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Mark Grace -- Former MLB'er, Hops Hitting Coach

Apr 18, 2014|

Mark joins Travis and Josh to talk Hops and MLB

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Joining us now is the former first baseman of the Chicago Cubs and Arizona Diamondbacks. A World Series champion he is now the hitting coach of the Hillsborough -- Mark Grace joins us. Mark good afternoon Dario. We're doing very well appreciate your time today and know your career had a great finish to winning the World Series after -- get out of Chicago but. You know you look at the cubs in the long history they've had and the disappointment for you getting that ring leaving Chicago to do it was a little bittersweet for you. Novels well in February World Series not bittersweet. -- -- -- later cripple corner. You know particularly in Chicago. In the leader group I was basically -- don't works so. Well yeah don't know bittersweet about it it was a very. It was an incredible season. All of all of by an improbable World Series against against the Yankees and will be very honorary game seven I don't know I don't know if you can. You know have a better very jail for baseball player now. How hard is that process to go through a 162 games the go to the playoffs and to win a World Series I'm not only physically but just mainly what kind of holes that take on a baseball player. Taliban groups and it is such a long season guys. It's. You know like he's it's not just physically but it's it's financially spiritually you -- and that your. -- -- and you are. You running on fumes. And then you're just you're you're relying. On on -- experience and you're relying on. What what what talent you have left. -- you know what you have left in the backs of Hispanics are and it just it's a war of attrition in the world -- Especially when it was gorgeous yankees look at that time the Yankees were about what they were wearing it just another season. And I think we. We were the first ones to to show the baseball world at least back in the nineties and the early 2000. Yankees are actually human they're not not robots when the World Series every year's so that was kind of that was -- -- -- not give a part of that. Go back to that World Series -- -- one you know he gets the World Series or six weeks post 9/11 year playing in New York you go to new York and if they beach on the walk off home run in a couple of late inning home runs the force -- three innings and it seems like they're the team of destiny and you know you're almost the villain because -- playing -- in New York they had all this emotional trauma what was that emotional ride like for you that series. Well I think New Yorkers may -- may be considered villains that. And I usually are not try to remind people that. You know nine elevenths as as tragic news that it wasn't as you know just catastrophic -- looks. Yes 9/11 happened in New York City and yes it happened to him. In Washington DC and also in the field and just outside looked at Churchill thing about. I think -- little opening up. Happen everywhere immunized aged guys really -- I know there's probably. Many many people from up here and in and great. Northwest had either lost loved ones or knew somebody that. That got. -- Children cannot think it was it and it took unfortunately it took a track you like for this whole nation to come together and we get and and I think after awhile. You know play and play in New York -- -- I was I was fortunate enough I got to go to. Ground zero meet some of these rescue workers and I got each of these firefighters are -- aren't. Not eleven. To hear their stories and you know trigger what -- -- through it actually -- does something that was very very important to me and that would be 2001 World Series. It seems to really really are diminished the importance of that world should president. It put in perspective just just what happened that awful day back in 2001. Now mark your your new role -- hitting coach for the Hillsborough hops it's when your new roles and work in it's in spring training with. So a lot of ball players on that question is this something that's brought back this. I'm not I'm -- -- -- not the success you've had it all your always looking for something -- to bring back that passion for the game is always something missing when you have the outside. Has this kind of brought that that feeling back to Europe helping young guys out and being there around the ballpark and just kind of dealing. That figure in the game a little bit. -- it does right after I was done playing baseball when in the broadcast group about three years. And -- -- still around game but you're not down there in the locker room you're not down their live and die with these guys you know as a broadcaster. Just. You know you don't really care who wins and blue values don't want accurate at this assists and and alerted and -- So but as a coach now living vicariously through these kids you know -- you know all the hitting -- but not only eleven -- -- -- all delivered to your pitchers competing out you know. You're you're trying to dial up some kind of some kind of a game -- some kind of been approached. For these young men and -- spent all spring training this year guard. Well with the regulators. Suspect you know a couple of months -- come -- and major -- it's it's different these guys these -- best players in the world these -- leaders shut -- at a higher level. The Major League Baseball so. You know god like Paul Goldschmidt. Just. He doesn't. Oh my god how -- and they're all you ever think about -- -- you know shut upgrades got a and let you know. Brought -- promise you this year won't have anybody has -- all Welch and and that's okay because they're young and that's my job and make them better and maybe maybe just maybe -- Or 85 years down the road somebody that was playing here in -- Might do any as good as Paul Goldschmidt and and that's what. A minor league saw about and and you -- look -- dialogue these kits which I'm going to be doing all summer here. -- -- -- it's going to be -- and you don't get that adrenaline rush. The broadcast you just -- Mark Grace is our guest sees the hitting coach for the Hillsborough Hopson marquee guys start here in about six weeks or so and you get ready for the season to start the long time since you played single a baseball and you see the facility out there and -- broad it's beautiful and you have an opportunity go see some of the places but. How much has Minor League Baseball changed since you were there. Well -- -- It's certainly changed for the better there's. The drug facilities are basing compared -- and trip. With a crappy places that actually -- -- and that. -- don't I didn't know what he'd better you know that was that was what I was making seven dollars -- played in Peoria Illinois. And and and out of that 700 dollars a multi ought to look at -- 25% so. You're you're basically saying you know you play in the game or not and -- that you didn't know about it -- And and that light in the tunnel was always the major leagues and you're gonna do whatever -- -- gonna that you're gonna replace injured you're gonna Google it. You're gonna get that weight room and you're gonna get that traders are you gonna do what -- to try to keep that dream alive and and you're you're you're you'd realize you have to be successful Minor League Baseball. It's it's special guys and it's it's guys that are hungry it's guys that are gonna hustled down the line every single time. And your culture that in the big leagues and now some players certainly but. These these kids play so article it was such passion and editor oppression and sometimes. Sometimes it's not to take a step back and -- just tell. How how cool that -- scientists. I was gonna ask you as a hitting coach. How much she used technology in May be like film study when -- work commit some of these young guys in terms of -- hey let's look at your swing and try to stop it there do you as a whole lot of that or is that overplayed and it's more just get in the cajun and let's talk this out and see how you get into a fuel level. Well there's so much information. Out there now I am coming out and we'd be stupid not use it it it's. It's something that needs to be done now you know. You mark my scouting report 1000 even in the Major League you know as we that we didn't have the video and you end. The breakdown Japan cannot now be you know and we didn't there was no Internet back then there would be you couldn't you couldn't get on -- -- breakdown couldn't do. So. You know your scouting report was basically -- members come back. -- -- draw. And and and Arizona. He's -- fastball or curveball -- -- or if you just struck out any of these. He's picked up by the not to use any in my locker so you're on your own kid so. That's so so legal -- market not a -- do that there's too much -- -- now. No I don't wanna I wanna. Just overload them with with unnecessary permissions back but there's a lot of lot of very important information out there and I'm certainly -- -- a lot worse. You know mark you look at Major League Baseball today it's at a different place and it was twenty years ago when I was growing up. You know everybody knew with the biggest stars in the game -- everybody who -- Griffey junior and Don Mattingly and Mark Grace -- and they'll these guys and -- younger generation -- -- -- baseball team -- -- the younger generation doesn't have that -- familiarity. With baseball players they know who Mike Trout and and Bryce Harper in some of those guys are but the marketability of baseball isn't what it was. Is there assuming that the the the league can do with a sport can do to try and raise the profile nationally make it a little less regionalism is right now. Boy got stretched that's a really intelligent question your -- -- really on -- side but. First and foremost. You know I I would I would love. Somehow somewhere -- I don't have the answers about I'd loved somehow some way. To revive. To revive the African American player in the game of baseball. Cooperstown New York which used which is the sacred grounds. Of the baseball all papers filled with the African American baseball player when you talk about the greatest players of all time. You're talking in very bonds you're talking. -- -- -- -- Ken Griffey junior Ricky Henderson. Willie Mays Willie McCovey Lou Brock pitchers Bob Gibson Ferguson Jenkins. And unfortunately. You know the use -- this success is so sure that the that the African American player is no longer playing -- Based cause much used to and I think that needs to change and how we're gonna do what it's gonna it's gonna take a personal lot smarter than me. To know that answer that are no I would be very happy man if so we could find a way you -- to. Accurate to get he would react in America African American player. Intercom. More registered -- in the game of baseball. And can get they get more individually because. Because. I'm not liking the sound -- -- Mark Grace is our guest sees the hitting coach -- the Hillsborough hops they start their season near a little less than two months out and -- Borough Park. Mark the pleasure to -- takes a much of the time look for his senior season. Look forward to meet you guys have occurred yesterday.