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Mike Barrett -- Blazers TV Broadcaster

Apr 10, 2014|

Mike joins Travis and Josh to see if any of the late season problems are cause for concern as the playoffs get started.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It is time -- to bring in Mike Barrett the play by play voice of your Portland trailblazers might -- afternoon -- -- Doing good we're consent to on the plane and additional actually. The travel never ends does it. Is going to soon. About it though right now last regular season road trip so yeah and it's kind of nice and -- Give me a favor the thirty creepy clowns in the lobby at the airport and Salt Lake City please don't put them on Twitter. That country you -- that that that that give you nightmares yet you really did and still not there yet -- going in the in Orlando kind of artsy and so I guess going was -- is our -- detainee in Saudi. It was disturbing. So last night the blazers blow another fourth quarter lead but they find a way to win they beat the kings are you concerned at all with the fact they blow another lead or. Are yet with the fact they found another way to winning game. Well -- deficit dissect wins that match and you know I think after claimed certain. They're play Lauper on Sunday perhaps there are a little bit of which I don't know a let down a little bit of the pressure being Austin and didn't you know with -- I'm like it should have a -- to Portland as well. You look around the league -- some some interesting scores right now like genes that are -- clinched and it's I don't -- -- -- to bat because they weren't happy it would equate that the fact matters got away and then and there in and then -- -- that you line and they're plus eighteen where they were last year so a lot to be -- out. They'd like to get some of -- stuff especially games when it comes knocking opponents out and go into the -- a little bit about it typically them. This is kind of you know new territory for this group as as a team so is it gonna take a few tests for them to be in that situation I honestly believe it's a learned trait and you couldn't. Go -- all play -- basketball look at teams that get their knock on -- You gotta learn how to get there perform and so the unknown part of it I think that's had that done in -- thing as they want in the playoffs. Yeah I agree you know and and there's there's you can look at look -- recent past results in the playoffs and there's not a huge correlation between -- -- rolling at the end of the regular season -- start in the -- -- -- -- and then take -- we've -- eighteen. He ran hot and all of a sudden struggled the first round and you know bit tonight saying and there's not going to be -- trying to pressure on them they're not going to be expected to win any series are going to and that probably is horrible so anxious. You know it is barring something incredibly -- -- -- a lot of home court and you know everybody's talked about. Could be opponent will be most likely at this point Houston defense so we decided to so. I'm curious to see how they act and how they react when they get in the playoffs -- At the earliest and it's good shape different I mean they're the steel that is different style players -- Olympic Games are called differently so. No I think that these guys have competent and how they would react they've won in a lot of places this year on the Internet access and a lot of good genes that thing about last night you know we talk about. You know we've been guilty of saying okay this team has a tendency client level competition. And they come that'll last night and now I -- 34 and seven against teams below 500 so -- matters -- take care business most times when they're supposed to and they also got some big wins on the road -- those things. Mike Bair is our guest played I played voice of the Portland trailblazers are -- blazers insider so with three games left to play Mike we. You know Tryon and dissect everything a billion different ways but again at this time this season it's really tough to do that we talk about momentum. Terry Stotts told us the other day that -- momentum is great and once you get into the playoffs that changes. An -- -- day by day you know quarter by quarter basis really dictates how that series goes so what are you looking for. In the final three games of the season. Well some kind of rhythm at Lincoln and and get -- competent back of the one thing it's nice LaMarcus Olmert seemed to have the outside shot going down right now -- stealing and it's with him it's almost. We do we not game to game and how he's young from the outside and out timing as has -- greats. You know they haven't shot does really well lately and that's something may. I think you're -- -- last night and of course the big one by Corel when it got so that's something you -- you wanna see him get a free and easy competent healing in the perimeter players. If they take on a team you know we we -- -- players take attitude as dominant side they're gonna have to hit threes that's what is so -- best this season it's been when native. You know limited the opponent and and the opportunity to double team because of the outside threat that they can get back going again and get that. You know that feeling where there's no hesitation from behind the three point line -- -- a -- and having success. That I think is huge and that's something you can build on the final you can't teach that in the post. Doesn't that have a lot to do with their spacing as well it one thing I've noticed and again you know -- -- breakdown wrestle