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Ivan Maisel -- ESPN College Football

Mar 27, 2014|

Ivan joins Travis and Josh to talk about the unionization of college football.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It is time to bring on Ivins may sell of espn.com. -- great column today on the unionization of college football live and how are you today. Do very well appreciated in a few minutes forest today so with the details that we saw yesterday everything come out with -- northwestern what's the next step. Well the next step would northwestern has doubts its intention to appeal. I didn't about it. There are certain mr. art orbit. And it will make their case. -- entire National Labor Relations Board Washington. Battle that it has been so that is not -- Now doesn't this just in an act act play college football full discouraged -- my brother coaches for USC. But doesn't this just open up bill the hole is just the first step along with the Ed O'Bannon dangerous kind of completely change in the landscape of college sports as we know it. Well it certainly. At northwestern loses its appeal not convinced that -- happened yet. Just the fact this is now on the table and people have begun to consider. What went after what would remedy did break whatever Akron northwestern it's. It's going to each day. When you look at what could happen there obviously northwestern being a private school that's -- the issue lies right now we think about the possible expansion of this this happening to other schools you know FBS schools and some of the non BCS conferences the big picture of that. It could this be something that is eventually happening throughout all of college football. What -- A labor attorney mail today. Now like -- be -- all paper seventy. Institutions. That rule it be different -- under public. School -- other under certain members via public institutions. That's now you don't like -- -- -- private schools public school well I pointed out that. Under NCA competing under. Rule all. So that's another. Instance where it is a lot of possibly. Talk. About it. Yeah wouldn't have. It lead to maybe some T places and schools and have a lot more money and if it turns out to be this whole pay for play in and taxable income thing with they have an advantage to other schools that don't have financial resources and -- way to sicken you might end up making more money for us here. Well yeah -- a possibility that he let out that conclusion but -- You know a level playing field anywhere. Is it. Automated -- facilities aren't trained nobody. -- and other schools that other advantages. So. You know that it it would be -- coaches. -- same thing. You know the problem I -- is just. The logic could be. -- came out at me really yesterday. At nothing to do with -- does that everything to do a time commitment. And deal -- makes decisions about the player's future what are academic or or athletic. All of -- all of those reasons. Our. I could be used her and not revenues or athletes that are so you know under is going you can very easily. I'm revenue at its union has to -- Inaudible. And it's going to be -- out assault. Ivan made Zell is our guest espn.com. And Ivan we we saw a lot of different narratives being talked about after this the one of the big ones has been all the tax purposes and things like that. How does that change if this isn't going through. Well I suppose it would mean that. This is a contract. Then. Scholarship. Good -- and Scott -- Become taxable go straight. I don't know that the stands to reason that this is an employer employee relationship. Employer based compensation. So all of a sudden. 60000 dollar scholarship. You know there's just exploiting -- I don't know what you know again that's another. -- -- -- -- -- So if that does happen it is taxable income and into a 60000 times four years old when you've got. In a lot of money to pay taxes on after these students and in student athletes and part of the advantage of getting his scholarship that is not taxables than you end up. With these guys seem to pay some money the end of their their college career so. I like to several that's when these guys have thought about it seems like it's a fairly big consequence. Yeah. Absolutely absolutely right that India and what I keep statement. -- -- And again as somebody. Pointed out as well. Note this school -- to come up with some sort solution to a major. They tried to do that have been talking about -- and all Costa Indians. Three years you know two. To 2000 Tory government all of our tuition room board books. -- court. I'll grant it -- -- be NCAA as cattle I'll. At school they can afford it ought to be able to do it in school and -- Won't allow -- to pass legislation. That. Could change -- and -- maybe someone might bet more people. You know what's fascinated me as well as as -- talking about you know a place at the table to unionize so they can collect will be bargain to two to go up there. The representation that that side of it if you look at towards a future you're asking eighteen to 21 year old to its possibly figure this part where they wanna go to school did OK got to collectively bargain or be involved with this. So what you're gonna have to have some help from I -- whatever said union but not all the unions work the same dollar -- each state all the rules are different. State by state so that's the another. I guess issue that you really have to look at. Yeah you're going to compete in -- out of those -- Out of those rules impact NCAA. Rules every guy's supposed to complete complete keep the playing field as level as possible. I'm not Smart enough evidence supported by it it's gonna take. A lot of votes ought. It's gonna take somebody start at the port between -- -- it happened. At critical at all happened. You know it but it made it 68 internment happened he can be -- in -- awaited a more people be every bit. From the waist and I don't do it -- it's going to be a lot of you know executive branch in the courts to figured out it and that's not going to be any printers. So how much does this lead to the possibility of some of those smaller schools and the FBS. Either dropping footballer dropping down to the FCS -- the rear reorganization of of all the classes how likely are things like that to happen. Well. I felt great people are gonna -- drop out of Korea Syria and all very -- -- major schools. I'll -- very interested in leaving out of school I -- it has changed it and being able to do. April. What they can support and all. The way to the end date governance as pork in it. Our belt now is that beat the majority of schools that don't have -- -- -- have been able to hold them back. -- At the amount of money. You know it's sort of monitor its coveted college athletics increases and coaches makes seven figures are. Players still get anything. The draw he has been such that this noted we got this case we got the O'Bannon case. We've got their West Virginia case that was filed last month. You know it's an antitrust case that particular very good kids. -- got to come up with some answers. If this is finally I guess it not funny because you've been around college football uh oh long enough for it and everybody's kind of always -- -- the system. Paid assistant sums eventually got to have to change I think you know yet you -- -- being Casey mentioned though the West Virginia thing and now this. It's been blown out tire. Not just sports world. It's dinner table conversations so they're gonna have to do something to your point because if not then you get to the the courts involved in it's gonna drag out in the PR nightmare that. Quarter quote this in CA or whatever governing body you're gonna have. They're gonna have to get through that figure that out. Well you're right it and it really need to. There have been met and starts -- expected. Mark -- into president put the full cost dependent on the table three years ago it would seem like. A lot of people wanted to do it it's just gotten bogged down patent. You know they're just standing around aren't getting any of this -- meanwhile. You know got. I'm more pressure to make something happen and they haven't done. I think there were reorganization of division audience posters. The planet's most big announcement a few months and it happened and Nadal. -- in May Zell is our guest espn.com. You can also find in my Twitter of course at I've -- underscore may Zell. I did -- so much of the time we appreciate the inside and -- is is a very confusing topic some think is a much. --