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Greg Byrne -- Arizona Athletic Director

Mar 26, 2014|

Greg joins Travis and Josh to talk about the Wildcats in the Sweet 16 and more issues...

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

All right it is time to talk to college -- and joining us now is -- athletic director at Arizona Greg -- how are you today Greg. Well good ordered below but -- don't. I understand you're -- kind of busy getting ready for the 316 on Thursday right. Ever watched or got some video -- about what better immoral and should negotiate order. Rebel controlled Herbert -- game. -- hopefully come out why won't you up. So tell us about the perspective of the athletic director during -- during you know you know the March Madness -- -- going off the beginning of the season number one during the year. Big injury Brandon actually win the conference -- here you -- in the sweet sixteen playing great basketball what's the athletic director perspective of this rise. Well slug -- report would rather bullish social coached Sean Miller these particular good staff including a big star mark who obviously this familiar with that the Portland area. And -- organ and end. And that it -- -- to -- -- we played well and it relative to get the order will report well this year it's gonna fight your process and so -- or -- where there were some instability mirror on the but doubtful program which you know you don't electric about it obviously you have the other. Price eccentric that happened so little. It under it sort of take on two. We we've got a -- of our program. Sean and his staff recruit extremely well they're they're just. They work really hard at all times what you can't. You know they start to dividend. Being paid off and on top that would govern purple -- -- -- Support socially we expect to have a good majority decried the -- In Anaheim and and that's going to be partial. Greg you have a basketball tradition and and you know I have a baseball championship you're getting back football back to the point where a lot of people are buying and win some football games of Rich Rodriguez house and athletic director -- -- keep this winning culture because it wasn't basketball school but now I have the spread it out. And they keep everybody on the same page -- it has selective choices and decisions that you make. To me your vision -- forward. Yeah sure yet you have limited resources you know certainly put your resources to get the best opportunity. Per student athletes graduate and compete and in particular way. And it's so we've we've got to try to be -- -- that -- and we had urged -- the older who stepped up -- number of troops forced. Aaron and investors and our football infrastructure trust your mobile DJ got -- or. Well doctors on the table when these conductors on the local -- -- one of strikes. And it's are we the best in the map we were bolstered its football shall -- which are north and zones to 75 million dollar facility epic if good people to anybody in the country and then on top of that group based walking off campus struggled spring training home of the Cleveland. -- immediate Colorado Rockies to true or White Sox or tired in a lot of tradition it is so spoken and we we draw -- well. So you're at the games which we didn't know people like beer or this -- that would make sure we told local distributor about that so that are urged the find out that promote reform America. All seriousness it's just it's been it's been an opportunity to get back you know it and hopefully have a chance to. To an older program across -- or -- coaches -- Todd Ritchie scored Marshall -- web hamburger totaled 21 Marshall chipped chipped -- to export to your social. We want to we want a few more -- struck at all. Arizona athletic director Greg Byrne is our -- your -- fanning Greg your associate athletic director in the pac twelve for the pac ten at the time you move on to the SEC. Athletic director at Mississippi State came back a few years go to the conference how different is this conference today them when it was when he left in 2002. But it's much different -- them obviously would be what order Scharping Carter took mr. -- or cute things or -- -- our exposure. And on television has dramatically increased because of our partnership with you Austrian and fox. In reality it's where we didn't have a degree yes you know really -- -- the proper because you know are obviously -- to desist order to promote -- conferences and schools that they have partnerships work. Answer we -- here about -- sport shorter some other other schools and that that it actually watched -- so that's got a lot better or hopeful and try and that yup actual network -- generates revenue forced two it's a mixture of significant impact on our campuses. And I think the concept of the church -- -- we were anxious to see ya you know that it -- you know over time you had hoped would give more. You're surely we've got a tremendous amount of coverage to an already super QBs they want. It and so that's good yeah I think you know our -- sports schools. Have been aggressive and investment. -- you know in our problem. Growing up teaching moment dep support structure there at all. 292 and it and they didn't have much aware of that -- supports so these things like. And just know we're Casanova center opened up just going to report didn't. Yeah a portrait I used my second year was it sudden. And that and that was -- huge obstacle for -- -- program and then. And shops -- -- I've heard everything else general rock the boat but still pretty night obviously you know the -- page and so many other families are really. Stepped up and serve making it different and they had and you could see the results today it will order as now there are certainly a model launch -- look at should work. -- could do that market we as well but it takes resources investment in our corporate -- that