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Ben Golliver -- Blazers Edge and Sports Illustrated

Apr 3, 2014|

Ben joins Travis and Josh to talk Blazers and NBA.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Joining us now is Ben golfer with Sports Illustrated then always -- it's not the hour it. We are doing great today thanks for the time and the trailblazers over the last four games looks so much different than they did for the previous two months really a lot of it has to do with getting help and LaMarcus Aldridge back as opposed it when we saw last time but. What is the biggest change for this team in their mentality your opinion. Meet you need it it starts with altered and getting everybody back to the role they were killing earlier in the year -- and the comparable. You know I think you -- right got a list and everybody is. Outlook better I -- in in different ways over the last couple games to beat the number of books are comparable -- you'd been to meet all the pieces are just sitting out they need. It in fifteen hasn't been any super deep team are going you do that those starters go to create opportunity for the bench step up and do a little bit you expect. You know I -- pusher from Mo Williams. Game against Chicago lament -- as -- opened things up for players like go to on the charms unity will Bart stuck open PL. Equal contributors so. Would you put all that together. Yeah it is a nice pass like you mentioned part. You know did the big question I think going into the playoffs over the next two weeks is. It is the question whatever -- apple corps basically war crimes against Houston that could be pivotal and he saw the chance to get that. But at that you know you wanna make sure that everybody -- help you get directed. -- -- got yourself back track and speak out. Picking big picture editor of the policy. You know the one thing that impressed me most after going through that you know kind of tough stretch was no -- -- pointed fingers and know whatever -- You're seeing with the pace as he's been kind of falling apart with comments did -- -- the struggles bring this team a little bit closer together. Stewart -- quite bigger a lot of it is -- and -- it turns out it got locked reflection. Do you look at -- alert me just that topic had ignited the -- look and -- you -- -- that even during their really rock stretched on the -- last year. You know there was certainly sort of a rally mentality you guys are trying to -- to pick up little bit but it -- to be bigger picture and take activity. Aldridge had never been about Bennett -- he's more like he could be too quiet about it too loud so we got a contract that with the Internet -- it. I'm afraid is because I don't think you know it's about got in trouble for -- I pity -- on the comic teenager in the quality last year. Yeah maybe a little bit more but he should advocate a lot of no dissension now -- with other -- try to figure out you know who seek. Calling out a little -- And that was in the eastern Corliss sort of an ankle struggle to delete it after all are at -- should eat -- but he also would be YouTube much. A lot of those are typically huge minutes all year so when you're out and eat eat -- -- duke. But there's going to be breaking factor. I never really -- -- of a locker room issues at all -- -- that. We -- America's at all that he that you really happy comfortable locker that's -- sort of I think at the pressure you know are we gonna miss the play -- upper back and be equally -- look at a burial that -- looked very efforts by the you bet. Any of that. Pictures and good got bought it because now you're playing stretch free you're able to focus on the -- and whether they -- her out. Spend Oliver Sports Illustrated is our guest here on the stand and then a lot of time to hear that a team -- takes that persona and the personality of their coach. Terry Stotts is a very different -- than we've seen here in Portland that are really long time how does his personality his style mesh with the personality of this team. Cook will remember what -- -- -- three -- To -- reporters and -- at about green light. What a guy like you need to know or some other coaches got there might not dispute that. And -- if you wanna call that a truck and players -- were reciprocated trust from players act and I think actually were adults are personality wise -- put -- -- right now they are so focused on the report ball interpret drop at Ohio. -- and they're also very focused on defense that we got the -- reporters he's clearly are prioritized data on respecting order would be -- to be import our critique. I any and it got players is sort of -- -- mold. In terms of liking to shoot three quarters vote being you know let -- now these are among the league leaders requires at it. But our -- put -- not but also being capable of doing and being able to knock on the shot that you could put Skype up at the shoot the ball. He's got but it happens on the reserves last year and has just gone out there and and basically -- a break. And it's and it got the personal are capable delegate but to me it's more of a lot of the coming up -- got as opposed to a personality. -- I was asked your opinion on Earl Watson now he's not you know the -- it's candle lighted up and you look at the box scores but I've been seeing some stuff were maybe leadership and his coaching and helping in many touring. It's one of the main reasons and how valuable he is this team. Yeah that's been a target the -- last year as well you know get right crichton and having somebody would have liked to redeem Mueller. It pretty clear your interest in coaching. They got a pretty