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Jason Horowitz -- Sirius XM and Westwood One

Mar 17, 2014|

Jason joins Travis and Josh to dissect the bracket.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Joining us now from Westwood One and series sex and college sports' Jason Jason Horwitz Jason Harry don't. Are you do well appreciate -- it's been awhile. So I wouldn't what are your thoughts on -- did this or again in the region -- -- so there in the west which it seems like there are seven ranked teams that you pencil through the elite eight. The BYU game should be winnable but after that what are their chances look like against Wisconsin and possibly beyond. Well why aren't -- are looking to -- -- I need it and in this year's college basketball -- you say all the games are a couple yeah personal personal look as good as the that you are you -- You know and then you can see all that you talk about whatever you want. They could lose one of their top two or three player and alcohol so that you know that's something they're gonna be used to record did not -- any -- -- -- -- But that you have really really good score huge spectacular so so that that's -- and a lot but. You organ played really good people I mean it. They're playing really good basketball right -- -- let's say that it's assumed that they -- -- Know -- what you say that they can't roll in and intent takedown was -- You know and and it kicked out of a Packers team that. They're athletic but they're not nearly as good defensively he's been in years past what's the etiquette you. Is it basically you know we're thinking that but it's gonna be -- shooting mechanic gets him to determine correct is as they go in their good shooting goes itself -- gonna get. Yeah but but it's fair to say that -- gets so it looks again it -- -- -- cops think BYU they're gonna get up and out or to put. Is it is it is it fair to say that organ could push the temple and the AD. Forced Wisconsin you know now they don't what to do that very ought. Nobody the -- that collect your first went when you -- an -- upsets Oklahoma State the -- run to the -- sixty. You know what what was the -- there. Now remind me of the -- organ. Well a big part of Jason a big part of that last year was the rebounding they had such a better front court with -- on the -- me in the way he was trying to be able to extend possessions and get those transitions started they don't have that this year. No no they certainly don't buy it but Mike Rogers went back you know so so yeah it certainly come alive -- he thought long and you know. Young big guys that he's received he's streaky shooter but he can cure really hot and when you're talking about two -- Three days. He could care he certainly -- Eric now. I don't believe -- -- I think would cut at the ability to get to file for. The Brett. But -- do you believe the court has players and the ability. To make it happen. You look at the rest of the pac twelve obviously Arizona number one seed in that same region -- -- expect him to have the best chance but a team like UCLA who's been so good lately and so dominant conference tournament. Are they legitimate team to get the final forest Florida just too much of a roadblock. You know life. I would excel. I would think that you -- legitimate candidate in the final four approach. Steve Alford and and this is I don't know how to how to put this into perspective because you never do it the actually do it. But he's always had problems in the NCAA tournament. On whether it was the receipt if I were alluding to at Northwestern State or street -- last year losing. Q looks that to heart that's fourteen yeah and you know and it all that you're in Mexico and -- and could keep they'd never made it -- -- -- so. I don't. They get to knock on Steve I think it's it's that need to run up to against let you know that -- thing is being said about not -- in the third you know they made the final 42007. And ever since then you -- retreat and they can't get past that first weekend so. I think for utility to make a final four that it obviously this goes step by step here but it taking it too. The sweet sixteen. Have that shot at Florida. I think get a good shot at Florida because -- quarters so locking down defensively. They're like you're you're gonna score and it's not that you -- doesn't have died inside because he got to Wear when they stepped do we combat it. Can be a problem for Patrick young a little bit so I -- I don't think you feel it would be favorite but I would be shocked if you -- -- they can get there which -- Have you ever seen and never foresee like Michigan State -- the hottest pick so to speak after one day. No it you know enough for trying to think Greg is Arizona's the only foresee ever -- actually -- -- And neither did he considered lower seeded bears are the last team seeded lower third -- a title and you know fighting about it I think if you were to look at the most bracket filled out. And I haven't done that yet but I would do that of the top five. People the national ticket orders probably at their. I think machines it will probably second and third. And both teams are -- and machines they all of Michigan State is they ought to think. One. People -- well -- that you're healthy watch out and so he saw that in the big interpreter. So that was war. And then to. Everybody on TV -- that thing. Wait to get healthy -- to be healthy -- that we saw start you've seen at the local state and meet. You are the defending national champs you have -- at. Marchers Carol it expects -- -- player in the front court they'd go argue that can score in bunches. But they're not good they were last year. You know them being forced he had a lot of people are on that they're seeing. But it happened the American was awful and the so so happens that the equally tenant -- -- conquered in it's really bad tee and quite anybody out of conference rather than Kentucky. So that the force merely to have a problem with that. And you know that it -- at