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Jason Quick - Oregonian, Trail Blazers Reporter

Apr 4, 2014|

Quick joins Isaac to discuss the Blazers final push into the Playoffs and his beloved Angels being swept by the Mariners.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Blazers take on the suns tonight. And there were pleased to have this and I mean that we are pleased to have -- or billion. Lasers strapped Jason quick now last time we talk to you you're given the ducks beat so now you're back on the places at some of us are wondering line. Ought to -- question. -- -- Our company tried to fill the position and weren't successful and you know the bleachers are having such a what fitful peace and they decided it needed someone on merit and about ducks though -- media access I would. And to hear him. Now OK so just temporary or use liking and again to the point where you're gonna take you back. I don't know. -- -- -- it I'm not. -- it's been really. Like that said it invisible I think it did pretty compelling story arc. Yeah that's kind of a fun team to cover. At least so far I mean at the start was great night -- you know they got me wrote down like I mean I really like this team. And then they were so disgusting that I hated him you know back to liken him again so that's got to be pretty -- to cover. Yes you never kind of know what you're gonna get. There's some good story line in there and it's a pretty -- locker room. From her forties and point to worked so. It's an OK Richard. All right so calm. What do you think there are used now that they've got the ship righted so to speak do you think that Saddam is basically think the blazers will get out of first round. Well. And I'm not ready to fully commit. The -- I'd like to keep their plans. And then to let you know bright outlook connector complete Houston. I would like him right now and that's series continues just because I think Patrick -- could be compromised. In that movie I think like Howard had them. Conditions right now he's taken a timeout to rest the back. But I'm gonna go out and yeah I think they target to get out I like -- eat -- eat. In the last week or so I think -- shocked and result in. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know she -- I was about what ten days ago. When they look like things -- falling apart after the loss to Charlotte after law in Orlando but -- you know. It's amazing how much LaMarcus Aldridge makes people. I think you know that. In in years past I haven't been the biggest LaMarcus Aldridge and. This year yes on the top ten. I think he's a different guy for starters I think it's all mental makeup is. Different than I'd seen him in his first seven years in Portland. And you know I know people so irritated about it where he shoots the ball -- all that it. It goes much broader than that as far as how he makes everything it on the and particularly eat sensibly. He was out he really suffered sensibly and trying to mask -- and play that small lineup it just didn't work on night. Against some combinations but now he's back everything. Kind of fit the way it goes to -- and people are playing within themselves are not haven't forced to do. Too much. Yet if you can definitely see the merits. On the court there's no question but I wanna go back to some media said there about him as a person what he. Do you think it is a mean it has he has he grown up busy is he less sensitive -- how is he different person. He you know to me it seems more. Bull with that -- in in what is expected of him as a quote unquote leader. I think -- it is willing to shoulder. More responsibility you know out to be an example. You know I'm not left for a trip they lose Orlando -- this horrific -- Terrible I mean. Start to get grounded old in the playoffs are questions are are they gonna make the playoffs. And that was an absolute. More work for a locker room people were down. And the markets throughout the apple could ever -- curtain back and Antonio. What ago he would hide in the corners in treated him so he would have to talk -- app based music. And you know I'm not gonna get them on -- that's got it right but at that time. After that Orlando law. The it in the locker and that is shared it we read. Our I'm here to talk I'm here to answer the questions. And I'm going to be back next game. That's the way you look what he did their typical for the heat shielded them. Indeed people hope that OK hey are all -- that he can. Come back we don't know picture that you I'm gonna try -- in combat he took a lot of -- a lot of pressure off. It peace and I've really gotten that they're talking and I tell you. What -- have views derailed right Mo Williams baseball wins there head to listen to what LaMarcus Aldridge. Was gonna say they wanted to -- they needed here and he did. I mean. When he did that and how he. What his message well it was really protecting it. At that point I don't know that he would have done that two or three years ago. This is Jason -- of the Oregonian here on the -- contests foursome Glazer sons night. Yet that's that's interesting do you think he he -- I -- you're saying that he had the sense to do that or did it yeah somebody prod him to do that. No -- definitely does not