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Fred McGriff - Former MLB 1st Baseman

Apr 18, 2014|

The Crime Dog joins Isaac to discuss a career spanning three decades which included a World Series Championship, 5 all-Star Game appearances, a spot in the most recognizable baseball commercial ever and previews this year's Caddies 4 Cure event.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Is a guy who I'm actually a very ecstatic to talk t.'s guy watched play a ball. -- a grown up in Kansas City huge baseball fan enough Fred McGriff five time. MLB all star -- world champion with the Braves he averaged 32 bombs a 102 RBIs over. Nineteen seasons great player and he is -- is now he'll be in town for caddies security thanks for joining us. What are you gonna do a good idea eagle and lightning. Canadians game tonight. Yeah -- impressed settlement like important means -- has got caught Oca got a book about it -- night but it orbital go down. 02 and have to go to Montreal. Are you doing radio down there in Tampa Bay now. Are here and there. 97 million. And you count to more. Talk rocket battery -- problem that pool that's did you like radio unit. If you -- dressed up. And partner -- Orange -- -- -- also name or whatever just. Out whatever. This kind of simple majority. Gets it. Yeah -- nobody except they put us on TV too silly hats look man and we look halfway decent but I know what you're saying. Have always wanted to job for my whole life that I had my goal is to have a job that I can Wear a beard. And a hat. To work any day of the week in that is technically true with this and so you're right about that. Are. Who actually nickname do you crime dog. I drove it back to Chris Brown back candidate as you. Or -- It's still McGriff and CG RUR -- and McGrath and GG ER you have to. Almost certain it was Chris permanent. Fred current artwork. And you know whatever they say on TV goes sure well. -- Yet -- that's true that in Alan stuck to with the united I'd have forgotten about Berman I'm and you of his nickname stat that. But -- no crime dog is on the more you hit. Up 493. What I like to -- real home runs. I'm I'm I'm curious you know you're just -- of that 500 mark and I saw that Albert Pujols is close to 500 now does. It seems like 500 home runs -- -- mean what used to visit TUN and why don't you think it it does mean what are used to not. Are a lot -- well for me it's a big number brought saint over -- years and got started. Sixty homers and all the sudden 700 home runs this summer home -- well step up and did did but I must self. Let me just say it one it went home run and I exceeded all my expectations are drawn up. And can't put it got cut from my. Baseball team and it's a greater Lee. And I Ameritech groin and stomach about it my coaches they'll be high school now and so -- but it gives them a cup comes back to -- government. Yeah what -- night for talent from that -- but you Jack he adapted pretty high though right with the Yankees. Are now -- Prospect in the many years ago. In 1981 but it was awesome so are -- just after apple now would have. Perhaps an amount restarted haven't injuries the last couple years but -- and healthy and well yep can't lock. It's not 100 -- disorder which is. A phenomenal. And now it's amazing it's that you think. I mean that the whole steroid thing I think that is it's easy for fans to just you know say ala steroids and so that's why 500 homers as a -- used to. But even take steroids out -- it does seem like guys. Our are are careening past that mark way more than they used to you what what would that be what would you attribute that to you think. -- -- go from there because that is no. Myself always kept it simple but -- gold and talked a lot so much so that. It up on mountain bump in the seat and six months. That I would I will be -- third homer of the year and so -- call it my goal coming into year end. Also funny and later my career. -- starting at sixty Alistair it parity. Reported -- -- stronger that the bad Broward bigger weapon. This is Fred McGriff for the crime -- five time Major League Baseball star. And world champion the -- why do you think though I'm sure you get asked this all the time so forgive me but why do you think those braves teams from the ninety's that you played on didn't win more than one because they they were dominant. Yeah I just think. Our team was built more for. Receiver built 462 games well we have. Great start pitchers regret and Maddux. Smoltz and so forth throughout thank. On compact car. Our bullpen has strong and so forth and so when you get Clausen got a worker's strong bulked up and all these