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Geoff Schwartz -- Former Duck, current NYG OL

Mar 19, 2014|

Geoff joins Travis and Josh to talk signing with the Giants and more.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We continue to talk to ducks who got me another one joins or show right now now with the New York football giants Jeff Schwartz Jeff good afternoon are you doing. Yeah. Obviously for you being in a new spot again you've had a couple opportunities to move around the NFL and he talked about it an article today am Bleacher Report tell us about your process for moving on in and getting the job you have now. Little -- earliest free agency were real world talked to the chiefs and that's where did you did it. I really enjoy what so we can sit and it'll be back. We realize how real that we were -- different ideas as -- what. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know Jeff last year the situation you stepped into in Kansas City is there really stood out I mean you -- -- came in there and was kind of coming is that a guy they can do everything and you really solidified herself. With that making your market differed comment and then getting calls from other teams. You know where you gonna fit in on this office on your point guard can attack always is it defied what position to be playing. What sick right now pollutants and less stark. Actually the right terms -- are shorter. -- -- backed is troublesome injuries so. You know he she should be -- culture in Mexico and then round. These -- -- -- progress to the marketplace right guard right tackle. What can you know a little bit -- car but you know and I know that you know that's much bought. Aren't unified -- to work on my craft and to appreciate. You know -- you talked about your negotiations and things like that we heard some comments from Golden -- earlier this week that he was really unhappy the way things worked out he was insulted by the offer you got to Seahawks and that's why he moved our. Heard that to the pressure -- two days. We know what when you go through that especially for the first time earlier on in your career is that Sony were surprised by. I'll always Robert -- units here you know wasn't just it's east -- other teams sort of in QB offers that we need extra work where these orders should be in the united meets the -- Purcell perpetrators. Or Harvard and you want to you know who distribute receive -- each herself and she's you but -- in business ago. These cute you don't sit that long you know -- to cross searching ultra -- bought -- comments. You know. The reason why accused ignored and the reason you set and he basically what you feel. You know analysts. -- -- -- the only -- -- -- ostrich -- but it didn't matter what you do to -- so. We can't you can't really don't be excited about what to excuse uterus. Yeah it's pretty much to business as usual I mean you understand the business. Far better than a lot of other people in terms of this and you know you have a brother that plays as well seekers can understand that the business of the NFL and ask -- question now is. A lot of talk about offensive lineman. I'm coming from the university or again and boy hey you know this these offensive lineman from Oregon. Hey this the starting let's say there's that could be a whole lot complain in the NFL -- -- disprove that -- right now well all the signings and all the guys that are playing offensive line from the university -- in the NFL disarmament time. Mean there's there's four well it's former -- play regularly that we entered reached sought treatment of strokes. -- -- -- -- security that people see colonel. To build -- off its wondered how a couple of more shlinder. If you look at the guys are bigger than us so we awarded medium mortgage we're gonna structure our backs orders of big -- -- longer to beat fellow. We existing restaurant recently on this season you know you -- large amount of weight to a bigger now. Registered that you -- definitely huge for guys that. You know that are -- but also view older stronger you know chipped it about street just -- if you look at. Left tackle ourselves -- days -- the -- in -- talk overall about fifty all want to get treated so. I understand what what people say that about orders not to July. And you know what your total community in Tokyo foreign news. Jeff Schwartz is our guest former Oregon Ducks offensive linemen now with the New York Giants -- so far how are you adjusting to life in the northeast. I'm actually tackled Charlotte. -- -- -- -- -- April 21 albeit very mortgage -- you don't Arizona. To begin -- -- -- -- of -- training too rough for weeks ago Robert -- so. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I was open you'll throw last week on. Tuesday when the influencers and so are we were just entire open it. I was there and -- been -- Charlotte and on accounts will bring your game plan of how to approach and trying to find a place to -- losses and move forward. How much of a challenge is that when you live in one city plane another in you have to move again you have to figure that out how much of a challenge that I -- in your family. It's one slip in a drug used to the Dutch champion in the movie it's in Scotland in. