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Jeff Sanders -- Exec. Director of Winco Foods Portland Open

Apr 10, 2014|

Jeff joins Travis and Josh to talk about the Masters and playing at Augusta.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Joining us now is Jeff Sanders sees the executive director of the win -- foods Portland open later on this year. He's also a former PGA tour player Jessica after buried -- Purdue will really appreciate join it is your first few minutes and no big big story line at least from our perspective over -- going into the masters a week ago was Tiger Woods not playing -- we always talk about that next group of guys coming up. An Odyssey -- a lot of experience knowing these guys and watching these guys play. What do you think about this young group of players that is just coming up on the warm can impact it's gonna have not steady gusts have been a golf. Well it's unbelievable relating to start a Web.Com tour and I'm here to test again this week -- EC players like Billy arches leading great player. You know Adam Scott is coming back from his victory last year. It's very unusual you guys. And I got to come back in in content in the first round in next year's sometimes that doesn't happen and Adams playing well of course Rory McIlroy. He's got to my pretournament pick this year without tiger and -- not yet that was his week. You know Patrick reach category here Jimmy Walker's point fantastic -- You are so many great players now -- back Tiger Woods Phil Mickelson and that's certainly set this. That the way elect Arnold and Jack if -- for many years but these guys are -- it's great couldn't get better every week and currently contending so I think the future for for golf is bright. Right Nazi tiger in the field this Buick scramble bully here this week -- without tiger in the field. I'd just leave this to Smart football guy like myself because you -- try to swing the golf club and we know that that's not very good bit. My question to you is as I mentioned Adam Scott some of these younger guys are it is mentally. How important is it for them mentally to tea. Not get in golf by the masters and all that comes with that I mean at one point you kind of experience that but it doesn't take a couple -- to go through it before your comfortable there are you -- kind of element from. Oh absolutely it does -- as a national masters I'll tradition all the history Jack Jack and Arnold and Gary Player at that. Opening shot -- you know all this body count everything -- You -- special to keep -- where you know whole history of them have the masters and Augusta. So you are an -- you watched on TV idiotic where your whole life. And at some point your chance to play the internment and there's no doubt that they got the biggest hurdle is the distractions. You'd almost have to turn all those people in the cart or people. Are just played a golf course but it it it's easier said than done golf course is a very challenging golf course and you know again I think because I think sort of you know. Play your game and not be distracted and not be caught thinking and order or thinking about what it would mean to win. These are the things when you're on the golf course our heart not to do we get hot that you know how important -- -- beat your career. To determine the financial you know -- it would be amazing. Which is the history who who won before -- and so look at the national like no other race. Creates that you know that opportunity to it too. Getting ready yourself or get up get up you can planned quite going to get caught up in the moment out airstrike that what you see. Guys like that couples who played very well thirty years. Always played well there because he he's not in -- won the masters note the golf course he's been through this war and so. Takes some time there's no doubt about it pixel art. In other certainly is that intimidation factor of just the words the masters in knowing what you're playing for helping you just talked about the course itself though they're gonna get out there applicable practice rounds for the tee off or how important is it for them to know this course and get to know. Really well do you -- this is Smart young players will try to look onto or Mickelson or couples and I practiced route with them. You know and Adam Scott or illegal a couple of great normally he was flying. An Australian try to figure out you know from them how to play the golf course because. It's it's very strategic you've got to work which yard shot on the green tomatoes greens are the most challenging greens in golf. They're gonna get quick again this year by the weekend and you don't which you aren't available and shut in -- make an aggressive stroke -- very. He just go around and never ever feel like your offense at all. Gary can have a -- centric mindset there like your collection gonna Mike Lowell and in and dribble off once -- the other EST aggressive and it's hard to decrypt it. Election placed those iron shots and got step in the right places and -- -- -- you're gonna know how you react. Is experiencing yourself or flavors and guys in the practice round. Look billionaire and wanna help you not what -- players like George as he Q and others. How important is the caddie within this whole conversation and what they're doing especially guys that haven't been there before. And that caddie disputed the advice seeking given may be common down or give them up when they need to. Huge I mean it's huge you know you're -- the caddie it plays a bigger role probably they gastric anyplace I mean again. You've got to know the layout you've got to know the golf course and you wanna have a caddie. Who has who has been down restriction may be one before he can I hear you're such a disadvantage to you don't have caddie that a lot of experience in the past that. I think that's why Adam Scott you know has an opportunity you know what his great -- -- Tiger Woods for publishers and now I think they they -- bigotry and it would out of out. You gotta you gotta have the right caddie Utica play well. Jeff Sanders is our guest easy executive director of the wind -- foods Portland open coming up later on this August Jeff we'll get to that