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Patrick Creighton -- Sports 610 in Houston

Apr 18, 2014|

Patrick joins Travis and Josh to give the Rockets side of the Blazers/Rockets series.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It is time now it's you head to Houston joining as Patrick Creighton from -- -- to scored 610. Patrick carried this afternoon but. Do very well got -- it's been awhile. So loud it's pretty obvious for the blazers fans out here what they want to happen in the series what they think is gonna happen in this series but the narrative that we're hearing from the rockets the rockets fans that this a little easy for what are you hearing from the fans down there in Houston. Well the fans think that this is going to be I actually period. Local under around here think this is going to be by clicking here under the rock. You order in Houston but yeah I don't -- that. That I'm up I think these two well matched teams. The -- just played some real good all right now. I would not be surprised if it'll hold -- by any extra. The fascinating part of this whole match up is there's these two players on each team it -- they had -- guard Hardin -- gonna guard Howard then I gonna guard Miller high -- and guard LaMarcus. Someone else is gonna have to step up and do something else is there this kind of that X. I hate X-Factor but who's the other guy is gonna have to step up and produce offensively for Houston. Well reviewed but their real usually is Jim Parsons. He's the guy they look who is what they call the glue guy sketchy about 1516. Points. Out certain board if you -- You bet he'd figure it kind of hit the the all around things sort of like got it -- to look to bleachers. They're gonna need him a big point because people like you said. It'll Harden and Howard have have really. And Gilda should be big tag team against publicis (%expletive) out of it should lead to gain between the two but at the same time. You know the only guy on the -- -- -- could possibly at camp guard opinion -- is Patrick Beverley. Actually planned to talk metrics. So a lot his ability aid they helped in you know how much of that injury compromising -- and they've tried a little bit because. Opt out of Patrick Beverley do you have. Erekat stay in front they don't Willard I could be a big part of this year how well you know how well that will play how -- -- -- Dominique what. When you look at that aspect. -- Damian Miller on the offense you know is just not in not just -- and get outside shooters all over the place -- season that's going to be a big issue in this series so for the rockets trying to defend the blazers you've heard about double teams and now the first team to double team is going to be team that cracks in loses. How long's it take for Houston Ted did to stick with the defense that they have and are they going to stick with the war one for most of the series. I think -- -- trying to stick one on one most here and don't be surprised. If rock rocket scope to bode too big lineup. -- Howard and option. It's LaMarcus Aldridge is getting hot -- can McHale. Cracked. You might go with two big in the line up and walk on on Aldridge. -- All just really starting to get hot to block them. As far as -- is concerted Dwight Howard defending you let's say did you what that big lot of and you put you -- those guys on him are either of those guys capable. Of floating out with him to fifteen to eighteen feet as he takes those shots like he normally does can't hit either of those players. Not really that's their strong suit defensively is that some of vacant -- that they can deal. How would be better option but neither one of them is probably a good answer no for a majority of the game. I think you could switched -- out on them. You know for a couple of minutes at a time at a couple of different point -- -- look at like Howard -- trouble if you're a rocket. And all will small quicker and yeah I'm not it's not -- and Alex certainly don't -- -- too much with -- got a a good defender. Helped out from the hole too low but he's not. Very quick he's not very -- And I think to be a bad natural. You know the other that you're able to cut -- terms chilled. All the -- older equipment children not a great defender and our country and pick up -- early when he had the guard. Another -- more athletic big or you know she's big scoring always Republicans like great. So that. That -- -- tough matchup it really is gonna come up -- -- you're really gonna come down to which team. Wicket victory -- more efficient because Horton tower in Paris Michigan the blatant. Clark and pat would -- bigger -- or. You know after the blazers and you've got Willard Aldridge. You know you get more out of you get more out of one of those guys want to happen this year. I don't think we're gonna see a lot of gains in the eighties and nineties. I mean it guys have a question for it's all it's outside the box in the sense that Dwight Howard big big signing you get him. You have Hakeem Olajuwon can work with -- you have a coach with Kevin McHale a lot of talk about hey we gotta -- work on his offensive his game has that. I guess progress -- -- seen anything going in trending in the right direction based upon what you've seen the way he's played in what the coaches have said. I would say that that like offensive scheme is noticeably better from the beginning of the year a lot of that -- attribute worked to keep a lot of one obviously can be hit or -- -- -- take Little Rock you never going to be picky on Indian guy. He's a lot more efficient. Around the basket as well working with a -- one could treats like gotten much better work cash is more culpable around the basket. He's got there he is just that one little group a script and go to the -- -- Now we've got a couple of different things he could do we don't I wouldn't say he's next to the dream shake it. You need that anymore improve the cut the few more weapons and a lot more competent. And artillery that he would have had yet. Patrick Creighton is our guess Sports Radio 610 in Houston and Patrick you're the rockets after getting Dwight Howard the offseason -- couple -- with James Harden the expectations were certainly there. And they've played well for most of the season obviously finishing fourth the Western Conference but is this season lived up to the expectations. That everybody thought was going to is this were you thought there were going to be. I think 54 or five wins is right about. Not real realistic range for the rocket. You don't -- they all -- this picture entry this year and it didn't put their real. Starting spot on the floor or missing somebody -- the all star break. But I think where he's actually right about where they were expected to finish. Second in the nation behind him until we help if you don't -- even win. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And you know I think that the be realistic expectation of this team this is -- play your -- to. But I don't think that realistically. You could say that they work. They're working at the end final this year than probably a year away from that. From back kind of club moniker you know what. If hear it again the blatant illegal long way to -- you know what -- agent bought last year and maybe even you don't tell your next year. Because you know it got a lot of pressure on the rocket and and maybe some pressure -- a witness like -- And as far as the pressure is concerned it's gotta be their army you look at that the recent history the rockets ensure there is some success but they've gotten out of the first round once. Since 1997. Is that certainly it's being talked about at all. Not a whole lot. A lot of -- had to -- fact that. You don't beat the GMAC failures -- the how many injuries -- kind of well chronicled down here in I think that opened that America you know you'll start this year that. You know the next four to five feet and happened at an angle pushed real hard yet but it will -- -- actually -- when their first it'll be you'll. That's just kind of they were asked you where and when people are positive everybody's O positive and when things start to go wrong you know reach hospital bill. Patrick Creighton is our guest Sports Radio 610 in Houston on Twitter you can find an -- he Creighton won Patrick is always great to talk to enjoy the series are we talking here the next few days. We'll get to cement. Appreciating that put him. Or thought it's more --