product because that whole time I was saying I wanna park and Marcus Allen park Marcus. They said no you will not talk until team practices. And that -- The market did that on its -- -- -- mark. Well that's that's. Yeah I mean that kind of lends itself to something that I was. -- seen during that whole free file and it was a free fall into that they really did lack it looked like they'd just lacked leadership. Without him out there. Is -- is that on Damian -- -- -- -- it is heat a little too young yet hit to kind of take that over if Aldridge is outer or why do you think that is. No I you know and I've written about this. In the past month I think Indian shown some huge huge sign of leadership that. That being should be really incurred by -- and dignity. Initiating the median Antonio. Was huge -- -- beyond his years but. He still is it affecting your guy still beat you feel that way and I don't know that you had. Authoritative. It's kind of aura about him that Tate. Aren't gonna change. LaMarcus the market is this franchise no matter what -- anyone else piece of that player he's the biggest piece of that -- And what he's set in because he's not -- Iran -- -- -- he does say that it carries a lot of weight. But I don't think. It was a lack of leadership purse saved from. Being in or -- leave organic or anyone else on the team did that it sometimes at these these guys. About it. Who shows up and who played through it and that's an opening in. I don't know if there were questions. Inside the organization and that now our room but I know there were some on the periphery of of this team that. -- -- -- -- player right now and I think before it that groove. LaMarcus squelch it and I'm gonna plain and clear that he was injured pain. -- -- -- -- -- -- Now LaMarcus if you look at some of the stats you know he's been here long enough now he's only I think 28 dead he's he's you know put to put up quite a few numbers in Portland and he's he's climbing the lists of around the the the points list and in enemy. But what what is has he started to write his legacy -- will start now and in to see how does he have to go deep into the playoffs to really. Begin to get in the conversation of some of the all time great blazers. You know I think he'd already be there just because of the longevity and because of how much she has produced fuel. No matter what you and -- -- he will go down and you know a top ten blazer for sugar beat the top five numbers like that luckily this. That mattered little markets and I think we'll play a factor in whether or not he resigned for. You know where he's into what his legacy is with the franchise. It does mean something. I don't know he's gonna come down -- right -- But that's what I have been told about what I've gathered. From him and be around in the last couple line. -- You know leaving behind a legacy leaving behind then where -- that there. If it matters it definitely matters in. I didn't it surprised me at first. But again tonight this is. Such a drastically different markets. And I was around. Those first seven years I mean. You know we -- category and that persistent ease about him. And a comfortable he's comfortable with everything. I think. When it comes time for him to decide you know whether or not -- -- I think. That being comfortable in this environment in this setting here or. Albeit -- -- Now NEC any seems comfortable like you said so I sat out offseason moves this -- -- you try to lock him up what do you do for -- said. I'm sure yeah I'm sure you'll try to look at it. I don't know why I -- you have. Needle -- what part costly bloody -- nine when it comes person now. In money and all that I technique. You know our talent -- LaMarcus is agent very -- -- You -- to work aren't and I I think they'll probably look confident from good outcome will be and both parties. That's centrists. Night last. Did talk any of this is Jason click the Oregon you know I'm I'm really sorry buy you're angel's night I don't. I don't feel good about a deal. Now. You know -- -- Was down there for two and a three game against the Mariners and -- just get what that America is -- the -- -- -- -- -- Absolutely -- To have -- and smoke muted guy. Daggers. Really hurt but I I think there's some problems in. You know it. -- I think it is look ridiculous franchise. You know I -- talking to a national writer down here and spend some time around the angels and he said pool holes it is the worst person. Ever been counted toward really compare it. We're very. That a lot about the you can see -- I don't. I can't say I'm not about locker room that are being -- contract and everything so grounded -- gonna bring that shutdown. -- -- it's worse than -- -- -- even angels in the first place are you from Southern California the group. Okay first eight years. Aren't. Well hang in there. Ignited what an up tick that's right yeah and I believe probably giving up 49 -- would this be 5050. And now. Well I think they're gonna do it they'd played the sun stuffs. I mean the suns played them tough this year it's been really good series there. Right sir thanks a lot for joining us and now it's irrelevant I'm. Jason good to the Oregonian.

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