it has has. Got more aggression without so as a -- or Booker executions. So you know in reality it's -- it's a royal couple computer and even -- people want to watch fifteen leadership. Greg you mentioned exposure and dads far beyond anything diver imagined and again I'm still waiting for that to calm down on -- in the -- your father promise everybody. But I have a question about this exposure and you mentioned the TV money it's been reported that the TV money I kind of what everybody thought was there. Isn't actually them the amount that or it's gonna get there. But as exposure goes you guys have had a sacrifice some things that that -- director senator of the affected the fan base IE especially here in -- night games. Especially football and there's been conversation there how'd it. How do you go in in terms of saying okay exposure is great but where would this be a liability in some aspects. You know I think it would -- like Josh it's it's it's something that there were local consulate watching it hurt so we want accused but we don't wanna check operator walked. That that's pocket or -- doctored or. He urged that the guys obtain. Had editor -- want that exposure at ESPN. Or fox -- or does have some murder or -- -- -- There isn't surprised to have them back smarts -- opportunity article revenue and exposure. It's sort of part of -- we you're constantly update these talking to look copper saw this talk to our television partnership you know help what so what can -- -- -- You don't have to have a minimal impact on our -- based and where do we want to make sure that they shall come to. -- -- -- this group which church or -- television through the good old Celtic at the end of the basic -- -- that church they that we needed to actually find that or else just by the -- You know -- it's -- it's always interesting to see the affected the NCAA tournament success of the NCAA tournament has on some of the smaller schools messiah Ohio couple years ago at the war run they made the sweet sixteen. And when the effect it had on enrollment what is determined success have -- -- an effect on a program like Arizona that has consistently near the top. Well are who we thank you regrettable no more time. Goes under but we record strong road out all the children -- impeccable. And an application -- Hopefully you're more at stake your school will auditor would be part of -- obviously you know -- -- -- we get to about 300 to traditional Chinese year. Now that's so that's -- But on top of that you know two trucks. Kids to come to school so they were great atmosphere the -- around -- duplicate that took some to wanna be part of and so on all Buehrle church you while we're watching how much of an impact we publish your ball secured their application of all the goodwill last year. Well let your production. Greg what are the other real big hot hot topics has been especially for the last years kind of been. This compensation for these student athlete or or what that kind of looks like. Are we at the beginning of that because it seems to me there's a lot more than -- he figured out before you can raise a stipend or figure this thing out. In this being talked about there's a lot more than has to be done. And make it easier if they wanna do anything and that side of it for a team and happening and I -- and thinking that there's a lot more the has to be played out and it's not as simple as people make it out to be. Yet director art it's it's it's not a simple put too quick to -- -- would be just putting it on paper obviously the full cost of attendance and start and that's something that we. We want to look forward wanna take a look at what I'm not a current sort sort you know so this is a legal opinion that starter percent accurate that. You know what I pictured in immunization and things like and salaries of obviously -- solid and ordered -- Pentax. -- and beat then you'll everybody pretty tuition and health care and most of the things which a lot of those things. Are part of our. Calvin already with some scholarship -- the -- -- -- torture comes -- Netflix. We need to continue to work out what can we do the best start possible for the second time to market -- -- -- -- -- so. We -- on exports and executable was money. There -- into it we've been charged our border regions and present Auburn University that. The Iraq run a deficit. And so we've got to be able manager or 65 million dollar. Annual budget and it's really expensive perhaps former producer now whichever team that goes along with that so. You're that's what I don't wanna see it is. -- work. Opener maybe some tough decisions to accept or how you -- some decent that are being put forward just another and talk about trees were duels today. Am and you're like catalog and it's something that won't -- look at you know we. We do cheaper chippewas lose. By. What we've pitched well already on our judicial crossed on post in the books a year. You didn't cross or call 400 registered Netflix and -- -- federal dollars we spent. And I know there's been a lot of attention obviously because coaching salaries and things like -- -- you know however at the same -- to. You know it's it's could have heard from the marketplace and -- -- make -- decisions on our you don't put your program the best solution to compete. They have done in our -- rip Sean Miller Rich Rodriguez and Eddie Lopez -- -- coaches that are total voter of every child course so spit it. The Galapagos and to a. Arizona athletic director Greg Byrne is our guest here on the -- Arizona plays San Diego State tomorrow in Anaheim about a 7:15 Pacific tip off. They so much on time Greg always great to talk to you good luck this weekend and hopefully have a trip to Dallas -- -- four in the next couple weeks. There are appreciated roll out go play hard Marcy -- appreciate her Beatrice and that we sit thunderbird now. Straight to Cuba are facts about -- -- Josh --