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Charles Davis -- FoxSports

Mar 18, 2014|

Charles joins Travis and Josh to talk some NFL FA and Draft.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Realistic on the NFL team joining us now from fox sports'. Charles Davis returns to the show Charles. We are great glad to have you on the show again it's been awhile. -- free agency last couple weeks obviously you've seen some big moves and some things that have made some teams better and well it was we scratch your heads Japanese -- put the Seahawks have done they've lost it -- couple players on defense but they'd bring back Michael Bennet how big was that to bring him back. -- -- huge because you keep irritation don't it would actually in the quarterback. You know you get in mid April Google be correction got -- deep and then. That when you get out rushing group out there because you don't will be -- -- Red Bryant was. -- -- confident due to about it because the ethical -- yet. That is not normal. But it works for -- -- very well and try to run the ball against that didn't really like out to you really wanna hit the spot -- this going to work. Well I've -- to quarterback Michael -- go ahead of the payroll go get it. And I don't think they're done trying to add app structures I think would be really wanna do -- -- someone -- somewhat up battle now British detainees terrific. Which you eat he can never gotten up those guys need to get that pressured -- -- -- go back to the Super Bowl you know adult salt all witnessed it. I think a lot of depression to relate strictly paid -- Cuba in its stake. Charles a lot of talk goes amongst the book big free agents -- -- that first couple days and everybody -- kind of awed by the numbers and hate this guy. But usually -- -- at that second time around it's really gonna fill in for use those quality kind of guys the guys that might be able to play special teams Sam linebacker. Did that may be less heralded. Now they're still making good money but those kind of moves his or bring any out there that really stuck in your -- say boy that was maybe got under the radar but that's gonna impact this team. Horrible it -- now. That the great question because there's so many doubled him scramble a little bit here because drivers trying to think back after all the -- and -- friendly that we went through it. It would move really stuck out in my head -- ego. Obviously would get -- did. We now preachers say -- -- get below the circus you know in a gay get can't get under be critical open. A little trouble with we come back to that will be to be giving it. Oh come back and hope we have one title article -- -- -- -- -- -- -- maybe it's finally the first time out Wilcox -- Smart and said the new smarter than new except for you know when you're just aren't. -- -- -- let's not -- -- urged nor Libby to laugh. Out. Eric. -- let me -- let me -- let me flip the switch -- yesterday let's talk about Teddy Bridgewater. What happened on his pro days and where do you look at a second now. I think did nothing really -- yet. Because the other guys that breach. You know EU -- in the dork. So late or -- got a real impressive. That would change how people view him. -- the end they'll come out and really impressive from the pocket you know are pro day. Not a lot of him props you know. -- that truck factory that it breed -- square. There you know I didn't niche I'd pay up. All can't get your hands right. And did not rule out that abuse and they're probably come to about what makes him really special in prop placed. That's not part -- that he can look really impressed pro at a outlet -- -- the so called conventional let. That'll change Derek -- -- on Thursday. You know we haven't talked much about. I think you get it can't get into the conversation -- nothing at all -- eclipse everyone. The -- heated competition beat fourth guy that possibly. Could be picked in the first round. So -- Bridgewater. And company they urged but I don't think day you know because no one -- work out all the food that this -- -- yeah. Let me get three years tragic case. Per year going and I think. -- -- last year is number repetitive Blake portal all across the board. If portals there a year in the koppers you know -- in large part repeated that he did it -- it. He won the copper. But all the -- -- -- -- play. I have a hard time with that we can happen to -- got to be individual work out to pro dated. In how they quarterback and we've seen at monster pro days. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You gonna tell Charles camp out Tennessee volunteer -- The broad net -- that -- -- get Georgia law career. Bullets basic duty ever really hit a height consistently. If we -- -- George would have been first pick in the draft. Charles Davis is our -- fox sports in nfl.com. I was looking a year mock draft today and it fell back coming up Brandon cooks Morgan State going number 121 overall to the Green Bay Packers a third wide receiver overall. Think anytime -- reflected the opportunity to -- the quarterback like Aaron Rodgers would be great but. What kind of success wherever he goes do you think brand cooks can have in the NFL can he be true number one. I think he could have big time success and that's the great court about what is it true water not because I. You know where you could argue and bicker for reason that's -- the corners are getting so much bigger. So when you talk about it and go out sided deal look at that nature but it got -- strong should -- He runs routes like -- is everything all of big -- earned him. I think it's up to where it gets into deep debt creative -- -- minded forced to put it -- get complacent given an opportunity to run out of the -- outline. -- becoming a primary GAAP. I think we'll look -- you a little bit. Well it's not all good will go eight hit it could be sixty jet programs bit. On the -- ever let up our our. Cecil -- -- top receivers. Aren't dumb -- tenure but Kurt is currently one of the best to come out that twenty years -- When he got to work. He doesn't. So 800 -- Al remember OK so it just doesn't happen at all and it took around the lot of figure it would it would Ivanov did. So I'm a big believer in beat up at these guys complain outside get nickel -- -- -- to ensure. Got to have that versatility and I think Primakov is that is that everyone knew it would come -- -- when -- getting the ball. He'd still get and get per game they got but it now. What do you see with the -- -- clowning work ethic issue. Is it something that you know he got into his -- -- this is the you know you watch out or decides you know really be concerned about because that's kind of been one of the -- of today mean -- he's a freak but is he gonna come to play every day. Yet the great question and I think that we better be careful just dismissing it totally added some people would just say god knows about it which is that. But told not to play last year remember that conversation topic out here are compensated and -- got tired he. The next thing was. Hurt. We did not get hurt -- five experience seem like it. That is work out pretty well which you still have to ask you could answers a question to do your homework due diligence. Well it motor run titled it's not wanting to keep my remarks are what Ali is that this can be recently dual class. And and make a lot of -- the county and we were kids we were kids there's only that Al player and everything we ever -- it. Right deployed at daddy group back and got that Internet not published -- right about that guy can outlet and like oh Mike out and shoot a book out. Showed -- well. He -- that got dominated ghostly little weak middle school high school college. He -- the first cut weight room the last guy out. Rarely you know why did today is what everyone else can dating cloudy -- -- connect cash. Punted coveted high school take your etiquette or we'll see Eddie -- Del -- by the is that the other day it even even talked about. If -- be worked out up on the goal line. And they get the ball on first and Kurt -- and -- -- -- your back -- -- he got the tailback he thought to a -- 99 archer touched. Speaking out I don't think you are currently room where I tell tale that has to. Yeah up as a -- -- abuse that talked tweeted he's brought in 99 yard aqueduct. So yeah it's legal and -- developing better work ethic they albeit as they get older. Lawrence Taylor I don't think -- the weight room need. You know I'm saying that you shouldn't. But these guys are used to being the best. And no one really counter them at Hartford coach quoted in the -- we're really peace on coached. I'm better everyone out already what you want me to deal. It's hard to get them to do you care until they have a dispute. About all the count the people you've known. -- account that people would succeed we used to admit that you were a little bit harder it really be something. Most cases they were better everyone around them into up to a certain point. David budget NFL work ethic will have to come out otherwise such -- beat. He -- got it won't realize his potential in the funny part is deemed it tends to -- year and not reelected potential that's a good. You know Charles the other side of that someone that we've had denied opportunity to watch and -- a sophomore in high school and -- Ireland who had some off field issues at -- Ganassi quit the team and you know -- physically he's he's a -- he's a tremendous athlete but. -- what do you see has prospects being in the NFL draft to -- and be willing to take a chance time because of that is that lettuce is in this physical ability. He's got to give them reason to do -- and the early returns on that we aren't all that encouraging -- parred in which I had. And it's good -- -- to -- -- -- cleaned up and you don't need you -- will do it could have did just that everything. But I heard that didn't quite happen. And they note sent to meet for guided his talent. He went in there -- -- people he was okay. Here it might hear it but put it in context. How many drug -- I read that you say that he'd failed lot of little issue he could double digits right. He -- third round because he can get everybody clean things up and move it in the old deal. -- -- had that same opportunity or still had that opportunity. Here is so unique graphics because it is. The -- and look at Detroit and classes coming out. To beat -- keep -- to this. All concerned that it should be better with him but he completed outlook last year but he was too big. I thought that he don't speak it got to play all the time while truck is quarterbacks. You know all those -- think he should be count the number one gate tomorrow or to trade and at a Texas Tech. If you better I get proper ethical airlifted out I don't think. You know -- doorway from outlook now. So we're -- to about these kind of guys. He should be right there -- that conversation but I know people keep right now if they keep on the way to got hurt and let's see that's really the case. Late round at -- more likely it undrafted free agent. And that makes sense now. -- I was trying to and maybe give you some time but I think I have a way to -- help you out here the. Like I I could come back to wanna do not want. -- what one I'll get all the heat humidity the opportunity certainly up one. Okay all right. But it Michael Johnson moved over to camp today. And now chasing down Drew Brees yeah outright and that decision. To play that type of cover two that lobbies that like to play. And major -- for adapting to the business right. Here's Michael job this can't be a full cup or motor guy indeed featured sacked after seeing. There's one did -- would it went totally below the radar. I think a lot of people really come split on whether he's worker. That that would be one to keep our. Yes I speak I think that's exactly what I was looking for the you know that's that's the kind of did say to you always bring to us especially men I mean this is I -- I. Because that missile. I got eager to move beyond. I'll go to a movie was particularly the wrestler at an all your body was coach and what -- -- great great great. Movie oh -- -- air sea -- You don't talk about it -- -- went directly to vet and the team but very good. First guys didn't end and it took -- shot up to the root for the day and you can decide. -- -- -- -- That would meet today. Why did actor came up with a small package -- you know composed unexpected hit you with that that the chair idea -- quickly. Editor Albert where what one of the houses -- -- the boat all -- director -- Ashe stadium deal we can spend all day announcement -- -- and got. Let's start. Quickly I know you're an average reader always -- talk about your books what he read now Andy Sutton something out there we should be read. Just finished up out of a -- scene that's when tip in the tip to skipper. But politics still worked. Out Tip O'Neill and speak out and Ronald Reagan's as the president. And how they went back and forth to wage war with each other at incredible respect because what it -- -- was. After 6 o'clock ultra. Up until 6 o'clock we do battle we do it and we can do for our party in part people. After 6 o'clock walk trended -- Reagan and it took on the Opel. And -- and -- one day actually Patrick status seemed pretty apt to put this in the air. Edit an incredible amount of respect streak of the that they did agree with each other's positions very often excellent beat to get dealt with -- that he wrote it. And I just -- on the plane flight from portico. A lot -- I knocked dot com Coughlin earned the right to win all agreed agreed it didn't that didn't it didn't take care system. -- I'm not an -- knock it to good read if you you know what you ought to go to. The look at them get just diving into -- -- they can -- cannot. -- the market so. The group fighting for the -- college football. And -- always -- job agents' books he's an excellent writer cooperate and to Michigan area this year Ohio area is a professor. Northwestern did initiative in the few other places that -- -- around because a great job -- dispatch got -- beat you wrote he brought record book. About job. Well that was hit about a bit different -- of one of my favorite books that it was tenure or. Boot between now Woody Hayes (%expletive) Bakalar. -- and didn't think it would called -- that you was titled. Charles Davis is our guest fox sports and nfl.com. Charles it's always great to talk did. On Twitter at C asked the 22 thanks so much atomic from a -- soon. Aren't a lot got it replaced new contract and they care meant.