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Chris Haynes - csnnw.com Blazer Insider

Apr 15, 2014|

Chris Haynes joins Travis talking about the Blazers' final game of the season vs. the LA Clippers plus their playoff series vs the Houston Rockets.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

1230 for the fan welcome back Travis in Wilcox Josh is out today he'll be back tomorrow joining us now from Comcast sports net northwest -- and sacred -- Troubled world order not to much meg glad to have you to that you talk to you so what are your left. One game left tomorrow we'll start with that so the rockets obviously the four everything's clinched everything's good to know exactly what's gonna happen. So for tomorrow's game against the clippers knowing that you could potentially have a full week off of rest if you sit some guys how does Terry Stotts cable lineup tomorrow night. Well if you merchandise you scorcher all socialize yesterday that in -- election Irish. Scorer but he's gonna try to look a limited amount diminished now. How religion play in -- I don't know -- actually that -- -- pick up on articulately. -- critical try try to start this year. It malware that they've gotten this year is just reserve should -- but it strictly national. If they can go out there and it will put together. Short triggered Janet interest or those guys have been picked off to a -- for their. They've got to hold the leaders there -- a lot more aware. I got that long awaited -- it -- -- interest -- -- coaches you know they they richer chop they're aware total it. Tried tried to do as well let's try and trying to make sure that your players are fortunately -- -- don't want to rich it's racial. Arctic national -- lectures -- -- -- at least allege is at -- got struck again. You know what you wanna see teams rest because it works for other teams who works for Gregg Popovich with the spurs -- the blazers a much different situation but. We've seen -- times that the blazers have a tendency to look tired look a little gassed out there. I think we've seen that lately but considering the minutes they played against Golden State on Sunday is there already concerned that there might be some tired legs. -- they're tired this time this season the more tired than usual heading into the playoffs. I'll give you warning usually triggered it I can't -- short rest and small where officially in Russia traditional model traditional restaurant. Election is about that playoff game. Like going to be shattered. Shall you know optical optic -- are for the most part everybody is pretty much shall teach everybody has their actual boot right now. She didn't shall we learned -- -- more on -- alkaline your -- for the speed of the game it. Shall I think shock occurred approached the tuition -- about Churchill spurred where it -- older chief. They actually -- the -- little racial optical. Portugal will. Imagine -- freely and I think it's such a big question I would assume we'll see him a little bit tomorrow night but. How do you think it takes before we see him you're really green into the lineup a little bit seeing him play Arnold fifty minutes off the base of the like that. Is that really -- to be dictated by how he feels. Here are excellent pick the -- how he looked to law are Arctic that's what tablet played a big factor telling you to the playoffs. -- -- outlandish. Or any god and show you that Alaska -- -- all of our true about a month now. There would -- logic because that would accommodate got a lot of children who have backed activated station here that I've -- -- look at this guilt trip to wait obliged to bush Cheney. It out of the astros' -- -- trust specious. Oh gosh well they actually yeah out on trial usual -- the -- user. You know if that's what -- going to be -- do we try to distribute a lot like our border compared. Shall DoubleTree ancient quarter compared. You know that that you had extra bodies on neutral court to be political -- social -- trailer kept required to use their. Our rhetoric moderate treat what are people you know -- here about. Architecture or not used to go out there -- -- -- crucial -- cultural art that you have a pretty shortly it ensures. Chris Haines Comcast sports net northwest is our guest here on the fan Chris you look at had a series are certainly some matchup issues but. Defensively for Houston what they do against LaMarcus ought to because Dwight Howard doesn't wanna step out that for what he starts to drift. So when you put out even if that happens -- do double -- does that leave somebody open what is their defensive game play going to be. You'll pick for the ball or they're a pretty -- actually actually -- picture of -- used to publish financial trouble. Where if you start trouble and -- -- -- -- Eight we should open about where Opel though he's changed a lot shall I picked it or not play in the war straight about. Record a short -- to -- -- turnaround jumper -- you know he likes to shoot air quality -- articulate without the most architecture it ordered -- now. Make sure that undeclared Tokyo okay -- were called out there -- a Q just your bill twenty -- has a rebel. We want to make sure each -- each shocked. Technical work a lot of sort of nuclear plant for the most or. You don't and straightaway where we're used to. Arnold that you received medical. Group but but without any protection order she's she should be told fragile true. All the aircraft committee remark -- can corrupt. Well control architecture. And situation that -- poultry is awarded a little bit you know what Republicans and people should -- war. Yeah that's -- what I thought about the blazers defense -- against -- -- you know James Harden is gonna get his you know he really can't defend Dwight Howard anyway in the last time the blazers got ruled against Houston I think it was in February a little bit earlier than that -- Chandler Parsons scores 31 point it's not James Harden. It Dwight Howard that you worry about it's everybody also can they afford to do that led Dwight Howard James Harden get -- to try and stop everybody else the printer. What -- -- and the truck fuel for example all the -- -- -- -- little in the top 200 years -- contemptible or try to trick ball out of the junior controlled. Not -- which help achieve in the tropical little probable that got you troubled -- Literature in the war immediately clear view or in -- totaled one actually dealership or shall. It's gonna be all that after imported Atlanta gonna have a better -- try actually undertake a -- I'll I'll advocate. Oh culture they have -- after -- it's like our social media traction glacial looked like. I'd like Russia should going to be a lot of -- -- -- middleman wanna watch much leisure. I -- you know true true trouble. Any -- -- clear in this series. -- -- -- So for daily Bullard at this point obviously he's going up against the -- card is defend him very well Patrick Beverley. And he has struggled a little bit early on games the last couple games turned down in the fourth quarter but for David and trying to back offensively the level we -- two weeks ago. How difficult that can be for him did to do against Beverly or is that just something that he's a little little -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Not in odious sort glimpse shall -- or an -- ultra and from what would make too much movement but our draft reconstruction verbally. There's going to come to their total repeat for shall try to let the machine bush war in Libya Libyan rushed machine each -- -- apparently. You know Chris is funny you mention the -- Cali another referees role that I talked a few minutes ago about 2009 and how. The referees the -- your -- in the games early in that series. Really dictated things for Houston to have their way with the blazers on the insides of things do get a little physical and it's being called the same both ways. And we see some that shaping history Dwight Howard from Harden from Beverly. Are the blazers able to come back with that physics Allah be with -- chip on their shoulder. You know -- pixel initiative -- -- okay look I'll have to think our country were used to go just beautiful power due to principal god. And it sort order are to protect the basket let loose traction verbally you're actually which controlled shall. You know you don't really have a lot of conscious cherish. Don't put this all this cheap no log located to Greg Cox pavilion elite were debate QB which he shall -- -- probably that the culture is god has -- proud and guilty you you're probably partial speak eloquently about it is pretty. You know -- player that -- -- escort -- be out there actually be crucial. You know gently or association. -- -- -- -- Strictly adequately you worship -- appreciate. All -- -- -- you'll appreciate all street got a large domain. Our favorite type of Salt Lake show you gotta gotta -- that's going to be an adjustment period not just pure predicted by court -- well truck got pushed our -- -- get a sort of feel OK all the rest all the decay can I get a little dish and another victory in a direct -- Chris change is our guest Comcast sports net northwest to confide his blazers blog on CS NW dot com.