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Pat Williams -- Orlando Magic Senior VP

Mar 25, 2014|

Pat joins Travis and Josh to talk Blazers, Magic, and his new book.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back to Travis and Wilcox of course the blazers continue their road trip in Orlando taking on the magic game three of the five game trip in joining us now is the senior vice president and co-founder of the Orlando Magic Pat Williams pat -- today. I'm doing well let me to chat -- you guys -- we welcome your trailblazers Central Florida. Those -- We'll see what happens to. Always great to talk to -- as -- we'll get your book here in just a moment the mission is remission the 85 book the better part of -- wanna get to the early in a magical little bit and there's been a lot of talk in the NBA this year at least in the in the public about tanking and your team is had to struggle struggling season we got a lot of young players on this team is an executive has been around for a long time he seemed different incarnations of this team rebuilding. What's your thought on that. Well that's the decision we made -- to -- Dwight Howard departure you know when we were contender but it's like there was gonna stay here. So we've made the best deal we could foreign and at that moment -- had to make a decision. You know about how to. Structured this team into the future repeated its decision that we're gonna. Do it through the draft and we -- going to be patient. We've preached preaching patience. You know for two years -- -- work and that you know or darker extra steps here we're marketer. Do things that make humorous. A temporary success but we're gonna do it the long painful. Which young players up. And see them develop and that's what we're doing -- last year the draft brought us hold people who works he works at. We'll see what district brings. But that's the way we're gonna do it they're different ways of building a block club but that's the decision we. Rematch in patients with the fan base is that something that that's very critical lane and also importantly being wide open with what you're doing and trying to -- is live along what you're saying. Because the ability to lead is that -- base and turn that business away from it. Also harm -- franchises if you're not open and honest about with where your going. All we did duplicate that I mean everybody had no Central Florida knows what were -- That this is the strategy in this is -- the way we're gonna do it -- -- switching midstream here are. But that reduced out early yet. A draft of the best of our ability and put the pieces together a little by little and then of course you've got to let they're young players mature. So did just because you perhaps some guys. You know unless they're -- large you know your got a you know ready to play immediately. Most of -- need some time. You know do adjust to the NBA so. That's what we're doing our -- of body and the media is bought and and -- there seems to be half a could could understand because we've been very open. About what our strategy years. -- Orlando and in Portland have some similarities in the in the ability of the way they can build franchises and you're being a smaller market city there certainly some challenges there. Know what with the new CPA in the way things that are are working out do you think that that there's going to be a little bit more opportunities for smaller market teams be able to compete in the long term. I think so and I I think Portland earlier in order very much alike you know we're the only. Ownership of major release shall we Allen and everything revolves. You know emotionally and spiritually and fan -- why surround. The trailblazers and the to the magic it's just the way it is but. I I think we gotta do -- the same way starting early in drafting wisely. And putting your team together that yes. You know I don't know that will ever be major huge players now. All three major world every now and perhaps but I think equal Portland or and you don't have to do it -- -- and -- that's what -- The trailblazers -- but you look at their roster. You know they -- -- terrific perhaps here late. And near the end result it is you know a very competitive team. We have a draft like this year that is supposedly so deep and looks like -- -- a great college players and you know compared to years past it could be that you really never know. How much of the challenges that when you see a lot of the talent out there that you didn't you pick the right guy for the right reasons and and try not to miss them. While there's tremendous pressure on your scouts. You know your your decision makers tremendous pressure. Particularly when you're picking -- You know as we did last year and a looks like we will again this year so. You know you've got to be thorough you've got to have done your homework very intensely you've got -- really know these players. You could never do enough. Up background checks. You know interviewing. Research you just can't. Because what you take that player you got him. And that is part of your team you know for the foreseeable future written and if you make a wrong decision where they can watch -- for a lark. That Williams is our guest he is the executive vice president