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Jordan Babineaux - Former Seahawks, Safety

Apr 16, 2014|

Babineaux joins Isaac and Suke to preview the 2014 Caddies 4 Cure presented by Carbon Path and discuss his career in the NFL.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Our rights for 49. I caddies for cure presented by carbon path is the premier sports celebrity events in the north less we're looking -- to be involved in it have been for several years and form some really good friendships. Through it -- just a blast ideology tells you how you folks out there can participate. -- come and appear but we have found Jordan Babineaux. Dig played that speaks suit is located and I didn't call you big places canal now just big suit that didn't happen a whole lot they did following a fumble once though. It was pretty clear that gave me two and grade I rolled forward on it like a good yarder Seles pretty big place now. Filling in and if you look at. We'll compare notes a former Seahawks safety played a neo fight Super Bowl with the Seahawks against the Steelers nine seasons in the NFL Jordan -- joining is now here -- -- -- aria. Yeah well. -- you're coming down for a caddies how many years you've been coming down. There were being my third. What's so what's the draw for you. Well I mean. Being an -- -- one item and copilot that you that. 20 an opportunity to do some special click go and do so special -- write my -- because it -- -- on the government -- And then and in the aggregate to -- BO marks a a group of people who. Same to cater to end or cater comedian. We got -- relationship over the time and that being ranked Shane and his family who puts on the Japan and you know it is you -- to -- -- -- that kind of formed a bit always kind of make you you know want to look forward to the next -- into the apartment -- How much fun as it for a guy like you did and he played ten years in the NFL you've seen it all but is is still fun to be your rounds you know the -- -- is the king -- Jesus -- to be around guys like that dispute with -- to kind of cut loose with contemporaries. Well yeah made for sure -- -- -- -- Motivational -- competition never changed history. And so there's always a little competitive Utah conversation or game or knowledge that we -- are currently being like -- -- You know that favorite sport for -- and we should take -- not sure why because we're never master but. Maybe that drive because it's so competitive. You know the board felt that could be a beer at a bit more competitive. Probably. I want to give it up which it evolved and halo -- not play golf with a match your medal match here and you know like a chance to put out here in California so. It -- almost on the relationship that you feel though that the Google kind of a bit. You know -- can't double development and those. Yeah -- I too lucky enough to play golf alongside the lefty. Jay Austin and it's so ironic that he never hit but one or two home runs a year in baseball. Do hits the golf ball like 350 yards he's unbelievable. You know with -- -- will -- a hybrid. -- -- -- -- He's unreal because he talked trash on the golf course. Yeah it kind of floated like that you know -- little. Are absolutely yeah sarcastic comment this kind of like OK I've got to love it -- we. He takes jabs at all what must Jordan Babineaux had signing I know that. You you know you could attested free agency wants you -- with the Seahawks and possibly made more money that you you're -- the only ones stayed there. And he got so close you know in the Super Bowl against the Steelers what was your feeling -- watching the franchise. You know get one in this last Super Bowl. But -- get to see the city of Seattle. They've they've been thirsting for that for so alone. -- -- Even. For Pete Carroll got their -- years. Even numbered years only one consecutive divisional championships have been -- else. Including -- the global growth and so. That the vehicle built my own way really -- But really you know these young guys. You know put together the kind of season that it is. Yeah. -- -- they would do it Cory look at hope president followed it but they were -- gonna hold all of these men. And I had a chance to bulk of latter part of the development work. You know just how -- the men had to admit it was more -- like. -- while watching those guys play. -- they were such a young team and you go to the civil your second year did you have a full appreciation for what it meant to be on that stage in a two years into the league. You know I don't think it's I mean it's hard to say that you really do because you know -- so you know but it. Do we two. The moment and opportunity to. Do something that you drink -- that acutely. Think about how many times that we've all been in the gym and just counted down. 321. -- -- alt click anywhere at our mind you know. And so it in -- football plants and global world what Beck I'm feeling. You wanna be exactly right wanna beat her. More -- anything ought to do something that hopeful. It was such a close game in an obvious sees some some controversy do you ever really get over that -- do you get the enemy. Do you get to a point where you're at peace with that it does it still body to this day. It's it's good conversation. You know. Let you know -- -- back. Then you know the -- note that yeah. Our school had been in Britain and in no particular ethnic at boat. Whatever game. There it wouldn't do that public. Order