charter and lost a World Series in 1996. -- of the you're yankees the Yankees had a great -- and superstars will grow. Private six senators and these are bringing in the bullpen and our hair. And it. It was over -- are buried in the great clothes. Should history game. And so it's been out. Here I don't. Error rate to -- game. Resembling a big deal what made Bobby Cox so did. Tropical Bobby he treated their but I like command and go about it no -- about a player's general is that. He never dark in paper it never blamed on so we'll make a mistake was always -- I didn't do a good job. Actually done a better job. And that's an and as a player you -- you know you met so you know when you make an error. All orbital spoke. A short while bass boat and but it next in the paper and see that. Registers did and so. Alibaba and today. You never. Have a next players and think bad about -- You know I mean if absent because like you take George or -- Territory -- Eagles in New York. He has all stars -- position. Anywhere in the world championships and they always say oh how great -- job -- third but Bobby Cox. He had great players a lot of gains didn't just say. Oh -- don't negotiate great players. Right. Yes generous on a daily. Robert article. This is Fred McGriff put this here on the stand in also Comcast sports net at the end one at that end you had to get a hit you had to knock a guy in from second days. In one at that who would you least want a -- or may be ranked the three smoltz Glavine or Maddux. I'll post -- These com. Smoke on small Serbia. The best to keep party through. 506 rock star. Brandon problem Warburg to crack he let the great changeup and -- -- wants opening game. Because. Managers respect Ali's right handers against him and he he you know he was kind of pitcher but he ego. And at -- of its keep on that would change it entertaining and cool. Enroll over wanted to keep a ground ball so -- -- at all. Cutter excellent through. Saved 87 -- so right now about an hour if so would scores. You a couple street semantics and grab it smoltz also upgrade. Four ball. And it -- for all. What but what about the offense in in baseball today and you're down their following the rays and how receipt you you keep in touch of the game -- -- what does it seem all the offense is gone today. What -- com. Want some money ball the -- met when members gutter ball. Did the same so much now also about. Try to World War II walks try to take pitches and and get on base and -- this cease six has certain pitches. Per bat. First it's everybody is upset at -- from now. Strike -- -- an alarming pretty particular records strikeout -- strike now. 16870. Time now. You know obviously worked probably say is also and I tell you encourage some bite. It geologist on gold strike one on the first pitch and I like -- because they're batted just taken strips -- As Boller right there and got scrapped and has not do it. Opt censor it and to -- game talk about on base percentage. And walks -- a guy in strike out bases loaded but -- so action that it pretty good at bat. Yeah yeah. -- my days are good or bad it is and you. Want you to get a base hit or -- You don't second and you get third parties or don't third you are. And over again that's considered -- that -- that we strike out bases loaded and -- and -- Powered dedicated. Yeah that's it -- -- you think at that means that that that there you know may be wrong players in some cases are getting on rosters or that. They just scare guys into approaching things differently may be approaching things the wrong way. What outdated there is actually you know comment from a -- coming. Need to see more pictures revenue you watch -- broadcast that night. And it's all the announces -- and the same thing nobody saw this -- pitchers. -- -- So we can try to get irritable and trying to get the picture. What he gets over under -- they don't think about it regained sole ergonomic. You'd -- the Turks you know dissident and I respect his. He lives so. Come probable outcome of a ma Sheen of generic thing about what about actually declared group. Not Fred McGriff. World champ with the Braves here just got more things for -- you know that Tom Komansky -- it's one of the longest running on TV is that true. On the constant -- and I let apple. Because. Packet today on -- -- nineteen years though played web based on a public. But am not so different you get -- Got to go to Orlando and see this. Commandant he had sees that cages and it's what you swing -- To milliseconds. You concede which you don't select -- -- expect can't. Not to comment -- is his -- and agent. He's he's he's so my swing and