incredible coaching -- is a lot let me think about it you wanna be. Coached. You know chocolate silly you know -- you and I don't think you really get a lot of that other what -- out on and it. And welcome bill was soldier out. We expect that 22 if you get. To be future -- and so -- got a lot of solid -- -- you know he's he's the guy who. I eat at all been rendered in combat in I think you got pretty steady person out and straightforward. Actually like that was active. You know personalities in the locker room but ultimately I look at those you know let you spot the roster to be it's always. You know are those aren't -- -- -- more -- -- -- clearly -- or -- -- -- but I think you know most of the the action India India is going to be interpret. Your starters in your star players at the -- the guys wake up next. We really look at court for those guys is helping but not heard. You know venue look at the almost inevitability at the blazers are going to play the rockets on the first round of the playoffs one way or another. And the injury to Patrick Beverley how healthy is he going to be if he plays the injuries to Dwight Howard -- -- -- with those little bit lately. You know what are we gonna see from this Houston team as far as health is concerned with that being said what is this matchup in the post season looked like ultimately for Portland. -- people can circle it help that you definitely it was a rockets that now. It's and Beverly huge. You know he's -- about -- ability to kind of slow down into another -- Each unit numbers -- what they are usually. And the numbers you know -- could back that up on me. Very good on ball under such -- the that the beach front -- you're really get up and you were shot. Is always you know contesting dribbled you know -- -- -- -- -- -- -- turnovers he really makes point guards think it'll work art in our great. Pressure all the way up the court you don't see that every day so you. A big player. -- you know he's more important in your average X-Factor. And he needs to be healthy right now in question are you not help you you don't like -- batch of strong. In Portland paper and you would you like helping you create alert that and not play annually at the corporate crowd like here and who -- pocket supporter but I really -- eclipsed. Has been the NBA that occurred guarded and kind of leading -- that -- -- that that kind of -- of -- -- -- years now. You know return to power an even bigger one because so much of what they do expect and -- bad art art art trailer park that the and it's not working. Aggregate targets -- would be kinder to -- critical look at what ought to. Out by you know he's he's clearly is. Focused on -- -- it it's always on the opposite way forward on the deep threat that actually. Eating into -- to be healthy to be content shock come across eight. You know pick up Aldridge -- in key situations. They're gonna need him to it you know recounted book because they like -- all just like the situation that sure that we. A lot of responsibility to power to turn it up. -- -- at the board so you know it is -- the biggest question. We're assuming he's going to be help in the post and I think it could debate that probably like paper. But certainly not as much a favorite that they -- -- Apparently not at an entry. Then I've been reading Sports Illustrated dot com and in some of your columns here and you make a great case that Damian Miller this kind of set up for him as -- -- in the playoffs to be kind of the spotlight on him if he has -- held the first round series. There's no question about -- going through the -- -- two guys. Would have the potential to really be breakout stars producers let people know who they are up but it all we did you get into the play out so much more attention. Given current players and those two guys are -- -- which I did in the that would the wages they're very similar situations or what else happened -- at last year awards news. You could put together all -- eat in a you could have ever but you realize you are certainly not work. When you are not my job any easier game -- meet at a moment I think which are outlawed such unbelievable player. -- off the dribble create a situation in transition. That the worker really be globally about what he's able -- view he could really have interest in -- Match with a color accuracy aka back out Beckett you religious eastern proper. Output in the west -- sluggish industry just like -- I eat it that you love them all peninsula -- -- -- shot most pressure. And so all those things you know set a pretty nicely and he's gonna have a pretty big -- one way or the other. People get used to you know accuses. Period interest to not Argentina put on the point -- it's been a -- a -- -- -- a type environment albeit -- between those two teams have been buried I think. I think a lot of national people probably took a look at their rocket racers here you gotta -- -- to trade secret struggle -- Right up there potentially -- like the clippers in the warriors are not going to get a lot of attention to -- about in stepping up. And attacking her -- alerted he's not going to be stuck in the situation where it's -- the world body can still rely on all of which carry a heavy vote. But he's going to be able to -- -- -- shot but he does know weeks but he may well I can -- Yeah and -- John Walton. And expect as well those are two young up and coming also a kind of players who could really had taken -- Extent returned to their reputation and well. Then Gulliver is our guest blazers edge dot com NBA dot SI dot com and on Twitter at -- golfer always great stuff Ben thanks so much appreciate the good work. --