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Matt Maiocco -- CSN Bay Area

Apr 10, 2014|

Matt joins Travis and Josh to talk about this possible Colin Kaepernick investigation, and some Niners.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Time to head down -- the Bay Area joining us now from CSN Bay Area is met my -- as he returns to -- show Matt appreciate join us here on short notice how are you. On Delonte guys don't. A great here in beautiful sunny day here in the northwest so. Always a good thing so tell us what's going -- to -- Capra next story up from your report today on CSN Bay Area dot com. He's been named as a suspect in any suspicious incident so what's the latest. Yeah exactly easy initial report which got a lot of play eight. What does a sexual assault but nowhere. In -- reports that the Miami Police Department filed. The incident report does it make any rejection. And even state that. VE. The person who filed the reporter who contacted police about it said that there was not that they could not having to act so. You where at the end it's been here in the investigation stage. Course Colin -- that most noteworthy name that was mentioned in that report but also Quinton Patton whose. That he put. Finished its first year wide receiver for the 49ers and Ricardo Lockett. You know there in Seattle area from being the -- the practice squad one year. And you on the roster. I think in 2012. And then course flashy plays as well so. -- Lockett who had spent some time 49ers Ian cabinet. But became pretty close friends. And now with the -- with the off season programs. Not starting until April 21 a lot of these players. We'll go to areas outside to work out. And that's what brought these three got some Miami working out down there. Yeah now is there any concern with and reading this story it it's talking that she said. Had they -- -- and have some shots and end they had she had to take a hit off a bong. Smokes and we'd. And that she comes back passed out whatever else but it also mentioned that she had had a relationship with -- nick before so. As much is just as you said is the headline. They came out with this is still a lot more in this story that needs to unfold and be told before you can actually take the eight. So to speak -- get the truth to really come out. Italy yet no question. In the incident report and that we're talking about. There was no mention -- out at any investigation or any. Any interview cannot predict with pat or what Lockett so here we we don't know very much in the NB. The report specifically says to at -- -- this is very pretty much at the beginning of this investigation. And that there will continue to be. You know the investigation will continue so. I'm sure a lot more rules will come out about this but but certainly. -- at this stage. That there's been no charges. -- you know -- really don't cry. Was even specified no potential crime or -- such a fight. In that incident report soak -- all very early. In in the in the process. It's so there's there's a whole lot more speed and covered. Met my Yoko CSN Bay Area is our guest now what's the response been in San Francisco. Well I think obviously. Concerned. You know you don't ever want to see. EED player. As a stand the 49ers. In this in this. Area at -- nobody lost to wake up to the news like this. About anybody especially a guy who's being counted on to be the face of the franchise so -- of the 49ers. I haven't spent much they're trying to gather probation. As well. EBP. That that tightening elevated sites that just two weeks ago at the NFL owners' meetings in Orlando. That the general manager the older teams CEO -- -- -- that -- York all talked about. Eating at long term extension down on cabernet in in the -- of Jerry York the CEO and agent are -- -- coach. They talked about -- lucrative you know how much money he's going to make. So this comes at a time where the forty hours a lot to get something done -- long term of before this started training camp. I think it's way too early to say -- skip this -- any impact on that. It certainly depends on whether charges are filed -- and it's and it's very premature. He offered that stressed. As that. But right now. It certainly is at the -- is that anybody want -- to wake up to. But for this news came out what was the perception may be from the fans or. You know what they feel about Colin -- -- it was everybody kind of like hey he's the good guys is that our quarterback or is there any kind of push back within. A fan base -- dollars everybody can now in that this is -- neck and this is our guy I don't wanna get a kind of up Paulson a field maybe. Is there any negativity in that fan -- before this incident. No I don't think they're really has been. I mean there's always it'd be. You know a few people yeah. You -- lose -- wasted. Negativity but now I think for the most part of people see what he's done since he's taken over as the quarterback