sure. But it can't you know for everyone you -- and you don't really know what apple. That decade but it can't they don't. -- -- -- -- That they were quote unquote adding. Technical. Person and vote. Everyone that we want due to a and everywhere -- You know duke and all the little bit about that jet that you. This is former CI did Jordan Babineaux here with the sun the sand that he lives up in Seattle he'll be down here for caddies for cure presented by carbon path. Mark it down you counters that a night to -- in which is just a great night. Is a may seventeenth out attend Nike this coming may seventeenth. Us so let's go back to that wild card game now this is the play and I don't know how. Much you like this but a lot of people milieu as the guy who tripped up Tony Romo that speedster Tony Romo got the as he had tried did guide for the end zone after the botched snap in that. Wild card game in 06. What were you thinking I'm -- went back knowing your coming on today and I and I watched the video you're on the complete other side of the of the line on that play what will you thinking when that all went down baucus through your thought process. Well more dead. We wrap it up on third -- Interest. With the completion date -- -- -- local. -- bill related in Portland that big hole. Oh yeah they are due to a -- hypocrite they're out there. Like -- -- that the games go about it but if you go go go what would have been. To put it -- and I don't know. Here they technically above. Probably -- Even back that I had the best bit give them. Or you know broke the -- that -- -- develop. Don't they and -- it -- that. The end and in the cowboys have well I mean I don't know I mean their rages drags on them for for their lack of post season success and that was just so cowboys. And yet it was a great play by you you know. Yeah you know. You know you are about what are they know. They -- organization. -- -- -- But Dallas Cowboys and you know all of a lot of bottle being mediocre. They have a lot of doubt they've always got a lot of -- A home. In the old old. I don't know I mean it is always. You know argued -- you know pulled -- that that believed that bridge itself on the jet should go to bed you know Brittany changed. Cowboy. Always been -- -- Britain and be good competition. And it never really managed that developing that championship team dead. You know what we didn't know what it -- that -- cold day. You came from a small school were undrafted and in -- great career but -- agree blood lines your brother. Also longtime NFL player. He went to a bigger school sector rounds and in -- the younger brother how much did that motivate you. I always is there's some friendly competitive fire you know wanted to live up to its older brother how did that play out -- -- -- you guys grow enough. It helped -- it was the opportunity go to war. -- -- running back. At the iron and he -- guard. Coordinator and I -- duke forward. All the whole thing went out of wood would cut and how he got -- Ohio they need to go to Jack. What part of it they've totaled. Ninety. Football coach that would -- depth at -- Who -- -- it but somehow found a way to lake I Libor are. Here -- and coached at. Developed well bird -- You know what a year good. You know they didn't say you know they'll -- my effort to adapt to do that kind of resource. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I would advocate -- it. You know the corner at that time were. Slightly. Beat Catholic -- would get government at stake. Big corner where it goes. Much of the new. The -- And so I made that change and but that was related to work out. You know yeah Iowa all -- football game. That those here they were in BCS title game. And then it -- like our battle level what led up. Would with old guys. And although the competent food go to my -- here. In -- it -- to it that much under your belt now. That it generated well you know conversation throughout oh lead and did. He's got power in it to ask so coach Gregg wrote in Seattle. Batted they can't don't they brought -- -- create. Yeah no crazy story. Jordan Babineaux former us Seahawks safety he'll be in town for caddies for -- presented by carbon path which is next month he -- he tells -- in a moment Ted Jordan. Thanks a lot for -- call and we'll see you next month okay. Tarek -- here's the deal. And just that that is what you folks out there -- listening or watching can be involved in. It's where they all get together and raise some money seen and -- Get a -- casino games in all these guys you've talked about the bond with all the guys to come it really is fun it's a lectured on -- not a stuffy than in all great night lots of cool prizes and guys already options they're very approachable and and it's may seventeenth that night is Saturday night may seventeenth at 5 o'clock at Nike. And it set tickets to get in our 125 dollars per person he can buy at a couple you back to Odyssey 250. There's a package on their for that at caddies for a cure dot com that's caddies the number four cured dot com. Also on their he can view a list of the celebrities that are coming. And you can view a list of of auction items the option catalog is already on their -- can see kind of what. What you could you can be getting by the beneficiaries are the Randall Children's Hospital at legacy Emanuel. And the organ in southwest Washington chapters of the national MS society.

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