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Mark Few -- Gonzaga Head Basketball Coach

Mar 17, 2014|

Coach Few joins Travis and Josh to talk about the Zags making the tourney.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- looks like we have little changed planes here well we do yeah -- I left tackle college basketball but it's only two guys who have ever coached me before. Back in my previous days as a youngster before football is. And in my career I was I was trying to participate Don -- basketball camp. All unbeknownst to me was a young coach down there was trying to help me with my post game -- coach Mark Few and now it up the -- that was a -- well. What's impressed you all during those dawn -- -- that's look at days. Oh most definitely. There's -- data goes by after I don't think about your heart now certain. Groups are Roma who open. Non bank crying in a bull -- or something like that. Yeah yeah it's quite a while ago good memory -- you. I think you know a peek at -- I can rub it you're actually at Oregon when I was a Junction City. And -- you kept on your career going up there and then now you're the king at -- northwest so I think you for coming on here. I have a question Soria. You know we'll get your seeding and all of that you've been through this so much as a coach would -- -- stepping in and get ready to play turner play. We talk to these kids in enemy we on the what's different. Than the regular season but what are some of the the points you make to them that say OK these are things that maybe have to focus on the haven't thought before but you can't let him overtake your emotions because you still have to play a regular star basketball game. Well well I think the first thing is the you know the process in the schedule leading up to the games is is vastly different then. In what you're used to mean you know others. Quite a bit there's. Not quite editors so much more media attention and media requirements as far as I mean there's even a practice it's mandated. The nose in front of the media the to do -- Fiorina and then you know our required by the student athletes to meet with the media and so there's there's a lot of time saying is that that going to this the best thing about going to sixteen straight years up here is our guys are all used to that. And it's it's pretty much a second nature so we are not spend much time with that probably the biggest issue going into the game is just. You know get get through all of the all of the hype and attention in the talk on TV and everything and and you just got to play any got to be in attack mode you gotta be as confident. As you've ever -- as a player. And in and -- You know to kind of make it happen when you know being aggressive on the defense and -- on the collapsed. Mark Few is our guest sees the basketball coach had gone -- and number eight seed they'll face Oklahoma State in the NCAA tournament on Friday. And coach horn asked we think about near this seating and how that works because of her rep Rick Pitino the other day say. But there's nothing we can do battle we can't pay attention to that do you pay attention to when you see that -- an eight seed maybe you think you might be a little better than that you pay attention to that. You know. We've been through the whole gamut appeared now in Holland and -- back and I was second or third year coach. -- we had a wonderful year with Dan Dick down. 26 wins some like that I think we expected beyond that three line and we had. -- -- I don't know 56700. People in a ballroom with CDS film that. And today they popped a supplement six slot six line in and there was just -- gas. In the -- And I think even to boost. And that impacted my team throughout the turning going to be an upset the first round and hand. And I mean I learned back then too. You know coach you guys up on that it looked like coach pitino was talking no you have no control over that and and that and I think what people don't understand just. Dates back in the days they had the. Freedom to move you to the lines off your original seed. In order to accommodate a bracket rules you know also. The other six teams from the pack this year there's probably separate from the big twelve. Of those teams can't play each other so that. You know the sweet sixteen I think hopefully can amplitude in the sweet sixteens we got to move guys around and change thing -- that the bracket. So sometimes the seeds aren't true indicators of the where you are what you are and and you just cannot. Can't worry about that aegis have to cave where we go on who we play and and when -- we plan and and make sure your guys are excited. To do that which we are we knew we were going to be -- -- middle of a packed in there somewhere. And it was going to be a really really tough matchup whether we they've received 678910. Any of those. He and I think we were. Fair player for last year it was a totally different. You know scenario we we all kinda new we're going to be number one seed -- kind of wander you know there's a chance at night. You know shaft. Because our league affiliation or -- -- an -- that was a different. Scenario but you know that's what we're we're ready and excited and that's -- San Diego. Kutcher played Oklahoma State and you said OK you find out who you're playing CB eighty find -- yesterday helpfully. As as it as a coach and a coaching staff how do you put together a Q what feels we should get Heidi get the players the information as it's it's not a whole lot of time. And -- -- one important game you've got to win to get to the next round. Yeah blockaded boy that changed you know I mean danger and years I've been. Head coach of any -- used to be a service that -- -- -- -- -- -- homes and you'd get him you know Monday afternoon it. Now I mean. Fifteen minutes after our name popped up for the show was even over the united night staff was watching tape on -- state. You know this thing about -- state we played him last year in Stillwater and just unbelievable game and on New Year's season and were able to win but on. And Gary bell had a Big Three forest outstretched and so the team we've played get them to have the last three years. And you know there's so there's some familiarity with that -- that a lot of that same characters you've