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Mark Helfrich -- Oregon Ducks Head Football Coach

Apr 18, 2014|

Coach Helfrich joins Travis and Josh to talk some Spring Football.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The times up to Oregon Ducks football and doing is now as the coach of the -- ducks mark health rich coach Noriega talked again. Doing great -- -- so Coachella rich I'm gonna go all journalistic ideas to be prepared. I know it's gonna be a difficult for me to do that but I want to be prepared for this thing. I'm I'm I'm ready are you ready to hear Armonk. We're recruiting luncheons and mr. knight's box overlooking the house it will -- built so. I'm ready. Not mobile homes not out there will be talking about -- OK first shot he said and yet you've been pining. For gold there's a lot of crap out there. And you find a fleck of gold and you go off that. Have you had some flex a golden spring football. We've got we didn't have a little gold yet. You know it is and -- -- so many moving parts of guys eat dinner in new rules are the couple's visit economist XP invaded and and but we have a ton that I do a lot of great stuff and so he's got to build on that and you know -- LP are already accomplished -- just. -- got a rep Gil but. Who won't shut about where we are. Or some of the young bucks and have stepped up in Springfield. Oh man that's that's probably a long list -- Devin hill and a lot of good things today. Gushes flashed my mind as you -- -- trying to -- is is really got to learn how to practice. Them in India and -- I'm excited to kind of evaluate all the young. Often -- in the current climate. And then in the spring ball configured in those guys. You know person younger guys they're they're doing a lot of good. Sometimes when they're going against their current standard ordered forced partner and look very good -- But they're -- conducting TJ gain on the united has really gotten. A lot better in. Ricky Daniel and much improved player so their there's a lot of guys who like to think that -- several. No coach how difficult is it when a player that you're expecting to rely on for the upcoming year Braylon Madison goes down with an injury at this time. He do have time but -- you look to -- to replace him in house that process going as far as getting up production for next year. Well yeah that's that's -- that would organize it to go about a mile an hour and to me every single guy from triple -- ever considered. It. Our our best player to ever considered our -- You know these tribal and somebody's mind. When you get more of those tests when he in the practice -- -- -- that -- rock in. One of the by products of how we practice as we get a lot of -- which was a much different guys and so. They get they get competent and seeing that you know that second and third guy usually good things in and -- Traditionally would have receiver next to receiver but but you know truck got -- happened you know. Actually economic -- are playing with competency. And you know. -- -- Is that kind of a whole overall shift in attitude that you guys implied maybe since you were there is an assistant coach that just a next may not be ready as at -- Help you along the way we -- brought in to situations like that because. You know back when you played in you've been in other situations. You see a guy -- your turn this week in their eyes go wide open and -- like. -- is stepped up a lot to you guys created also attributed to this that have that maybe not be as big a factors that might it be at other schools. We sure hopes will not take -- a byproduct of how many how many reps and yet. You know we we practice happens boastful. Almost so most people do in the spring in terms is that you're you're collier your reps are distributed between you want strategically. And it is -- was just a collective confidence. -- -- -- You know and you just played next to forcing -- -- -- -- and things and and and not only. Again and the collective and individual goes on top -- Adams award in a lot of places which reps for the one. To put accused in the corner -- third. Change their old helmet and and we know we don't ever want patent case. Mark Alpert is our guest the head football coach of the university of Morgan getting ready for the sprint football game coming up in a couple weeks in coach you know it's year two for you as a head coach you know you have a -- under your belts and disappointment last year good going into year two knowing which you've been through knowing. You know what you do you think we have coming up for this year what are those challenges been like for you what's that -- level of competence and improvement electric was coach. What interested. Kind of the -- great thing about this job about solid all the different note that the players are different they're either. You know you've got -- transition out roughly about you know -- on. Mass each teacher Tony did 25% here which he's been a different culture and a little bit different. And then you know guys are well enough differently as it says -- On and off your best players -- men. And so that that's. IndyCar about it everyday challenge in the top part about it is every -- challenge that actually turned back to our our mission statement our values. And have a bunch of great assistant coaches around mr. Simpson you know. It would force in our direction and. Is it a little weird not here nick Kelly Tony's voice around there. -- You know that's that's -- of things in met in that