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Jonah Keri -- Grantland

Mar 27, 2014|

Jonah joins Travis and Josh to preview baseball and talk some Expos and Grantland.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back to Travis and Wilcox -- a couple of days from baseball opening day even though it kind of already happened and joining us now is John Kerry from -- Atlanta. Dot com joining our Internet. We are doing very well sold it to -- here which I find that fascinating just couple of minutes but. It opening day thing in Portland isn't quite what it is and others cities that have Major League Baseball teams but specifically what we saw last weekend. And what does Major League Baseball trying to do specifically by putting those games in Australia. I just grow the game to different markets has been done independent of other places before. It's just another show of unity ticket diminishes the game I mean. How much do you have a -- merit sense for instance. You know are you gonna go to -- -- Paula -- still exists opening day. His focus begins to happen a couple weeks earlier I don't think so I think that it's. You know what may have -- nine move I think that if you really had to pay caddie did that while there is possibly the Dodgers Diamondbacks players -- be a little bit jet like reputed but I just think that it's sort of harmless single school that they converted that British cricket pitch down there in Sydney in two into the -- field and they will look from the. Q you mentioned the Mariners what's your take on the Seattle Mariners this year may be what they can or cannot do. I think I have problems pitching in pain you know it's funny they think I can only that I got a lot of grief but. -- the choices pocket the money don't spend -- thing -- -- get you know the -- -- -- the game -- assembled final years of the contract will be not great but these first two years are probably going to be properly these -- evidence before the -- -- player. Right now he's terrific that's all fine you know Logan Morrison Corey Hart does okay in the -- -- -- Why stop there really look at the pitching staff. You'll find pretty cool -- -- -- -- start that he did they got a bunch of rookies and kind of suspect pitchers so. He really need to upgrade the starting rotation I don't think they did a good enough job at the very -- division the Astros. 500 -- into me right now I'm being honest. I think mariners fans it would take 500 consider -- -- for the last ten years -- talked about the pitching. There were some pictures out there this offseason but we know we saw what they do would put their money. -- why do you think they've had so much difficulty bringing in you'll freeagent pictures of this this club. Look at double digit. Just think they either didn't -- did not turn up money I don't think that adults do what a terrible place to -- that northwest -- but calling it just simply didn't reach -- -- an aggressive paparazzi to -- no problem taking their money of course in the that a court -- and so on so I just think it comes down to not going quite all of spending -- but not spending. You know the way -- bottle like at a big game. Look into trading nick Franklin perpich without the possibility because he's really begun -- but they have other middle infielders spoken for obviously now that didn't work out so no well. We'll see what happens they didn't even need to go after. Tanaka our big -- select all of that would have been a lot of fun but in a bad parent and a one year ten million dollar deal with the Dodgers I mean that's not really -- -- expense -- my colleagues -- work. Arms to be had. That would have is fairly content to -- -- and for whatever reason they did and and that's what it's Seattle. You have them about 500 media when and that division. It's really close right now I don't wanna get too much -- can -- -- the prediction come out Monday about common every don't have the World Series but. Let's just say that the Rangers and they're very very close and I think the angels have a little bit dark horse to them as well. They're considering what the angels have their lineup I can understand that John Kerry is our guest from grant land dot com and -- talk about the gazans -- -- looking around the different predictions all over the place a lot of people have the gays in the playoffs in the World Series moves seen the last couple years but. Know how remarkable is that what they continue to deal with their payroll. Great the -- -- -- on the aid couple weak start got two hours which was amazing with -- -- the owner of the wolf and a talked extensively about the days and about -- next evolution of the team you know what you get beyond the money -- -- where they had now building -- stadium robust growth stocks also protect an autograph when and that they're -- innovative you know we were talking about things like. The allocation of money well gee if you -- you know this let's get a player what I can just find a better. 25 year old genius who can crunched numbers as they -- you'd think it became what -- just paid -- hundred eligible lane Billy Beane started the nodding violently take yes yes yes that'd be great way to. You know -- that are up. Are spending so you know they're really looking at things from a different perspective article we're gonna platoon -- second -- but let's reevaluate everything organization and I gotta get it done you know your number 20/20 930 revenue you have to look for different weight because you obviously can't beat the Yankees or whoever in spending match. You know you mentioned grant landed on and ask you about that Indian Travis and out to board based bubble what's it like to work for grant landing and how much freedom do you get -- the stories -- -- tell. Our coaches earlier the best job in America Barbara writes it's phenomenal I I absolutely love what they do. Really great staff. The first thing they said to me was I can't say the word but basically told. Look at those jerks when we went number one rule of grappling with that if you work for its feet don't be a jerk I would only do that. And and it worked great it's very much a meritocracy so there's no. You don't hire we're hiring sixty year old writers because their reputation was on the needed -- these forward hiring people or really direct Taliban between five and maybe they're looking for bigger platform we can give it to them so that's really court. -- -- -- -- We don't want older people regret it one more -- peoples of -- -- A testament to just kind of giving young talent a chance and that's really cool -- supportive environment have almost all