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Richard Lucas -- CSNNW Ducks Basketball

Mar 19, 2014|

Richard joins Travis and Josh to talk Ducks hoops.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Or against BYU tomorrow in Milwaukee. Joining us now is former or conduct Richards Luke isn't Richard I understand that -- you want in this conversation we -- we're just having about the first four. What we're we're. -- will aren't so let me give you -- the short version of a micro Internet producer and I both think that it is ridiculous that teams that won their conference tournaments should have to prove something again. To be able to play with the big boys and Thursday and Friday. You're saying in terms of they win the -- tournament they have to play again that the playing games -- in the sixteen seats. Regardless. Of how bad they could potentially be or how badly conferences. They should automatically be within the field of sixty important. That is exactly what we're saying yes. I see -- I thought there is a different discussion. But but I'm thinking that. You know it in you know if there's sixteenth -- or sixteenth deeper reason it is is probably it was not very good. So damn maybe making them having to to do play a game might actually makes sense I don't know. I get that that the reason why we can -- with for that is that look if you win your conference chairman from a smaller school you'll never get a bigger opportunity than to play against an Arizona or Florida or somebody on national TV in a Thursday. Instead of playing on Tuesday or Wednesday when nobody's really watching it just does so much for the schools to have that opportunity. Yeah but I accurately what the -- I'm probably one of the few people. You'll know or find that actually I'm OK with expansion. Of the NCAA tournament. I gotta -- PW hundred teens -- -- much but I would be okay if they were to have to go into this dead in the jury TDs and the reason being is that. The NCAA tournament that the critical. Making it as far as college basketball player I mean. We went to Q and -- keys and then the other two students were terrible. I would trade all of that for one opportunity to have played in the definitely -- -- in any way it should reform play in game. Whatever you wherever you want a college so you know I I think this is what you play for is what the -- -- -- -- for it to play in the NCAA tournament. Well the Richard I was kind of on your side of the fence -- -- and -- not necessarily sure cal Polly deserves an automatic bid in there but so let's get down to brass tacks here pac twelve but tournament in ready organ BYU they've played once before this year a lot of people looking this organ team. I'm does anything matter about the first game they played this year is that discounting Haiti did it now you're playing the different -- team. Of course different organs -- different stout team as well and it's all tournament time that he'd throw that out the window correct. Yeah pretty much didn't do the game was played three months ago. So I -- -- teams -- have grown I've gotten better gotten roles figured out a little bit better start you can't really go to Q and stage you know just because we did. A you know in December that district court actually happen again. You know when they play again tomorrow. The patient will look at obviously is you know systems and and and as far as. -- -- -- it would have played in May be running at things like like that so you'll look at those films. -- but these did a different team and for BYU they lost one of their main guy. Kyle Collins worth so. For them they're really gonna have to try and figure out who's gonna pick up a lot of flak. You know for the game tomorrow. You know Richard the big knock on the ducks in conference play when they lost eight of ten was there are just too many guys they were too many guys who want the ball they couldn't figure out how to distributed properly. What clicked in the middle of February. I think that that all -- figured out that the he had to I'd get a little bit smarter about how he's gonna do -- rotations. Because did you think about it what he was -- when -- want. Let's let's go back to an accurate what I saw last but I think about the last they were just about to give it. Those guys like Dominic artist and been back. And into you know who know right at that time I thought hey that's great they've got these guys back have been in the system. -- I think happened is I think the it did is cut through the ducks out of rhythm a little bit -- did you guys didn't really know. How what was gonna happen who was the first guy out the -- to. Who's the second guy up there Carol you you know you start to figure out as a player. That after the that they can't TV timeout that might be a chance for me to go and and then also and everything -- -- whack. I think they had to learn a little bit about the rotation I think Altman. You know in the beginning was kind of just throwing out different lineups and if you could tell that kind of during that stretch. He had multiple -- lineup changes that he did trying to figure out something and then I think you realize that. There's a piece that's missing. Defensively that we need to do I guess put back again. And that is. Waverly Austin -- big Fella now Waverly -- not -- did you have much -- offensively. By defense simply he's seven -- essentially and he has a presence in there but I think that's what collected the fact that. You've got the money back there who can beat that rim protector. People ask you look at a particular I mean well. That means that due principally the ducks could gamble the more or. I actually work to get somebody could go blow past them they had somebody back there that could clear up some -- and I think he's got a good job so far. So Richard after the you know the first him where do you see this team end up organ you seem to come. Didn't pass BYU them play in Wisconsin where do you have -- canning your little bracket. Comment the the problem I have -- -- I'm doing disclaimer okay I'm carcinoma doctor I want them to be the national champion. Okay the problem I have with the -- it is. They do not have someone ostensibly. And I just talked about good Waverly is -- but they do not have anybody offensively inside. That's going to give them easy buckets. When you get into this style of play into this one and done mentality. It's a grind it out like any play -- I think giving me type of sport. It changes when you get to the NCAA tournament. And you need to be able to -- it easy buckets. The ducks have a difficult time with that. They are Austin. Coming down and shooting quick shots or. They are jumped paddle and a ball around and you know take it. And ill advised shot which is a few seconds left on the shot clock. They don't have the bodies like -- -- keeping -- from last year they -- the -- that you can just get an easy -- And because of that I think they're going to shoot to struggle. In this in the turn about it when they play against good teams especially get people into teams. And especially if that sharp those shots are not politics so. Did your question I mean. Because of -- especially because they've they've lost their number -- guy Carl. -- -- Richard let's say they do get to see Wisconsin what is Bo Ryan teams always do well they always play very good defense they're good rebounding teams making usually shoot -- Oregon has the athletic advantage. And they can get up and down the floor in transition better but if you're missing your shots and you give them opportunities get those transition rebounds and you can't get them. That takes away your transition game so with that being taken out how important is it for them to shoot in the mid 50% against a team like Wisconsin. It's crucial that their that's their game. If if the ducks are on and we're talking on meaning it's police. Who are outside. Name to have any. Any jobs in the microwave that's deficit came from me if I'm if Vinnie Johnson has come and and shouldn't and following threes we need to make in that. I've got my closure stepping out and shoot his street. If those guys are hitting their shots especially their shots in transition. They are very very difficult to stop. The problem is is that they have to be hitting those. And that's what scares me about this team is that I worried that if it is because it's it's contagious when shots are not being. Made still one guy's not make it another guy's got make it and also in the rescue -- not shooting very well. Or should get high percentage but it just don't have the money they can throw into the into a -- sit down and call it did. What are your thoughts on Arizona and their chances in this tournament. I think you're -- should be. Think in their lucky stars of the bracket. You know that there and that's the region there and I think the west region of the weakest of all of them. I don't think they're going to be facing any major major challenges. And that's why basically put him into to the final four. They took a little hit there because of the loss of brand nationally. And kind of that I talked about earlier teams have a rhythm and they have a certain. Rotation that they know that they have to you know as far as the guys out there. And this unit they lost -- and -- They they -- kind of they wavered a little bit because they they were struggling because of the -- he just it was new for them. But they've righted the ship a little bit and they adjusted defensively they're just too strong -- They they are gonna make you work for shops that make you work hard shots they have the total package in the since they have guard play great guard play -- got great wing play and they've got intelligence side so. Com I can easily -- them make it to the final four and and again I just you know if you look at their bracket. You know I know some people are really excited about Oklahoma State you know standing -- to take a good team. R&R. Richard Lucas is our guest played for the ducks in 1987 the 1991 you can now see him on talking ducks on Comcast sports net on Twitter at our Lucas or again. Richard it's always great to talk to thinks much of the insect. --