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It jerseys and indeed you know that's our place even though so who owns her what was her own beliefs we know that you are obviously he's -- -- one year. Hey I need to ask the question site puts up an out and I tend to agree with you are in it in had to do with the come -- and and people talking about. 225 and how much it means you have to how important it is for an offensive linemen and and that bench press and what the bench press numbers mean as an offensive -- that -- paid the NFL. How important is the bench press in terms of what you do. They're not at all. No shame in admitting that I am probably at the bottom. -- bench presses in October whoever substitute and so. While traditional green right it's all about. You know the little sections which you can generate the power to generate a longer plunged of course record so much as fuel -- which -- etched on the commercial -- strong base to get to election. In return you to overlooked in in the two restarts. If you watched much -- to your job -- -- -- -- to -- -- -- yards and destructive government that doesn't content because I'm a big benched starting from some other stuff stood in the weight room an arc of terror you know -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yes and that kind of goes back to about in our earlier quarter. You were cultural corner -- out speech. You know -- to be strong north and they made the point one remark which you're used to and complacent and somebody twist our arms moving targets rooting you -- talk to coordinator Mike pledged to remark touched -- Jeremy. -- just such a system I would be -- way to measure our strengths. Jeff Schwartz is our guest now the New York Giants and -- -- talk about your role on this team and obviously the giants needed some upgrades in the offensive line and you like Manning threw a ton of interceptions last year led league but. He doesn't get sacked a whole lot right in the middle of the road there about two and half sacks per game and how important is -- -- be a part of this offensive line that helps keep those numbers down. What is your excellent to extraordinary. Pressure to pass protecting tourists you know I mean Drexel -- we metrics that are just outside world church Easter also 200 -- -- can you know he could run the ball really well there are people kind of you know probably you're approaching a -- -- -- quarterback. You know did you becoming. There we ought to Salina -- just -- -- but it gives us a general search all or almost to protect quarterbacks. Due to operate in -- to -- prior to doing that you know dimensional world. You know another thing take a lot of pride in is being very active with fans and everybody else out there and Twitter I mean -- one in the NFL. Twitter guys in and you know -- deep do you find. Sometimes. Being able turn off all the negativity that comes with it I mean there's a lot of positive and no one at that put everybody into a basket. But it's kind of -- some of the stuff. In the evening that starts. Most of that I current bush also -- a -- -- answered sarcastically. On because it is ridiculous from the two new attitude frequencies the storm theorists. People talk about hometown discount stuff -- storms years and you know the detractors that this shoot someone who also. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Otherwise you won't -- you know 90% of the people attribute me you know our agreement we interactions and in our -- So with that in your writing the article -- he did for Bleacher Report why do you do that wise it's and it's important to you. -- and I hope that she won't get into it currently media but it -- you know. Media type role -- client so you know wall playing it -- children get the -- terror in Iraq stands its products you know. Change your mind and decided not to because. Being able to share something like what strange experience that you would like to know you know what really happens amidst the -- didn't. The other Sunday. PG servers and what happened number you know your sentencing by a return you to -- timeline enforcers like were you also let me. Hey I -- -- because -- -- I've played with my brother organ that's different but no junior brother both in the NFL what's it like haven't. Your your two siblings playing in the NFL it's got to be -- the most phenomenal feelings in the world especially if you get the victory. Well a lot of fun disputes that I you know we know we agriculture original to you -- -- -- -- point. We just plain -- -- -- monstrous -- which stories are all but they'll play in this user was launched on mainly because. So my whole family -- -- human -- there. The area but for the little album cover here we did at the dinner table very often. -- appeared to achieve peace -- -- surely these losses are sort sort of Charlotte so. Together the armed movement forward to it are terribly there. We know what's the most liberal special. Jeff Schwartz is our guest now with the New York Giants played his college -- course at the university of war again on Twitter at. Jeff Schwartz Jeff it's great hockey thanks so much of the time route reappear in the northwest. --