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Steve Mims -- Eugene Register Guard

Apr 11, 2014|

Steve joins Travis and Josh to talk Addison's injury and Spring Football.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's time now though. Bring on Steve names to be -- register guard Steve -- I'm no good guys in Europe calculus break. Likewise been awhile since you've talked to you so. Are there any specific details that the university Morgan has released on Braylon -- injury have they act confirmed anything what's the university standpoint this time. Those reluctantly -- -- -- search and that you would not sure nor deny which is pretty easily put. To that brought you know pretty much ignore the fact it was severe enough that we're unlikely to -- back this year the players certainly talked about the -- -- He wouldn't be back in certainly Braylon post. You know and honestly Turkey where people haven't become pretty obvious that you know that -- can be done to recede a bit. Isiah like I just eliminated any yet official results come back or -- or American American. Google's bring in all century but no not that -- -- -- I would assume -- just stick and reckon they're really contribute long term deal confirmed but for now -- Yeah always gotta have some foam at the guys in the spring somehow doesn't. -- day there could be slaughtered you -- sometimes you look those still at what appears to me you know you're not living legacy. You don't -- to weaken -- quality -- -- -- that you're regional but the question you know aren't aren't -- are actually at some point here's the issue and other coaches and players and president -- basic and premiered in -- -- Europe mark might just have a computer analyses. To the test results richer or anything but I -- know about what in the spring at least intelligent. It -- severe injury that'll make you missed most are pretty much all next year. What was it take away you got from those other players it just may be how impact -- that the lots of Madison would be a law was their conversations life. But yeah I felt Ian under -- Under or just how important it is that he's he's -- -- wide receiver at least be getting on the plane coming in -- already talking kept last year that they have the reception last year receiver going to be back which you're not fire in Ottawa to BJ Kelly so. I mean Berlusconi -- tractor and last year he was so good you don't get that number two -- for hospital you know you look at the guy who stepped right into the helpful and now you're an adult role in in the also. -- you know under that may account into the -- at the same climbing under a program that. Has -- -- net debt to replace Leno and Jeremiah sort of kicked out and Derrick Thomas and it -- the national title and honestly have expected the next director inducted markets are go to last year reciting -- -- in the news -- abuse starting running back into a church or games and in March compared rupture underneath your goals are I think given the tracker that you're the benefit of the doubt that they've got the death and yet we should step up. Jordan -- the same time my 21 of those guys can be great but at a early next year. So how does this change anything with practices in spring ball right now considering -- is out try to get more reps for some of the other guys. Yeah she's going to be more reps and you look at that you know chill brown archive at an early training -- -- in less than last year here already so there's a guidance you figured his reps are gonna -- guys like Devin now on the engine itself on mentioned. -- So your guys that are getting a few more reps during hearings and lowering or another Richard so I would assume that you know and it's got brought the greater. -- You recently organized they have been in penalties and making drastic thing to practice except -- you more guys are gonna get rushed or in particular you'd expect probably a little earlier on terror fight over the top -- -- let's see -- Richard they're good natured the count on the -- -- ready to go. Steve I know you don't get it watch practice and now I understand all all of that goes into a bit when you're watching -- -- and the way he's carrying himself. I understand every year were like okay he's gonna be a leader in the last few Saudi even more are you seeing that step taken a step further even more this spring and how he carries himself and to set leadership ability and qualities. Yeah putting aren't any talked earlier about leadership and stuck around and it's not gonna be. Iran Iraq garner market mutual I think he knows that if he -- that that would render people realized pretty straight so. But he got ignorant like that would back that turned out everything I think every guy and our roster looked in the decider at the most and Dustin this easily to quarterback should at that -- that say he's got the most on the line. Again you're gonna all the ordinary and not the sale a -- they certainly don't let you know he talks about how hard he works in practice and people talked about our party you do an -- I think you're barbaric and carry over. Steve name's Eugene register guard is our guest here on the fan Steve now that we know. Obviously Josh office moved out of Braylon -- not to play this year very young tight end -- very young receiving corps. Who is somebody that you -- and Marcus might -- to rely on this serious candidate comfort zone target for him. Well -- that I mean I mean -- you know. You know much about the same side Cutler a little bit smaller. But not much and their nuclear -- the program for three years he's made some big characters organ and on the eighteenth last year -- in the plane behind how to best and so -- senior this year so I think that you know you