that that bracket as Wichita State and Michigan and duke Google all the -- short but ultimately make it Europe -- Very -- to exceed that there. Jason Horowitz is our guest serious sex and Westwood One also in JC yeah yesterday just looking through all the projections is everybody has -- -- he can't go anywhere at any website or any or not -- somebody. The dollar upset picks and I've seen a lot of run for Kentucky the last couple days. They're finally starting to play well they had a great game against Florida despite losing in the SEC championship game they're going to be which is tossing aside a lot of that. Is thirty merits of that do you think Kentucky can continue what they've been able to do. Boy got an eagle Europe's economic they can't seek the -- We -- You know Kentucky and and Jack cal Perry is saying it is in the guys -- and it took him an extra month the Buick that's all well and good. Potential in that -- been developing all -- and they're gonna go into that game. Knowing that there underdog and that people are talking about Kentucky's Wichita State. And now into it a little undersized and that might be at eight probably get to its rental. And a car Johnson and Willie collects on the inside hand speed and should the practical and they are a heck of -- defense that. And a lot of time in Kentucky offensively big jets don't yet. And you know I don't knock on Andris -- that he's not a big current coaching done. Did it stop at Illinois made a championship game run with adults not players and you know he struggled to recruit after that what he still -- some. Right -- players but don't I don't get their markets spot there. Inaugural but the Kentucky freshman. Market Foster has had as good at -- he'd been anybody on Kentucky's secretly -- -- also. You know it it -- into the locker while Kentucky is sweet sixteen okay fine make sure that they get trapped in the state first. Some of these 1112. -- always -- a popular once people like to look at but Iowa playing Tennessee for the rights to playing into UMass can put that went together forming. Well considering -- had to go in opposite directions at Iowa with an auction he'd start -- a lot chicks. And it he would inconsistent anybody -- -- seated in the one putts. And until that Florida game he really in the last ten minutes they had. Dominated team that played up until the last ten minutes of Florida. And so -- -- -- -- -- record -- rhetoric are -- -- And -- he's got great inside outside combination journal stokes the double double machine. On the inside -- is a large man in the middle for them and the -- breaks go for thirty -- any night. What they struggle for against the there's a reason they're in the plane readers are the first award is that they kept it very inconsistent. Season. I would get a get up and now but I wouldn't give up -- cut pointed to guarantee they don't defect. It's part of the in the style but they just are not a good defensive team so. Bernie -- at a Kiki get past that I'd like tendency to get to do it and I could -- -- -- Has been -- over the Freddy's. And if they get a read -- -- You're coming back and pitched -- he saw in court in the EC turner. You sought against North Carolina earlier that scene in Saudi gently port -- that it'll leak advocate that. And anyone who think that he had a guy get in the paint and they -- guys in the so. You know it's Connecticut by Iowa and against other big you know what it would even make a redeem -- -- -- bigotry to keep our units -- -- -- throw out there apple. But but it can't get at Iowa I like that he'd actually make all the way to -- sixty. You know Jason last couple years there's been a lot of talk during the regular season about the mountain west now there really good conference and they're going to do something determined but just hasn't happened yet. And this year San Diego State might be the best team would last three or four years out of the mountain west. And there's not -- talk about them to -- Iran. They can make one -- you know the funny thing about changing the state is. You know how to you know audit committee which is good outlook for -- -- in the first term return that's. Wall Street history gets continue to stay in its first app market than -- her purse by the year and I had a chip stock market that connect the debate today. And exit. You know I know what you will credit you beat Hendrick he has stepped in -- that Abbott you know my real credits for each district -- -- my first opportunity -- I would have had did the job I have now a lot of such OK -- we first thought about playing candy that they were your first thought that you knew you were in the tournament. Lot was that indicate your mind what you shouldn't we saw. That they were there at oh my god not them success this. And -- and I think in what he said it was the reason is what we can score we get up and down the deal -- -- I mean actually -- Diego New Mexico being. Not good at center and at the collapse and New Mexico deleted indicate -- exports exports a fifteen minute. That's what they do they are so good defensively and the additional. At the transfer has been so important for their team rebounding defensively. And then they had a player that nobody really talks about the big things about effort prettier. Is superstar he's getting an NBA player so you know assuming they get past Mexico's state. I actually think they're gonna keep North Dakota State in in -- in there around three Q. And you know immediately clear -- this year. And San Diego State ought to have at home by it was a really good basketball. And there's no reason that it couldn't in the rematch. Jason Horowitz is our guest you can hear on serious sex Sam college sports nation also western one. On Twitter at Horwitz Jason does pretty -- you Jason I really appreciate the time in nine notes can be a busy few weeks for you so pace yourself. -- until now I have to say about what that operate our extranet forget -- -- -- and us bases we appreciate -- like to -- I guess --