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Steven Godfrey - Writer, SB Nation

Apr 16, 2014|

Godfrey joins Isaac and Suke to discuss his recent piece for SB Nation "Meet the Bag Man" on the underground business of paying recruits in college football. A link to his article: http://www.sbnation.com/college-football/2014/4/10/5594348/college-football-bag-man-interview

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Yet some homework. For this next. Segment to the deacon. Gay people because we talked about this last week the story called meet the bag man how to -- college football players in the words of the man who delivers the money. Is written on SB nation Miami and by the name of Steven Godfrey he joins us here on the -- Comcast sports net but if you have not seen a story. You must read it if he did not hear us talking about it. Well shame on you should listen to solve this time it's a long story but well worth the read but so what I wanna do -- Stephen first of -- thanks for joining -- Soria. -- a problem it was really dead dad and I commend you on it but can you at least give us at it's there's so much to it there's so many tentacles but. Could you give the people who have not read it are the people we're hearing that this is the first time just a synopsis on on your story. While so I get the shortest or impossible which is needed it you know -- spent time -- about five months tracking. I think these people who illegally. Compensate active college football players and Southeastern Conference that's got the shortest interrogated. How did you even stumble across this in and I don't know -- -- of invade this world. I -- some of well. -- that people I had some contact that bit. It got me sort of close those people for trying to extort and work done and now you know interest which -- -- Southeastern Conference. I live at nationals so. I mean this in that put Brandon and I am in the culture so to speak again. And after. I can establish contact again some people and then after that it is that elections cold calling it. And contacting people getting turned down a lot I mean a lot. And individually working LA and and and -- in and hitting count of people that I did that and trust so it took a long time. -- why would. Why would they -- shipping what would they why would they talk to you these these are guys that are adept as you point -- it at keeping their mouse yet. I think a lot of them once they gain my trust and once they figured out that -- is not about exploding anyone can better player already back. In -- should he hoped we would end the conversation nationally about what we think college sports. But they were comfortable I think that really lead. Or felt relieved by copying. The process and and demystify a lot you know a lot of these guys were trying to distance and I am not damaged or not that you -- boosters. You know -- bitter quote sources you know I'm not managed care about -- people abortion I'm not I'm not you know find people's sport cars and a great that it's. It's a lot more mundane people think. But he is incredibly. It's ubiquitous it's up -- to -- to -- Yeah that was one of things that as there is reading the piece it just. Admitted some like you they were just going grocery -- that was just like yeah. It's gonna hang out a little bad and so we need to get beat a player gave money and then we need to get some over here he gets -- there was almost like a hobby almost. -- -- -- -- -- -- Couric -- but that the the entry in and you know an outlet along with quality individual who could provide funds for someone. What are really -- life. I hate to take Hollywood out of it would have been -- -- -- and we're talking about a couple of boxes acutely needed it it was. It was so routine and and it's so easy. And when you're not talking about I dollar payment or go on national ID day to -- -- being recruited you know -- users aren't. When you're talking about eight payment back. Packet -- giant legal system set up. All the so Turkey and all the screens. He hit a couple hundred bucks a month in most cases in most cases that -- indicating. I mean that. Yeah does most of it go on for signing to get kids to sign or is it split. There and then also once they get on campus and taking care monster players. Yes so that is. For the purposes that piece that you aren't -- right it became a very big topic which I appreciate down because we focus on huge -- distinct element than analysts. What goes on and I get you caught the bidding war. Before and then also the maintenance payments now. Certain people involve certain part that they got involved in payment that is it they were eager to talk about because. It's just not what you think it you know it really is just taking care is on campus to compress. I'm Kate is extremely. Extremely underprivileged backgrounds are now trying to. To live normally and it into college environment it's completely foreign to. Now the flip side of that and getting away from sort of morality issue. All is just sort of the decreed bidding war that goes on a large sums of money -- Patrick is due to assign particular school. And who is weird as is we're reading the piece we spent almost an entire day talking about this -- your mind instantly goes to how many times just here locally we've. You signing day rolls around and you -- -- did this surprise flip film one school has the kid in the in the bag and then. Out of nowhere on signing day he -- CD doesn't -- -- goes somewhere else and Anthony Thomas -- need this you see all these things in your mind immediately starts to wander of why would a kid switzer at the last minute and you just you kind of read your piece and you you start to wonder. I think part of I don't want to give up the idea that everyone who's putting that let them. Solely implement our money. But it part of that for sure I mean I think a lot of course seeing how. He stared -- hole. That the entire recruiting machine is right get a tiny kids at thirteen years old their databases the -- appeared ducks and beavers and you know you can log on any number -- database. And get information packet to pressure and high school filed for years and -- acres. All that for years. And it become superstars. In this world that are common household name in -- in -- not pressures on these guys. Especially and it didn't happen out much in organ. Let you know when guys are from and being courted by people from the -- stay -- it becomes very pressure -- I think. The flip sometime just have to do with talent -- needed to get your crucial part of an eighteen year old. They're not going to be at their mind about anything let -- in the future. How much is the most that you've heard of when you talk about these bidding wars for high level recruits cycle what kind of money. You talk and at the high end. So I heard. You know it he never -- -- tall -- Everyone can tell you about this one time. But I followed the individuals -- of course that you don't or Patrick you don't fourteen we're -- treatment. Before during and after signing day the dollar amount I heard relative to a player that one of my sources involved and I it was. I'm I think finally figured that being between 78000. And that's enough to delivery -- campus five star kid. Five Star Wars star