in. And you know -- status surprisingly LT took over. That that first year 2012 from Alex Smith and 49ers -- the going to -- up to the Super Bowl and then last year. Utility he wasn't surrounded by a lot of great weapon on that process and -- made it back here at C championship game. And the two seasons to post seasons. The 49ers with with epic record actually won more playoff road games then. Then the entire time and 49ers franchise history combined up to that point so I think everybody sees that this guy. Is an immense talent. You know he he's probably gotta learn to to redefine it -- pockets killed a little bit more but as far as being able to throw the football. And being able to make plays of the late would think straight down. No I think everybody is pretty much on the same page that that this guy has a tremendous amount at the ability. And we seat quarterbacks around the league like that Tony Romo asking used Stafford. And Joseph Flacco. Matt Ryan. Jay Cutler. -- guys like that they get tons of money you know in excess of eighteen million dollars a year. You realize that's that's that terrain we're talking about torture epidemic and that certainly let rich -- your document to that. That cap and deserves to get paid like some of the top quarter actually that's that's simply the going rate for quarterbacks in the NFL right now. In eleven trying to -- different perspectives about this 49ers team and obviously this is another issue today with cap predicted there's obviously all the things with his contract he talked about it. We Jim Harbaugh and the things that are reported a couple months ago whether they're true or not but. So what are the narratives that seems to be from one perspective is that there are a lot of really great things that this franchise but there are some loose strings they're they're not really all that tie up very well. And -- what are those comes unraveled things can keep bad for this franchise and hurry how would you respond to that. But yardage and are hardly unique individual in that. -- is the Kindle east Cheney aux. It doesn't really seem to honor and in fact I I I can make a pretty strong argument. That he or -- and in. Last year there were certainly you'll start to happen in the offseason -- adapt early in the season all its net. And there at a time there are aware that he couldn't immediately unraveled. For the 49ers and she kept it yet and it didn't it and they for the most part played pretty good football. And put themselves in a position to to get back to that final score and compete for Super Bowl. So. You only they targeted job of just keeping on point and you know while -- get there are those issues that crop up from time to time off the field. You know whether it's which you are on his contract tour players didn't. Some trouble off the fuel or other issues that. They can pop up from time to time. He's Jim Harbaugh got a very geologists keeping it on football. And keeping the guys focus so. -- as much as I I I do agree that there's been a lot of -- we -- -- -- that. I don't necessarily buy in to. That that -- happily -- huge carry over effect. Onto the field. I would ask your opinion quickly about this new stadium this coming up -- stadium -- accounts efforts outstanding my father Dave Wilcox. Is actually they're gonna have a I believe the statue of all the hall of famers out there but I heard this new stadium is is phenomenal -- Can you provide any insight on what you've seen. Well actually he would be intimidator would have low -- studio. -- person that it will actually all time greats. It got net debt dusting him his son's a screw up trust me that they -- -- And that you go to LA. You know you hit it. You know they're lucky here who wished -- and could have been built in its efforts are still open. Just that the climate -- it was much easier to coax. So now get it built a closer and -- -- ballot that. IP it's in India at the -- -- candlestick RT time elapsed. A lighter note cute cute cute -- -- The 49ers needed a new place to play. Andy's. Gonna be it's staying -- you need. -- it all the suites are going to be no one's side at the media. So there's going to be pretty sweet tower that pretty much Italy's. He is a crossed the way across the field from where. So it could be increment that released appointment a lot people that -- there. The way it's always gonna be like it's certainly not an appeal like Qwest Field Seattle. Where -- you know partial roots. To keep 70% that that stands. Under and -- on -- it's a rain. But he'll be issues to see how the dynamics work with the super reverberations from the sound but. From the east side of the stadium belching out the west side of the stadium that I think everybody here very real very. Excited to see it in open. -- my Yoko is our guest CSN Bay Area you could find my Twitter at my Yoko CSN that's MA IOC CEO. But as always great stuff thanks much for coming out with -- in short notice. --