the time and I can kind of pitch whatever wants to. To restrict restrict their name now Rubin and -- -- -- wonderful I'd have had a bunch of jobs over the years late to get financial writer -- -- -- but I haven't. -- better job than it's ever again. After. You know John there are a lot of things changing on C with the media in the way we look at things and analytics and statistics everything with sports and you know sometimes myself on 32 and I find myself having a hard time catching up sometimes. -- with everything that that's evolving the way that it is how important is it not just for you know us in the media but. You know that. Everybody whether players -- everybody to continue to evolve and understand everything with the numbers and all that mystic equally difficult sometimes. It's my job to make things easier for people like you mean that -- for a living I'm not a quantum you know about a man who preceded. Tryon -- -- a typical guy you know I government journalism and journalists all the way and in my job is to take a complex concepts and breaking down. That it simpler terms and that. In -- difficult -- -- reinstituted is tackled WRT plus what the heck. Is WRC plus simple the guy hit thirty home runs we gotta just four. You know. Ballpark to figure out OK what what that is executing court's -- -- -- or San Diego that we didn't that we apply the -- you can get you know you a bit. You kind of a neutral levels after comparing. Whoever Troy Tulowitzki -- jerk or something like they did -- well you know this is the difference between this guy this guy and and we know because we neutralize everything so that holidays you know you try to explain numbers and English -- chemical. 01 point eight completely English speaks some French -- there's Montreal where you are this weekend and I know there's some baseball being played there is you know for the first time in. How -- you set was 1020 years -- and. And affordable that he moved whittled the first time in a decade. To get the blue jays and the Mets over there this weekend they're honoring Gary Carter who passed away a couple years ago. This and and you have a book will get just in the segment how special is it to see baseball back to Montreal this weekend. I mean if I didn't have a book could be beside herself with -- -- born and raised -- had a group of Montreal. And that have based public is really -- Carter. The entire 199014. Is coming back first tribute at a gala all the stuff on Saturday. And for people don't necessarily know that was the best team in baseball at the best record the exposed not about the Yankees I felt they were the best CNET walker and Grissom and and more it is -- John let Linda Kenny hill and patriotic rhetoric isn't. -- phenomenal. Phenomenal team. And the exposed and in particular Israel into the playoffs once. And it seemed like it or you know with a lock the door barely to commit to policies and maybe even volatile the World Series and the according -- one unit has wiped out by his strike. Ever in the history of baseball was kind of a typical -- -- -- this franchise to have. That timing and that way to -- I got to -- -- -- -- -- -- stadium yesterday and they're still working on rebuilding the field with a soccer pitch much of the time right now but meant it. It's to take me back a play that much it's it's not so much all I remember watching whatever Andre -- in this ballpark -- I remember holding my -- and walking to the stadium are remember being with my immediate friends and high school making homemade signs and talking to Larry Walker you know it's things like that it is everything. -- -- operating acting like it's the reason Santa resonate with people the reason that maybe your big -- and or you know important part of what have you is. You'd definitely get the players because of your shared experiences that tribalism. And that it really complicated so we can that is very very special to step. Now in your book new -- up up and away it is it pretty much -- history of what the Expos and how they started ended the you know the exit that they had insisted tradition they had Mort the stories behind the guy's second -- even out here. You know. So got a Kadima marketing guy if you want at a beverage. Do you that you're the only got its ever told me that some I take you upon that. It's from the beginning -- second. Either from before the beginning talking about PP. Buildup to it for people don't know much trio was Jackie Robinson first played professional baseball league Dodgers find him and he would play they're triple -- when the Little League World Series and there's a great -- in it's in my book but it can -- somewhere else and basically the premise of it is you know talk about the reaction to that winning all the AAA. And that people Bobby Jackie -- everybody was going not and the writers says it's the only time in. -- -- sit up but this is roughly paraphrase the only time dating black men ever ran away from -- white mob. That had a love but not leaching in their heart and such as well that's you know that resonates is something to be said about that the city having that long long. On legacy that goes back a century in baseball and yet to talk about the beginning Connecticut into all of that and the beauty part is you know there's a little bit of -- But gosh you wanna hear from Pedro Martinez you wanna hear from Gary Carter Andre Dawson and all the people because those are the people that are quoted in the book it talked extensively some of the best players of the last generation or two I interviewed at -- and had very very candid and -- things. Things to -- so I'm -- be optimistic about the Expos ten years ago much less now. -- -- people appreciate kind of the rise and fall story and also to hearing from these baseball greats is really a lot to it and that's still think it. It was a electoral conjure -- a -- dinner out. Well might have to say don't like it then peso and up up up and always the name of the book where -- are our listeners get all the copy that. Anywhere you want -- Amazon that's -- Powell much love for Portland based how old they have a -- in store. And -- and online he could to get up but I went on iBooks you could do that Kindle you can do that. These books story in the year otherwise you could pick up that way and that is everywhere and it's a lot of fun very excited to. The book is called up up and away by John Kerry can also find among grant land dot com. And the history of the exposed get to see some baseball in Montreal the first time in ten years this weekend John thanks so much that Tommy appreciating good luck with the book.