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Chris Simms -- Former NFL QB, BleacherReport

Mar 28, 2014|

Chris joins Travis and Josh to talk the QB draft prospects.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Joining us now is former NFL quarterback Chris -- he is now with Bleacher Report Chris are -- I'm doing good guy you know duke rape her she join us today so tell us what you've been up to as far as. You know your your details here with Bleacher Report getting ready to study these quarterbacks for the NFL draft. I'll -- bomb -- been studying a lot the guys that are coming out into that NFL draft opposition that's kind of my job the Bleacher Report. I am kind of wanted to lead NFL guys so I tried to break down film as far as teams players making videos and and you know I've I've been fortunate of course I grew up in and a household that they'll send to -- my father. He was coached by Bill Parcells I've played for Jon Gruden. Jeff this year and that was kind of then I was in new -- don't -- check for. A few years so I've been fortunate to really learn football from a lot of great football mind and it's it's nice to be able. Try to convey my thoughts every -- and -- on some of these Bleacher Report dot com videos. Well give us your thoughts on the circus and a part of what that was Johnnie -- and sells Prodi yesterday. Well it was a great guy it was a great work out I thought it was really kind of cool how he where the shoulder pads and helmets. You got to make it game like an -- professionals possible I don't think. Think he might have done it -- to make himself look a little bigger. -- that's just something that I think I don't really know that. But all in all the work out was impressive I mean. We know what kind of athlete he is. To -- he is one of the most natural flowers in the draft a better thrower been born old and Bridgewater. Throws the ball great on the run and we know that in the pocket he. He does throw it well. Not perfect all the time. But I really did like -- -- one complaint about the work out I would have liked to seen more deep ballots come -- those kind of things I thought they. You don't deliberately scheduled -- stay away from from those routes. When you look at his pro day yesterday's of the of the Prodi is that we've seen me go back TO ten years ago or so when you were going through your pro day. How much has changed as far as what those -- consistently what coaches and scouts look for. Well I don't think much has changed from that standpoint I think just more than spectacle all -- -- -- now even you know without coming out in 2003. It's just it's just the different media world now I mean like you know like you saw yesterday. And -- felt -- there yet opinion there there don't but it lives. That's -- really wasn't going on just ten years ago so. It is pretty amazing that the band there that they are just for -- pro day. It's pretty crazy I mean that -- president are there and he can't say that too often. They -- DJ there playing music though certainly a little different but but still nonetheless pretty impressive and an apple you know people I think that it didn't. Modern standard is that just the normal everyday and they think everybody that there is beat. Johnnie -- and outlaw. I'm willing to bet that. That Mike Evans then and Jake -- you end -- getting drafted beforehand and so. I think there's a lot of guys they're don't watch them as well. Guys is gonna ask yeah I mean you know Jon -- -- in the top but it it sounds like Evans really stood out yesterday and he's the wide receivers you know course. As a quarterback you know it's always good to have a great wide receiver. I'm over there I'll ask you specifically -- and someone as well I -- the league for a couple of years my father did play in the NFL as well but what was the biggest difference for you as a quarterback from college. Going to the NFL what was the hardest transition of change or or biggest typical thing that maybe ED didn't think -- -- -- -- all this -- but what was the one that really -- that -- -- you. War they'd be the first thing out by -- that the inventory as far as offensive game planning in the plays you need to know weekend and week out in the NFL and I came. We were very simple I mean we really we went into most games we have like ten or fifteen plays and we just. That's all we did -- we just -- -- beat you with art talent. That I got you can't that they would Jon Gruden and you don't just -- Wednesday based in based installation. We would put in a 15060. Planes. So that was one thing just the field that the thing -- that jumped out at me you know you're you're used to throw the ball to receivers in the DP is being around them. But -- the first time you drop back in the NFL it is extremely mean extremely noticeable. The size and the speed different on the offense and defense alive you know there there's there's a college died. On every NFL defense the line. There's the Julius Peppers that maybe you'd -- beat Seattle out there you know in the north blasphemy they just got a lot of physical break on the deep and collide so. From that standpoint that size and speed of the big guys was certainly eye opening. Chris Simms is our guest he's now Bleacher Report of course former NFL quarterback and Chris -- we look through some of the comments from the analysts whether it's Ron Jaworski talking about the third or fourth round grade on Janet Johnny -- -- your father Phil talked about. In -- -- think there's a single franchise quarterback in this year's draft where you stand on that with this year's crop of quarterbacks. A