here in just a minute but. We look at golf we keep trying to find some it's going to dominate and take that next spot not necessarily be the next Tiger Woods that would be kind of the flag bearer. For the PGA Rory -- the rays had the opportunity to do that with some big wins early in his career. But why do you think we've seen so many different winners -- major tournaments over the last five years. Most uninteresting and -- lots in line you know worries -- like Adam Scott has been quite a few different geysers coming in here and no one's really dominating. Behind Tiger Woods Phil Mickelson right now especially how many great players there are. And there is one guy who's gonna do it I don't see one guy. Coming up right now it's actually gonna do with tiger until done Greg Norman or or. Tom -- players like facts. I think it's there's a lot of great players are again -- the Web.Com -- that contribute to the app because it's given me young -- -- at a college or maybe somebody coming overseas. Opportunity to play three year probe. And and earn your way up to the PGA tour and I think. I -- for myself like you were an amateur at 22 year old. I was I wasn't ready to compete against Watson BP gets kite and Crenshaw. What and and I had eight years so maybe on the Web.Com Stuart get ready players approach -- how to travel. Migrated differently -- -- no but I think that's a big deal I think that's the one difference. That's quite a lot of -- right now treat -- you pick up proven wrong one guy who looked to the track right now there's a -- lot of great players come and thank god. So what is that challenge you get on a course in any given day in and you've got your round you know how good you are but then all the sudden you mentioned one of those guys paired up with -- -- On that leaderboard why is that such a challenge to go up against different golfers when it's the same course you've played before and it's the same game. Well it's interesting I mean that's right you I think what happens is that you. You expect when you get to Sunday that Japanese are thinking ahead or think we're gonna mean to win and you know and you can't give you gotta stay in the here now I got to play the shot from a view you'd get a plate for -- cant think without buying it. And you know quite frankly a lot of guys should get you get to Sunday in and you get a chance to win and start Internet and start watching the guy you're playing with any. Remember that you can't you can't block -- shot at doing about you've got to play your own game easier that the data entry go through it. I think you do that the culture that try to call purse strings they're pretty difficult although not a typical fox. But the same time it's the it's the things that are they're going on around you. And that they're gonna matter how much you -- got to get past that some guys can do that. And I cannot and it is one of the most important -- once you get to level all the players rat which means that anyone -- we have in the field this week they wouldn't either. Jeff -- we always love the superstars the tigers all these guys that have the brand name and net draws a lot of people but the casual fan and everybody else knowledge you know eight drives and if tiger can you -- out there to the ranging. Particular screen into all these different things but. With the added that the Web.Com all these other two hours. Would it be safe to say now that you have the star power you're always gonna have that but that golfers. -- -- the in the middle that's not exactly been fair but there's so many more. Good golfers out there that the competition. It's so much better now if you take it away from a couple of the -- so that's why you're seeing one guy here another guy there is just. If it could take a shot here there are a guy play a hot one weakened for them to prop up and have a helmet held the weekend. Well like to see you next competition think about -- 17100 players are written in the world structure crap which world initially based. Yankees are the top in these spots seventeen under the weight down. He got a long way to get down 375. That's the number of professional golfers that on the combination of the PGA tour. And -- dot com or 375 in the world so you know keeping about a really get baseball player that you might know placement picks. Well he might not be in the top 275 baseball player the world that he wasn't he wouldn't be quite -- baseball. So so eight were golf Web.Com accomplished is so competitive. Only trader at -- five guys in the world doing an actor -- bit about gold I mean each guy. He's just so competitive and are so many golfers around the world want to play -- -- -- -- There's just not accept or not room for him because killing -- so much like the day. -- operator under forty -- cricket player than a week. I thought he can fit around the golf course should act quite they're a limitation -- right there. So I think it's a matter compared you know the competition side of the populated game. In the money I mean or how much money available now out here that if you're young player in college getting camp at all. He got to go or -- you try to try to put the national golf and I think it -- it you know and if you look at the total number. Aptly currently PGA tour web dot conquer off the world want a smaller -- could not peace policy. The professional sport today and app -- of a competitive and that could make parity or intraday or. Well that's -- I'll stick to -- driving the beer cart Korea -- fifty. -- But I'm ugly out there -- -- out here anymore either way. Onslaught as I've hired for you that's all that's all that matters we heard we got under aired out so humbled to. -- -- and I guarantee that we got to build climate brought. Outfit that. Jeff Sanders is our guest he's a former PGA tour pro he's also the executive director of the winkle foods Portland open. Jeff thanks so much of the time left talking here real soon get ready for that a term at pumpkin ridge August 18 to twenty fourths. Thanks a lot we're excited that I you know actually when you watch it that -- metric that we can't check out how many players like a Web.Com or they're playing well here this week and boy I. -- -- -- -- -- --