category yeah. You you don't think about that you know -- partnership busy worried about it and somebody else lined up -- go in the the next true -- try to get somebody says. You know something so when themselves -- never done before. You know I think about that stuff. But I think our guys are a veritable couldn't working really hard. And I don't know when I don't know when you think about the actual discouragement yeah -- you're Chanel yeah. Regis -- sit there one day and you used to -- scream and yell and all of a sudden it's quiet and so wait what what is that at this quiet. I would ask a question an aggressive this and toughness and everybody's always talking about that not seen you know. Coach -- we're gonna be a more aggressive and we want to meet and greet with AM got its glamour to be tougher. You can teach those things and you can go out there and -- on how to do it physically. But howdy do and -- -- twit mentally buying and that seems to be the heart part of being what they're physically -- it. But to mentally be tough that's part -- when you recruit these kids but is there a way -- could also develop that skill. Sure sure and I -- what you said absolutely. He used. In his start with -- hit a lot of high character just kinda get a high character just forgot. But but yeah and you can you can. True and you know didn't -- near -- -- bloody -- bloody him in you know not like in about a black. And in on the basis at -- -- Obama can't like American. Including you know torture. Initial -- operative on it and know -- that are feeling you know that is do better with better technique -- almost going to. Absolutely can be can be. Talks. You know institute that everybody's recruit on the same guys as -- young start work you're here. Oh in the -- their actions. You know obviously you won't start again I consider it further along over the further along -- It's your your deal and you can develop a lot a lot of those things are I don't know you can. -- Creates -- You know I think what you're getting -- I don't I don't I don't know -- -- you can certainly. Nurture and develop. This feeling of you know. Overcoming adversity and and and you know that that purposes is. Hopefully something we need ingrained in them the early days it. You know coach by the time this spring football game comes around here a couple weeks you'll have seen several weeks of these football players competing every day -- and you have. Fall camp coming up -- a few months when you look at the spring football game that's the first chance the fans have to see what's going on. Which your practices what's going on -- program this time of the year and the guy has a great day they jump on board and you know expect that data continue Deborah what part of the equation. Does the sprint football game have in -- -- and -- do what you expect -- next year from from each year players and what decisions you make. Oh gosh it's like it there algebra equation you know it's like when in Wilcox is an injunction to the other class greatly aid -- and -- -- -- -- Our thoughts like you were sitting outside no -- this thing you know we -- he was supposed to. Equals something you couldn't quite ever figured out he confessed right answer but now it is it's it's. Part of it you know and get to see younger guys are our guys and analysts oval. Maybe haven't competed in front of it and try to Margaret crowd. You know wouldn't be here and and how they respond that way on and see how guys can play of their own and not coaches screamed and then you're like over here do this yeah. You know but it it is it's a culmination celebrations of our our servicemen and women that were happening you know proud to do again. And that it is -- Jumping off point institutes of summer will we can turn on the -- -- says you know markets and slow some of the guys will boom visas short terms of leadership and murdered her that your summer program per person. Pay big news out of the NCAA this week nutrition you can actually have -- go all the guys all the time including a walk -- and you know I I know it's very in nutrition at university of -- something that's been very important not just. The last couple years but has been very relevant with Jim Ratcliffe. Any comments there would take away the fact that now you can kind of finally feed these kids in Maine maybe can get this issue out of the way. Yeah that's also you would gently pat back to back on the tenth straight and I trust that you don't. You know targeting noticed is that if the pardon well -- this is rescinded them but there's no fifteen yard penalty and and then creating their players actually walk outs we got a lot of -- -- with witches which could seat. But it it also -- -- welcome guys particularly. Those guys. Guess -- curtailed awesome to be able put -- simply feed them. It's something that a lot of people -- subsequently been asking for a long long time in and yes that's that's a great deal all around. -- last final tough journalistic question do you still have that march field can I wanna be beard or did you shave that thing. Yeah -- just -- -- security justice. And no that got I don't know what I have about it. A little bit right now so whatever whatever that's considered Miami Vice and. Oh okay truck get our turn to whichever way we wanted to return to it after yet -- we appreciate coming out we know you're very busy. Cement -- to the rest of the family down there and then now we'll see here's in the summer. All right guys thanks a lot -- appreciate it.