expected now are that our league are receiving group. Sort of the question because you're trying to edit and to be you know patter and how. Oregon had last year it would be particularly got to -- help that we don't reach Paula you're right about it but obviously it does break -- year. Just seemed like each year. -- the commercial -- has been really consistent you know outside at -- -- -- -- -- and -- -- to put it altogether and dealerships Allen who is from mystery you're -- -- -- -- -- when they went to the Alamo Bowl last year marketshare when what you're talking about how he was open to get on the field and and out and then at the Texas trio are there so you know you think that it. And then and then Braylon pedestrian and support illegal -- he picked up my game Braylon cute you know era brought brown. Are geared given -- and maybe more so than other years so it's I think that you athletically and you can look at Kevin Garnett and number ready yet but but now they got -- or -- security. But what about some of the guys taking over for his -- role as a punt returner kick returner there's a lot of missed yardage in that has been talked about a lot of some young -- can step up and be that return guided organs always had. Yeah you know ignoring polish you know credit goes to the -- -- -- not to try to you know kilos a lot of kick returns and a guy who could block -- out. You know or at those and rotate -- out on -- and I think that's -- a concern for right now no one other country and haven't -- You know it'll run the bulk of their work and -- to reverse that would have -- if you're in your place it was a bigger guys you may lose that aspect to the opera that. And in terms the return game would be he's an Oregon has you know. It is gonna be a huge concern that -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If there's someone in the secondary them appeal to make that transition. It's -- return yeah. Art collector or road they're gonna get her noticed. Prosecutor quarters are doing a lot of returning right now and I think it's more than -- their allotments. Will be my expectation. Hey Steve let's switch gears to the defense aside the football -- -- -- -- I mean not unfamiliar to a lot of people that have been around that program for a long time Don Pelham. I DC NN I difference I know -- who's a high energy guy that is there anything that. May be little difference here there I know you again I know literacy practices but who and activities everything EC different with DP is the Decourt inner. Well -- a lot of guys talk about you know Archie might have thought. You know work and the settled in that spot struck by how the cup and open -- You know maybe if you enter a dirt Malone you know that is a backer harder you're allowed to implement linebacker and not ardent -- -- can't -- heard a lot of those. There's talk about how. They -- on it pretty clear that works -- in -- They'll compete for a job are earned not given so adorable little war that some of the younger secondary I talk Daniels is on the street yesterday and he. He talked about -- You know -- and replaced three guys that such -- back you'll. While a lot more prepared to go to. This year not to pursue opportunities in the past and don't -- -- -- even though a lot of those guys -- -- plate yet he's thrown everything out right now these are kind of the first half and practiced and that he would stick to what works or not. It would not going to look much integrated safety and start with the basics and try to work it out cities he's put -- and for them and -- -- who works -- -- -- and in order -- all. So the -- transition from Jonathan Lloyd from basketball to football and nobody really knows how that's gonna go but at this point what are what are re hearing about that what is being talked about is there any expectation that to make an impact. I don't admire the case I would see him having an impact their properties that are turned she and her. You know a fighting what are you grew up and play football for four years suddenly becomes a factor receiving the ball. You're lucky guy you -- are returning now at data and you know -- polling results stated in. In in high school wouldn't return our -- -- -- -- a guy who hit it in the barrel though. Again when -- -- or year and amateur at Oregon put a ball security I don't know that. -- console that you'll take an item that particular real hit or you're out there must be ridiculous and worked in South Dakota starts -- -- -- -- right TT BD -- You know you lied about it in a slot and a -- -- reverses that ultimately is a quick guy. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I think that would be maybe the most like rejecting it on an opera type you write notes you know Internet unit at a brought out the deterrent and they're amateur actor as a wide receiver. Is -- someone out there that's making a buzzer little murmur amongst the players it's tennis that standing out that maybe not everybody knows about -- have been among those ten. -- is every spring -- kind of steps up and everybody starts talking about this guy or -- I can't believe he's doing that their guy like that at this spring. Yet if you are watching your life. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He hurt his Christian practice a little bit ago or that -- -- -- hype from people talked about maybe you -- before and it's not a terrorist you're -- time so thank you guys and it's -- like Margaret green they are back in the spring -- considerably concerns that linger and social. Steve Mims is our guest Eugene register guard of course -- can find him at register guard dot com and on Twitter at Steve Mims underscore our G. Steve always great to talk to thinks what two times do against -- It.