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Terry Stotts -- Blazers Head Coach

Apr 8, 2014|

Coach Stotts joins Travis and Josh to discuss making the playoffs.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It is time to talk to the head coach have you or Portland trailblazers Terry Stotts joins our show. Coached the playoffs are -- clinched fifty win season for you congratulations first of all but at this point. Given everything that you guys have been through what does it say about your team you're here now today. Well. Haven't given them much but that. You know the fact that -- We we got through. We're doing through an 82. Game marathon it and we. Obviously got off to a great start we go through some rough patches. Which I think speaks to our resiliency. It was state very healthy it and you know is when we lost to Orlando. On that road trip it wasn't looking good and then to win the next four games and how we won the next four games that I think really spoke to. You know that we're playoff team that we're ready for the next challenge. Coach one of the things that it was very impressive to me from from the outside looking in as when you guys were kind of having some struggles don't was pointing fingers -- -- to maybe even bring that team together closer you look at other teams that. Have problems stuff gets leaked out and went pointed fingers everybody tennis. Kept the same message he kept going -- that's a tribute to not only coaching but the many have and -- locker room saying hey we can -- Turn this background we sought to be on the same page. Well you'd see it all the time honestly again. Losing losing as a challenge. To get through losing. No matter where you -- -- 61 team forty went point one went team. It's. Losing is is getting through that. And that saying giving to the other side and that we went through some rough patches. That we came through all right and I think you're right doesn't. We looked within we talked yourselves. You know it was will be. The success that we have was because of how we played as a team meant. I think everybody coaches and players included were you know how can we what we need to do to get that contract. You know coach when you go through those stretches like you mentioned -- loss to Orlando Damian Miller says the time that he felt he was the lowest point of the season. And there have been multiple comments like that during that stretch but as a coach in those situations how much do you leave that up to the players. To handle that and get on the right track mentally themselves and how much of that as you. A little bit to -- you know you gotta have good leadership in the locker room. You don't have players who care about the right things and that makes everybody's job easier. You know it's. There has to be a collective belief in in what we're doing players and coaches together and you know sometimes. It's easy to. You know let it ultimately it's the player's game day and we have to give them the resources to to be successful but. Sometimes it's you know part of my job is to get them going in the right direction and you know you have times where we lost the back to back games to. Dallas and which came from thirty back and then and then. Squandered a seven point lead and then. Back -- -- followed that up with the fuselage that we had to those you know those are trying times the next road trip where we get beat by thirty yet at Charlotte. And play Miami big game and then lose to Orlando. You know it's. There's not it's not a rule Leo a revelation anything that I'm going to say as a coach is not necessarily going to be a revelation is say we gotta do better global law. I mean it's just everybody buying into it we gotta get out of this we're gonna get through this together. Along those lines coach is kind of -- learned trait on learning how to close basketball games and to finish strong is that something you have to go through. It can't repeat if you test for everything kind of starts clicking as a group is that some kind of learned trait. Yeah I think there's something to that I mean I think. The great ones know how to close out games the great teams know how to close out games a lot of times to -- and and there the better team whether more talented. I think confidence has a lot to do -- -- you look at a team like Minnesota this year who had. Just an inordinate amount of losses close losses. That would have changed -- season dallas' have a lot of games that could've gone either way. And we had our share in the beginning of the season and then it kind -- the other way so sometimes -- Sometimes you'd like to think it's it's learned that sometimes it's counts sometimes it's little turned into this. Trailblazers head coach Terry Stotts is our guest here on the -- and coach -- leading into the playoffs you know you're going to be there you -- you don't know who you're going to be playing yet -- where those games are going to be but. You you yourself numbness or the players how much do you pay attention to what's going on around you and and and look at the standings -- that's and you don't even think about just yet. All right utilized. I stay abreast of league throughout the year I mean it's. Whether it's march and April looking at you know playoff standings over seedings or. Looking in in November and December and see who's playing well and who's not playing well also. I don't think that changes much from my standpoint as -- staying abreast of the league. Now that we're we know were in the play out you know in all likelihood will play either. Either use an error or the clippers now there's an outside chance to play Oklahoma City but. You don't week out I'll pay more attention due to those games with Houston clippers play for the next week in the and then probably. After Golden State game wool will have a really good idea -- -- player. You know coach I was sickened about this from and all football guy perspective -- you know you -- football you play once every week -- and you get up for games. 