played on both sides. So you know that that's certainly helps as far as as your guys get their attention and and then kind of recall back in fact. It's funny in the you know -- -- gore campaign goes so dialed in by the time we got to our media our he had already watched. You know the to search of the game last year against. -- state on our computers in an awkward. Mark Few is our guest guns Baghdad basketball coach -- when you look at the you know the big picture of the tournament you talk about how quickly can get that tape. When do you start looking at a possible second round matchup you know the other team plays before you this year you know Arizona Weaver state -- you start. Preparing for that second game. I you know I. I use in that seat were out right now the as a head coach you know do we need that we -- around 100% focused on. On -- state you split your staff. In. And -- that basically in the third and one guy takes. Spoke state no one -- pictures out of undertakes Weaver state and then you just let them go their own ways and then. You know -- assimilate the plant was the guy's got the -- state in you know. That's basically you know what it especially in this scenario last year in and that -- sixteen game. It was a little bit different and that. You know I mean we felt pretty good even though we got a heck of a tussle in the first game. You know would move on that second one and so that we were -- -- coach I was kind of look at it both Pitt and which custody and you know what. Do they bring anything differently if somebody plan like a crazy 13 ones owner. You know any thing that you might not seen during the year. To try to prepare your guys that can you really don't have much preparation between now. Friday Sunday. Coaches they're the opportunity for some of these kids to go out there -- be very excited -- be too excited and play not their -- game because there in the moment they're caught up in everything and now I'm not -- -- the articles and other those things but they're going out there they're given all their effort and sometimes. Too much effort where they need to slow it down to play with the style of the game and and maybe how as a coach you handled that with with a time give it. Eager that's a great point I mean did -- in any games like this whether it's noble games for football kids or. -- deviancy turned murderer horror you know playoff games. -- -- look at the next level. It's it's you know that is the user. Can be stressful times for kids and how they react to that the uses a positive way or does it negatively impact their performance so. You know we've we talked over and got to watch a lot of terms of Tony temple mount Arafat first. First run and settled down a little bit. You know remind them just keep active what they do to make some mom. Successful one and get the kind of two function in the moment and make sure their focus in on the process. Like we spent a lot of time talking about focusing on the process. And not necessarily. Mean you know. What circumstances that makes any sense to me you know when you're shooting -- executing on offense or defense and we just do what we do. The matter win -- where to plant. You know coach we have two starters from last year's number one seed but they're two very important positions in the backcourt -- goes in and -- and the other guys he had starting -- players on in the rotation last year dour in Stockton were having good years but how important is leadership in this role in the NC oblique turning guys who have been their before. Well guys have been there before triggered huge candidates it's that there than you know all of that stuff that we just got done talking about. You know. Is and you know that they're ready to deal with that and be able to function. So like I think that's huge you know at this point you know our guys. Oh gosh 34 games and -- built a -- You know so. You know -- -- shouldn't be. Any surprises there in it and I do even oh I don't have many starters back I've got guys that played significant minutes. You know David Stockton displayed now and for NCAA tournament staff hours playing for -- -- -- A lot of medicine in three yen and well yes that's that's a good starting point right there well. Coach just never gets old does it I mean just the whole experience in -- Oregon and yet you've got to have you know higher seeds and feel uncomfortable with this experience in this whole tournament this this week and it never gets old he does it's. Now it really doesn't you know it's it's the it's it's kind of what everybody. Place for whatever they want to be -- and you know guys we -- this is our sixteenth straight into the tournament and of all the things that we've accomplished -- again. You know about from a basketball standpoint. You know win in sweet sixteen only -- the last. In league champ which it is the fact that we -- -- sixteen straight of these I think duke it. Kansas and Michigan State are the only ones that have. Longer streaks and that to me just that's probably. The proudest. Accomplishment. -- now. There are guys who have. I've been through up here as far as I'm concerned I mean I can be more proud of anything. And that connection OSHA program this kind of stood just. You know bought adversity in time amen to -- plate changes in this and that and not. Advance to what it's a really really difficult thing to advance you think about a Kentucky didn't make it last year you know couple years back Arizona didn't make it. You know delays taken. The year two off here and air North Carolina missed a couple of years back. Indiana's not at this year. You know I mean this -- the hard thing to get to. And I don't think everybody realize that your your round. Hey -- I appreciate your coming on taken the time to catch up but here at the northwest up in Portland. Up bio you again one on one game I think I've got a little bit better not post news. But I know you look fish and so -- Taliban in the northwest let me know and may be keep my brother out of the fishing think is that it seems like we need official attending its new jobs every time. The he's been hit a lot of restraint I'd like to appears so he's he's he's -- -- some good. Some good man. Mentors. Today is take coaching slot that's luck to you this weekend. --