the Orlando Magic and co-founder of the franchise and -- got another book out this one called. The mission is remission hope for battling cancer and -- again the 85 book the event apart of but you know tell us about the personal inspiration for you for being part of this book program a project. Well a little over three years ago guys I was diagnosed with a form of cancer called multiple must tell us. One of the blood test answers you know it came out of nowhere seemingly yeah. The doctors informed me that. You know they were gonna start dealing with -- immediately as far as talking mole and all the the -- -- just swarms of actors did you make a blood cancer like that. I mean the for a year now and make good progress so I'm encouraged that the doctors have indicated that it. It remission -- doing well tech field at mile. A full schedule. But -- just released a book called the mission is remission which I tell my story. And a more importantly. He -- counsel and advice for. Those who were going through cancer battle or it might be it through one -- one minute to minute our country. Will end up dealing with cancer at some point in their life. One -- -- and consult a a lot of what I write here you know is -- advice and counsel on how to get ready. You know if and when that cancer news comes to you. He wanna be on the cutting edge. Prepared to deal if it yet so I think people enjoy the book it's quick short -- I think there's some definitely some words of hope -- for people who were in the middle of your struggle. A lot of people up from the sports world came to you it's came right TUN this cancer was diagnosed in doubt Arnold Palmer was one of them what idiot CD of. Well that was pretty cool you know mortal lives here he's had a cancer he wrote the forward to this book by the way. You know which sterling to meet you lives here in Orlando most of the winner all the end up. You know he had he battled prostate cancer sometime ago is quite died cancers and up his daughter has been. Cancer battle as well but Arnold dropped -- note in the middle -- Issues and you know a very short so sanctity just that we are what I learned that from my time dealing with as he did. -- everything your doctors tell you able. Keep a positive attitude this event. That would put Arnie wrote. And and I try to do that you know every day -- you don't argue with the doctors whatever they tell me do it. And keeping a positive upbeat attitude sure it's important. You know you talk about that attitude not my my mother's -- cancer survivor and I don't know her -- -- I was young I was seventeen or eighteen and you know she never let me really know just exactly what was going on you to make sure I was gonna get too worried but as far as families -- concern in your family. And how much that the touch on -- in just how crucial is that it to someone who is going through that to make sure that. In other family is well also. Well that's a great pointed -- doctor Reynolds playing oncologist basic spirit from the did. It was important to help my family my children you know exactly what is going all their father. You know we have a big family we have nineteen children. Fourteen adopted until you know I had that perhaps years back to get a hold of all problem. Explain to them what was going on -- They reacted in different ways of some very emotionally some you know rather stoically -- that. They've been great you know they've really rally. Them around and really support it through all of so that's another chapter that I write about it. You know at -- literature is important. Not to have a strong family support systems you don't really hang in there with you through it. So you're working for the magic who write books what's next for Pat Williams. Well I continued to to -- got more books in the right now. Actually I'm working on is called Vince Lombardi leadership. You know we're gonna have that we'll finish this summer. And other others and I'm working on as well tonight continue to travel around the country speaking in corporate America. On leadership and teamwork and winning. And and of course we get a basketball team here as well so much like -- -- as I approach my mid seventies. I feel good. And not I -- -- in good shape now in good shape mentally and that doctors are encouraging -- keep -- keep going and that's what I had to do. So working our listeners get a copy this book and also I -- didn't touch the about the motive motivational speaking aspect of things well. Figures to -- the book -- in bookstores in the -- -- disease section of up bookstores it's also up on. Amazon.com. That the book is called the mission is remission. At eight CI is the publisher. And up. You know I'd love to have come out to the Pacific northwest if there's an -- out there. My email address he Williams had Orlando Magic dot com he Williams. At Orlando Magic dot com and it's always pleasant for me to hear from your listeners. That Williams is our guest is the executive vice president of the Orlando Magic he's also the co-founder his new book is the mission is remission hope for battling cancer. That is always is so great hockey thanks so much of the time was -- the best of health and best of luck. All the best -- you call any time guys it's always good to talk to --