82 games over the course of a year and you go to -- up and downs and guys are tired and -- go on this long trip and you got to pay what seven men and thirteen days something like that. The I don't know if I can necessary to people and that's that necessarily appreciate just how difficult it is to get up for every game for 82 games and get ready for the playoffs. What is and you know we talked about our. Are rough stretch in March and you know we knew. When the schedule came out in August or September we knew that march was going to be a tough month the five game. The five game stretch of Dallas New Orleans. Memphis. I'm -- Houston Memphis San Antonio norms we knew that was can be distressing thing with the East Coast. The the thing that we did well let's take care of take care of games early in the it early in the schedule that. That we needed to take care of as far as getting up for games you know I think every player. Doesn't on their own that's part of being a professional. I don't think there's mr. pregame speech that that I'm gonna give him in the middle of January February that's gonna. You don't rock the boat in and had to get him yeah just run and charging out locker room. That's part of being an NBA professionalism is doing what you have to do to be prepared every night to play. Coach do we kind of overestimate the importance of momentum going into the playoffs a little -- -- is that assuming there is really a factor. -- -- in New York. You know we. I had this conversation I think Jason quick wrote an article about it that. You'll want we -- in Dallas of the year we won the championship we didn't necessarily having momentum we have beaten a Western Conference playoff team. As of January you know so we went two and a half three months without beating a Western Conference playoff team. And you look at the trailblazers the year they wanted before they had all the momentum in the world and end and they lost the first game so. It's a comfortable feeling. To -- pitcher playing well that. Did you have momentum going into the playoffs I think competence is very important in in any sports so. You like cabinet. And I think we're fortunate that you know where a young team we're gonna come out hungry. The matter of we play but. Look it's that you want -- playing well. And I don't know how much momentum. Plays into that either. You just got to go out play players are educated and create. One game in the playoffs in the moment the momentum swings one where the other. Anyway so any any momentum that you had going into the going into the playoffs can be lost in one game. Did the great thing about sports is when there's adversity or or struggles sometimes you can find some positives out of that and in looking at the kind of what you guys went through it seems to me and I can be wrong as the kind of found a feel or. Maybe -- instinct your gut kind of with what you're gonna do for that bench rotation is second a true now that as you -- -- -- thinks figure out and get ready kind of have a firm hand on agonies that bench. Well. The one thing that I think really came to light with LaMarcus is injured and shall prevent injury was that. Getting two minutes -- -- right at the battle for it has been. Has been an effective force win. When LaMarcus is out of the game and play -- -- of five. We believe we've been effective with that lineup. It with. Various different games so I think that's something that I feel very comfortable with. You don't going to a nine man rotations you know a lot like coaches cut the rotation down -- as the playoffs go. So that would be my challenge in those pars. The minute you do get rest in the playoffs you're not playing back to backs are four games and five nights so. But I am more help but think anybody who's been watching our games. Which settled into common. Iron Man rotation. -- markets came back end I don't see that changing at least for right now. Do you have an idea if jewel freely and will come back in if he does have that would affect the rotation. I really don't know what he's gonna come back and you know if he does then you know I could be better. I could answer that question but right now it's -- he's working he's he's doing everything he -- amber it's really. As to win he'll be able to come back I'm really concerned. Coach Earl Watson seemed to be one of those guys it's just an indispensable player coach also mentor to Damien Miller the impact he's brought this year is have been a huge asset for you as a head coach. What really has more so it it's a little bit like having -- directors last year when you have a guy who. Who is a consummate pro who's been in the league clip from multiple coaches -- and seen about everything there is to see in the league. The highs and lows he's he's stating influence for young players he's also motivate her for young players. And mentors well whether it's. Whether the older young players like nick in. Nick and LA -- the -- match with Damien horse of the younger guys so. Having him as a stating influence and a voice of reason in the locker room is is invaluable for -- Trail blazers head coach Terry Stotts is our guest on this and the blazers host the kings tomorrow the first of four games left before the playoffs beginning to -- half. Coaches always -- Pataki thanks so much of the time good luck in the post season we'll catch a recent are.