcus news. A huge night statistically but I thought you know. His reaction to playoff basketball and it wasn't surprising because that's what he does. But it was tremendous and and the other guys who talk that are practiced and his dad -- Thomas Roberts a little bit and -- Robin and the nice thing you know these guys aren't at all satisfy and of course that's cliche after you win and that. They don't they don't feel like he told some ups scripting itself like he should be favored in this series and it may be as far as playoffs passed the ball goes you're talking about first experience. That's the nicest thing to see -- they got after today and they don't they're not celebrating anything so that's good as you've got -- solar. Mike Barrett is our guest sees the -- that -- for the Portland trailblazers -- -- see him Wednesday night with Mike rice as the blazers visit Houston for game two -- T 630 tip off in Houston on KGW. Mike illustrated talk to you have a good couple of days off to arrest in nine of the great call wins and I appreciate. You know we need a couple of days to -- Back to though. Reporter the bench to arguments and not so are you trying to wrap up but a couple of days off in between banks need to be better yes the beauty of the playoffs is you don't have a game the next day you -- starters extra minutes and I think we're going to get -- -- As always thanks -- I --