mania for you but when I get that breaking down blazes mostly due out well that that would take up the whole show and I don't want to alienate all the listeners but. You know what they had their spacing and they seem to. To hit those shots it all seems to kind of go hand in hand when they're out there making that extra pass have that extra spacing their match in a better rhythm offensively. Well the you know and yet you gotta have capacity get a good shot you got it shocked it is that occurred at all. You -- ball movement. He gets spacing began its. Three point makes shots in rhythm so you know it's not one thing listing everything it's it's it's you know getting a good balance with all of that and that's what markets -- to going to get the attention and I. That -- -- -- guys initially outside that relieves the pressure on the market that's where the design was last summer where at least three point shooters you know -- -- -- -- -- -- -- added around -- that's the plan and it really you know we're clicking on that early in the season tonight and I think reality give any reason to think you can't get. It's like going outside especially in what they do that they've bused into a hot stretch from the on the the -- that's that is huge Tuesday. Mike if they do get into a hot stretch -- they're gonna have to have some help off this bench who's the guy do you think that maybe can maybe have that impact in in the playoffs that guy that may -- -- look at -- come off and provide that spark and may -- Simmons not talking about a guy he. May be ready for quote -- prime time. Well you know I think the obvious choice and forget that in the book -- -- fixed and that's the Mo Williams a guy who's played in the NBA finals against played in a lot of big games. Either guy that we hear time and everything boxed out and get his own shot. That's what you have to you know it's the offense is -- and -- that he sent this routes. He's -- guy like that -- shot and come off the bench and and really -- port and it bears are experts agree you're. And you know talks freely and whether or not he return -- The -- sounds like he's going -- he looked good I think he could be your guy Tucker huge role. Which the second unit especially inside this -- more physical and we know that it Robin Lopez. You know gets in foul trouble and spelled difficulties so you have an extra pick up the bands that never hurts and so get installed back gitmo back to real writers -- to replace our orchestra big shots as well let that -- competent. You don't -- it's an -- never had a adding. Game winning three or so those are little things but the bickering in terms of the mental frame of mind insult those guys probably adopt my head. Because the rotation bit -- tightened by those guys most freely and -- those guys you looked fortunate to really may -- shoulders of. You know -- last three games total of 47. Are 57 turnovers obviously is certainly an issue but is that some and it's just a mental thing at this point -- Because that's adding that that concerns you. It got a little bit most of the -- coming in the first half and that credit we've seen kind of this team. You know the issue is there and burst and it unity desperate and they couldn't figure out your play in the paint scheme. Several times in the playoffs the playoff series remains seventh straight times I think your camera and we're seeing this team can be. Good with the basketball they can take care that they could be it and so now -- not -- not a huge concern you know liked him early in games they're. Which by the Pollard and all of a sudden you're scrambling to complement the that hasn't been ambassadorship. In sort of expect the -- -- You know the expectations from everybody else are a lot people outside is -- don't they might have a good chance make the playoffs now here they are sitting. Four -- five spot. I don't think he has anything really change with with the team itself in the coaching staff for this this kind of business as usual were the financial OK here we are but it's kind of business as usual for the team and the coaches. Adults say that I don't think that the -- yeah you know the playoffs are different beast and and and everybody. Amazing how quickly it changes in how ready at beast or the intensity and it is -- -- -- -- -- and they -- the rocket. In the playoffs and Portland got a you know while everybody gets -- -- or win picnic on Houston. And then -- as flexible art in the opening partner and that that was the most important -- minute what's important stretch in that series. -- from 2 o'clock to about eight minutes left the first quarter and end. Stole home court advantage -- the moment that played on the very ticket expert. You gotta be ready or when it yet the tendencies in. That's what it's scary and I and I think Terry -- you know here on doubt that championship you know the ball out so. I expect with his experience there was some of the guys in their arguments and -- right at the ring Mo Williams got the final those guys at this team ready and they'll get beat. The younger guys -- -- knowledgeable -- it all about it for the guys that have been around it whereas the market. Now to get packed and play out -- gonna -- value everything in and be ready so I I can't report to get started and at the final three games are important but when the second season start at certain levels -- -- a much. Mike Barrett is our guest the play by play voice for the Portland trailblazers on Twitter at blazer MD Michael is great talked have a safe trip to Salt Lake City we'll see back here a few days. -- --