Eric -- now. Seven years later. Outlook particularly excellent MacBook element company and it's like tribunal in mind get me out. I'm sure there's video. Michael -- got no problem -- -- -- bigger. And you can out there and let. -- -- cargo. He picked up out of the game reduced -- silently -- right -- Regular right down the street it is an instinctive about I've shared. That -- alone. -- -- -- he had his camera. And bring you rigor. The video athletic. I didn't notice. I got a commercial will be all right. He's -- -- -- -- -- because everybody. You may not out yet. On the -- -- thanks a period or game everything happened -- -- whatever eight. And and an accountant that album by. A I'll look I'll leave the room it you could gather it got. So it's. Someone made a mistake out of -- To have -- that's about staying at to a certain market committee. -- -- Yeah it's still out there and you -- and EI think it's still out there I can't say that I've seen it recently but her. I remember it being on their mean it's and he's made a lot of money off of that I'm sure Tom Kaminsky. -- So where -- is. Have to -- -- around me back today. Spot used in Lebanon to express to your pretty good deal. Is now -- days outweigh it would be too expensive somebody well. Run a commercial spot. We can't. Williams the caddie secure last year I can't -- So does not person at that it is you know I'm all right hand. Will be so pat -- may have thought we needed because like. Last year's contaminant might coming random -- coming up comes -- that would -- in. -- -- -- to win a rented it the giants and amp in many extras you got coming up yes up last year. I'll -- economy. And -- this deal with Pepsi Max to -- -- celebrity baseball game and they picked that date yet. Whenever -- have the celebrity game. Would you believe. They picked -- -- it got -- complete player now. I've got to do you think you're wrong -- I got a -- I mean you know and I felt so bad. That the it department and -- make it because -- -- -- was. Great turn -- first. People. And so I had an aunt and Sarah might have basically -- -- -- -- text. NC -- -- didn't expect about it it was great because. This was planned in the -- baseball he also also wrote to Ryan about what -- -- It could. Work -- -- that there are. I apologize. This year. My counter top down band there Tikrit and we are now that. And chipped it and bowl oh or. Or or or. Go. Should be front. Yeah did it really is it's its first class and he just said you know we've been here and you've heard about it in the in -- right on about it it's going to be fun times and I think. You and iron golf and again there -- at least on Saturday so I expect to -- only yeah I expect to get some pointers from a another network. Or DL yeah yeah and then I think Kenny Lofton and our foursome and he's a lefty. Our product out there are billion yen to. Our boat and Billy will be there -- the whole thing for the whole thing I would miss the world. Compares American I don't have had to -- the ball so hard -- Oh I know that. Kind. Of blood on the biking in -- -- Game. I attempt. -- -- understood it could be a miracle. Yeah I'm not too but I don't think I need to let cannibal and money he just -- is bearable -- there are well O'Connor an eight. Fred McGriff thank you so much it was a pleasure talking to you listen to get here. All right take care Fred McGrath. Men how cool is that guy and he'll be here for a -- secure presented by carbon path. So since fairway over went along there. -- come back and tell you about two about determined that. There is a way that you folks out there can get involved and you see how cool Fred McGriff is. That's so cool all the guys are you may have heard us over the years interview that can Griffey junior and -- deeds. They're all like that they get it they're not these it's you know some of these athletes you know they don't like to spend time with the answer. Tell stories whoever these guys are all down to earth in that he got a glimpse of that there and so when we come back I'll tell you how you can rub elbows with these guys send. And help out a couple of great causes to a policy. Fred McGriff is off the -- how hot -- gossip still doesn't get money for the demand Stevie did it out of the goodness of his own heart and had no idea behind this -- and for talent it's ski. That's a Smart move by him at least he'd have to -- I think eight it hey here's a hat let's just go out here from a few. The Lewis will not be running for three decades I promise you pray I wonder. I wonder how much money Nancy's me enough that. And now a lot.

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