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Walter Thurmond III -- New NY Giants Cornerback

Mar 18, 2014|

Walter joins Travis and Josh to talk about signing with the Giants this offseason.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It is time to -- football and our next guest is a Super Bowl champion of course with the Seattle Seahawks former Oregon Ducks corner. And he's now a New York football giant Walter Thurmond Walter -- -- -- Well I think he should be doing good with that was the one year 3.5 million yeah yeah you feel a lot better today after -- that bad boy ha. Able to what was the process like to go through this in the free agency and other some other interest from other teams of the Jacksonville 49ers may be the Redskins but how did this process. In depth with you in New York. -- -- -- College recruiting all over again you know he picked you visit and chips in the team coaches select that and really just come out. To -- that still political causes that taught them and album. That indicating where you best scenes look at that -- -- When you look at teams that have had success and the build Super Bowls obviously winning in Seattle the giants have a couple of them in the last few years. How much does the success of a franchise and what their future looks like way into -- new decision you make. You know I knew there was a direct -- they have one for us to vote -- then another it's a franchise group. A look at these you know and I did it -- -- -- last year but I'm not stop that that's not the style organization ultimately trustees. -- in the nation and they're trying to come back around in a little more attention. They seem to be a team that's looking to get back. On track they've always been from even when they once in super balls a lot of it was with their defense is as players -- the league know and they're trying to get back. With that defense going back there you hear you are a key piece of that that's got to feel kind of odd. A privileged she -- hey listen we we need your. Expertise and help -- to come in here make this thing a little bit better what are some things you wanna do you estimate younger players that may be picked up from your your time up in Seattle. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know you're used to playing in really good secondary is obviously origin you did that you did that was Seattle and now you go to New York Giants struggled there in recent years but they sign you. They -- now Roger score Marty yesterday signed Quintin Demps and they're putting together really did secondary the direction that they're going in does that kind of validate the decision you made to go there. -- most definitely -- they're they're. They're making moves to to be competitive and to give accurate to get back to Slobodan. Much in the present who is this you know within their local staff over there on the report to the new opportunity to change -- about making the most of the. It has to ask you that change of scenery been pretty much to West Coast kid. For lot of your life in Oregon and enhance -- on now you're gonna to New York. A lot of people ask you know okay. Well you know they're gonna go out there all these different things for your your training motor didn't close to training -- -- it's pretty much business time right -- so. As much you're gonna go out and see different things out there you still got to find time to -- work outs in your film studying you're ready for even just mini camps. -- -- -- -- I'm in that it's it's a bit of Upper Arlington. The import it to be in the special Whitewater to campaign. Really -- -- -- -- -- start -- into a lot of similar is that I'm used to complained in Seattle so my dad and really just. And against an important opportunity and you're electrocuted. Walter Thurmond is our guest now at the New York Giants in Walter over the years Tom Coughlin his reputation has changed a little bit deal. And require fifty years ago he was seen is not exactly a player's coach now all the reports are he's mellowed out a little bit. Had he talked to him in to what kind of impression do you think it's catered that you're getting and it's going to be like -- play for him. There shouldn't. Be gotten Saddam apart because ultimately he if you what a great -- really -- -- you know I would I detainees. Get to learn the -- -- look what the players coach you know but I. I'm reading your pet at that -- promote American -- players' coach -- he's become more that you know Lebanon with the ports. Being taught by. I have to ask you question this year in free agency. You you looked at a lot of lists and then then I'd say top fifty top twenty. -- C three defensive backs from the university or again. All -- within this with yourself. TJ Jerious spurred what kind of pride he taken affected the Symantec. Here we are a lot of the same guys -- schooling here we are in the top 1520 for free agency yet never complacent football and a secondary item in Eugene Oregon. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Intel and AM this is in five million were popular -- compared to guidance. -- -- so keep -- going. You know for you look back -- your time with the Seahawks four years there obviously is Super Bowl champion great team this past year what do you remember about that Seahawks team is -- the ringer is that the guys what is it. Are only two guys who deftly that was the great bond that we had. Home team and everybody got a lot of -- is great commodities -- -- that he saw the bothering those doubts -- it was a close because it's. That I've been around in that aspect enablement at best at the same goes mentality you know that's and that's what came to -- except those. I know every professional thinks they're the best player and of course you know any pro football players ever gonna really admit something where they. Like to improve completely even on radio about what's one maybe area you wanna focus on this offseason where you think it's really gonna help you and the giants out. You know is it may be some inside slot and guys over the top. A more teaching these guys to skating you feel the scheme where your gonna fit with this because you know. How you fit within that defense the scheme is gonna be where you're comfortable at at same time magic comfortable the more successor gonna half. -- good command of anything going until it is always gonna -- -- child -- technique you know. Million analyst carping and acknowledge it's a better effort in capital being -- stressed burn inside and outside. You have to have great technique you know take note to better -- in he gets -- tries to build a better than they it's about the overall outlook and moved it all aspects. What's the hardest part regarding -- some these these great wide receivers is -- their hands and how -- they can get off visit their foot work. What's what's to be one that makes him so good some big greatest figure out there covering. Is their quickness that may -- their knowledge of the game is it all the combined is his is that they're -- work because I know a lot of with -- getting off when you guys are trying to press him. If they can get off to desecrating a separation may need to to run their route. Not every air receivers their rebellion failed to graduate. Different traits but they nearly tripled in the some some receiver Terrell. Are those a -- to -- a little -- of the quickness and great feet and all of our corporation and the not in the game you know I'm relieved codec you'd really step your game up to him in black out in in the the -- like I kept up their community that there are good receivers and we have to. Election match and I got them competitive time out there. Walter last week we heard Steve Smith's talk about what it's gonna be like playing against the Carolina Panthers this year now of Baltimore you look at your schedule. You have the Seahawks on that schedule it's in Seattle we don't know the date of that yet to be thought about that at all it's going to be like going back not backed up -- -- twelfth man on the other side. Each tile can be it's going to be from the great opportunity you know I mean personally I looked in the weight -- in opt out speed up an energy you know and that's can be fun playing at stadium to know what that most at all about you know gonna get so much and thought that. And those combat gear at least you don't get -- that you know you go to -- Michael you can play good. PGA Watergate very you know it's a total it's fun Pavel being dependent select edit. With the -- -- So you wit humor achievers of -- had a great -- there you get to go play in the NFL. Is this kind of what you always side it would be you know you know what I mean is this can you just living in it. He knows he got to go work you never can really have time to stop and smell the roses but is this kind that Alina trafficking you thought it would be you're gonna keep on stay in this lane as long as he can't. I am a -- you know -- -- and I love playing football on the data candidates like that in. Just wanna maximize this how to Max out our full potential in this sport obamacare going out in the game and the young man gave a good day. Really just just trying to make the most inopportune -- play. Walter Thurmond the third is our guest he is now a member of the New York Giants of course former seahawk has a Super Bowl ring former Oregon Ducks corner. -- greatest hockey takes a much of the time good luck in New York. -- I think spend -- lets -- if he has come back to that camp next year let us now. Aren't they want to.