England highly sought after -- the numbers become a little nebulous. But yeah somebody it's one it. A what if what if I'm an average. Maybe even at an average to above average player and -- in my involved in this tonight you know can I expect something from these schools or is it just these. These more sought after kids. I think I play -- let -- elaborate on the definition like are you a long snapper or. If you're let's let's. Let's say you're an office of climbing your linebacker your three star trade you've got you know 78 scholarship offers but you're certainly not a high school all American. OK if you're being if you're being aggressively recruited by rivals regional rivals or Q particularly powerful institution. Regardless of your star rating that's in the process. -- -- in it seemed to me from reading the story that the kids are aware of this. And that they're savvy about it it's not like someone needs to approach these kids the kids now communicate FaceBook -- media. They're all aware of what goes on and they know what. You know what what they can't he can't yet. Yeah and it is so funny -- -- -- I've done like I've done it should change shall not promote this story that it. I get that question and it actually that you -- -- Can -- -- -- -- -- question -- much older person is that you know I don't leaders or it could be it would rat. And -- you know I'm sort of incredulous about the dictatorships that. So sharp -- -- actually going on why I'd also if you -- background which you need that money just like being offered. I the world -- you -- out why would you get off you know -- it again. It just makes no sense whatsoever yet he could credibly. And then the other when they're released today between the story and was was when one of the booster said we're not interested in hiding the violation we really don't care we just hide the truth. And really how easy it was for them to hide the proof. And even if a kid -- cut driver running a car that people know we can't afford. How easy it is for limited to just you don't cover the thing up and say prove it. Right but the culture permissiveness. That that that exists pretty much anywhere football is as powerful or basketball. He revenue sport that I have a strong whole university campus. And -- I don't know you know what school but -- you know I went to I would cut -- -- and if we saw in that you know absolutely -- -- extravagant particular vehicle I like it sort of pointed. Importing -- screening. -- -- You know drop drop quick to Kansas they -- they would in this would never happening -- easy taking. Nobody it is it's it's inching up by the way our guest here just be just for the on the radio or TV it's even got free from SP nation. And he wrote the article that has consumed a lot of our show here last week -- so called meet the bag man but it is it you know it's interesting how -- players drive nice cars end. But it all seems so above board how was it that it has been exposed more. -- right you know. I've learned from mistakes in the -- -- did they make that they've made mistakes about this system that constantly refining self made up of the year so. It didn't crack in it being interpreted very impressive to pick out any. Exceed -- -- -- at it and and really the only team that left yes sometimes it doesn't even get punished any excess which college athletic operator now. Does -- matter there. How many times have we -- the NCAA can't the -- -- where it looks exactly you know. Pardon upon and this is not a knock on -- but it looks like about it walked and -- -- elite were the you know they don't they don't really have to -- in the culture of success is its soul except that I guess we're trying to. -- -- systems system so broken and and all the fan bases it's not our school. It's like he you can be that twelfth best school in the country you believe that the of the top eleven and then that thirteen 141516. But not our school we we wouldn't do this. My party line on that is then if you work and out of college football team that is. Win football games generate revenue appears on national television goes to bulls sold T shirts you are part. Sought to -- we don't go to bulls Kansas is out basketball though that now. Well so what do these bag men like you mean are these guys bad guys are they -- eighty. What are what -- It is better. Incredibly pleasant individual that I met that's another wonder of wonders speak and it was just the concept that some sort of let that high stakes biggest -- You know really trashy raunchy. Like at all. Actually most of America currently -- where they've failed any variety conditions in the community. Most and most of feminine. There it's really remarkable how. How normally are and that and and I think that's one of the reasons I want to talk. We can begin and they don't wanna be traded. Remind me her you know try to speed boats now cocaine to America. No but it was weird how much influence they can exert without really didn't do much reading -- one of the great. -- an error in the story was. When the beyond name school's booster just said that you became such a great recruiter see how you do without us. And it's it did make this culture can remove a coach comes and wants the coach knows that he's lost this sort of support. At that point he's always the Walking Dead. You got. Now look. They have more I grabbed my opinion when it comes to competition -- -- actually I can't. Look beyond. In added quote in the story. The guy's brain matter actually says look -- 100% support each kit kidding competition let's get a ball let's say hypothetically get the ball 40000 dollars. Dish it out -- semester are we gonna get a there's always going to be someone like me -- action fake it I'll give you another. -- -- So. You know. I don't think they're evil people that -- but I mean. -- -- -- Yeah as it is their main motive isn't just about winning there they're just fans is it ego is it something else that we can but I think -- It ego because these guys that are I mean -- they have to in order to be successful result while. They really can't. Broadcast what I mean even even out anecdotally. Social circles but you know that's -- -- issue with other back and were part of operation. This is not something you brag about not companies. Whatever community that he goes to -- well I can stripper Churchill that is not something you. Because otherwise you're going to eventually cut in on the problem your university and you -- -- You're out you're ex ex communicated adult. So it's boosters -- just one -- games. Related purest definition of sport and others -- you guys uncle my -- and it -- body count politics. Looks. I'm an Atlanta Falcons -- -- -- honey. This is -- really important where check it out for twenty grand and it can help -- considerable this year she would murder I mean my. -- people they figured it all. Credit yeah. It's special breaching. Yeah well -- really good article. Good job on it Steven Godfrey SB nation and -- thanks a lot for for your time today. But I into that Stephen got -- SB nation again the article meet the bag man how to buy a college football players in the words of the man who delivers the money phenomenal piece take attendance at senator.

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