lot stand there and I'm not gonna say I think John McDonald a third or fourth round. I I can understand -- Jaworski assessment as far as saying that. But no I'm like I -- along with my dad -- I don't think there's you know our franchise quarterback of what we -- release -- franchise quarterback you know there's no Andrew Luck Matthew Stafford. Jay Cutler. Those type the guys that just have. True -- be physical talent especially when it comes the throw the ball on the ball I don't envision any of these quarterbacks scored in the top ten I just think. The values not there. I really would argue that I don't really see it happening in the top one either. Like it at the -- is not there there's a lot of good players in this draft and I think. Maybe the drop from two or maybe it was three years ago with Jake Locker Christian plot ponder and Blaine Gabbert I think that taught a lesson. And to a lot of NFL teams. And you can assault last year nobody. Nobody dropped a quarterback in the first round -- EJ Manuel -- and I think. Think that was date a reachable see how that turns out but. I've certainly heard there is some concern out there buffalo about EJ -- and I know most people -- thought that was -- a very far reach to take him at pick number seven. Since we're talking -- -- the Big Three out there but there's a group of quarterbacks as well and maybe this has to do with -- kind of sliding down is that there's separation now between the second group in the Big Three is not as drastic as people thought originally. Right guy you're exactly right you know if you ask me who the -- the lower the -- wallet in the drafted I would probably say that met burger from LSU. So yeah I don't think there's. They're there is not much drop off between the Big Three and that met burger AG may carry and you know rock below. Those guys there are. Very close as far as talent level and I would -- -- is -- -- an even Derek -- started that those guys I would argue may be our. Every bit. Making. His size and you know it is throwing the ball up in the crowd and in his body withstand the weight plays. You know Chris you mentioned that NFL teams might have learned a little bit in the 2011 draft but he also think that NFL teams look at what. -- the Seahawks were able to do where they drafted Ron Wilson same thing with -- -- can savored Cisco trying to use that as a model. I think you're right on there exactly right yet there's just there's there's don't you don't need. Panic anymore you don't need that franchise quarterback in the first round there's a lot of good quarterbacks out there -- value I mean look at nick pulled in Philadelphia at -- -- -- he would want. The best years in the history of the NFL last year I think the second best quarterback rating ever. So yes and then you write Russell Wolff and -- predict. Tom Brady that takes round picks so. The franchise quarterback doesn't necessarily need to beat. Down to the top five the top ten picks. What's your thoughts on -- Brandon cooks them a switch the wider -- out of Oregon State here he's seems to be a lot of people catching up to him. We we were witness to what he can do all your long because epic catches that football -- A good addition to anybody in that first late first round. Yep I think I think he is climbing up -- words I love Randy Cox I mean if there's -- god that ball in the line of the purse he Harbin China type category. It would be. And men need the -- dealt Beckham junior -- and LSU. Cook -- really think cook who gonna go somewhere between fifteen and maybe 22 in that range as far as the draft he he's probably. You might be the most explosive in the draft he. He's very quick. You know the only end he got a whopping catch them jump ball forgot that smaller it is. You watches his -- and it is quite impressive how many times he goes up and does that but I think you know at the end of the day besides. Keep them out of maybe the top ten or top fifteen. But he's going to be awesome. Implode just extremely explosive. And -- you don't got good hands I'm not gonna say they're great but. But they're very good and he's certainly going to be a great addition to to any team next year. They're -- the big news today DeSean Jackson being released by the Eagles have a lot of new rumors and reports nothing completely substantiated as to why he was released today. When you read those reports in in you see the effect that he may -- may -- have -- on that locker room what do you think. I think it's actually a little far -- you know I'll say that's I don't know DeSean Jackson but I you know course have friends in the NFL -- know and they all like come. They made a Smart kid. He did good account so you can't be stupid it. And you know I didn't think gang affiliations such a loose term I think it's a little ridiculous that the Eagles and and you know New Jersey dot com or whatever reported that. You know most of the guys in the NFL team. From the hood came from the inner city came from poor upbringing. So. Do they have friends that may -- are involved in gangs are shady shady things. Maybe they do sure but did say that he actually affiliated with the gang I think that's a little ridiculous. And like I said I just think there's you can find fifteen or twenty guys on every team in the NFL that. Probably have a friend from their bringing that's involved and -- jagr ourselves some shady things. Chris Simms is our guests former NFL quarterback former Texas quarterback did you find him now on Bleacher Report also on Twitter at cease -- QB Chris great stuff today thanks so much of the time we appreciate any --