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Mar 16, 2014|

Jordan Kent, former Oregon Duck, joins Travis & Mike to talk about the Ducks drawing a 7-seed in the 2014 NCAA Tournament during the FAN Bracket Show

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We'll be back to field the other restaurant downtown Portland rappers here along like -- deep field of 68 and yeah. Or again got the numbers at the scene that played these lines. -- there today Hewitt is down with former Oregon -- -- contrast -- shortly afterward it Jordan get out and do it. I don't regret it. -- well -- -- time today so organ is the seventh seed first -- that we. -- thought they would be. It. Honestly higher than wept up they're going to be that we know about a week -- you are saying aircraft and three out of -- -- -- war games begin with the department. The global hold him up when he Ivan wrote that win or its tournament it's thought but they're going to be about eleven inert and you'd and I thought. And I'd be pretty good drop but I've been. It's a great but being the problem is that there with thumb -- -- victory over BYU. You've got to be sitting there in my belief in the NCAA tournament you all we can avoid those number one -- number should be completed the sweet sixteen because. You can -- another wild card rep built the. We mentioned BYU that's definitely the first -- -- how they played earlier in the year they beat a 196. In overtime. -- things that you saw this scheme that might feel applied the ducks playing BYU here in the tournament. Well I think for organ it is compounded what they're -- score the ball in minutes or -- Can shoot the ball effectively I think the fuel direct to their game when their player -- quick -- that we in the opposite bank. It helped out even more that you think the I think what we've seen such an app that you look for organ is. They're certainly playing better defense. The scoring it a little bit but when they get to determine its gonna come time for them to really shoot the ball well to those big gains to step up and do your own XP and everyone else but then you offensively they're gonna have to. Please call it's actually in the last couple minutes beginning because. You know we've watched her name. Yours and you -- your -- -- game from down the wire because. -- did just -- -- -- down about plastic and the humans are working out that over if you what you. Music yeah I think this week. You know Jordan last -- organs without a lot of success in this tournament because -- -- out and work teams on the glass obviously going to want to see we didn't -- last season. Really helped get them past Oklahoma State Saint Louis in the first round game that shot against livable. With that rededication of the sort of had their one of the worst teams in the pac twelve and recounting how big problem you think that is the sort of play. I think they're very -- from what you saw last year. Organ obviously shot the ball well off one asset to the plate and that's who rigor and -- to them. We're getting a lot of looked -- couple small and no are you an adjournment because -- -- that you can come down last possession Q it's time. You can make good player you know I didn't get it off to rebound. Demo. It's really gonna help you out an important organ sure -- -- or well sure playing better keep you get a right at it it's probably. On the ball out lately it from time to. Better battle and that you're gonna find a way to make room on the block. Jordan I was looking at the bottom -- -- literally feel like you or -- when I saw the matches come up I saw Mike Moser. Only shop for twelve from the field one of six from three point range got twelve points critics are making -- -- adjacent police went. How important do you think Mike Moser is in this first team and it's going to determine the -- You know we talked about most in order remastered you -- and obviously the first time on the Bruins. Good -- for -- like you're rebounds but you have to -- guys stepped up. It was funny at -- you mentioned rebounding. -- -- At the on the glass and -- aggressive on the opposite. It really is in quote. Moffett who need it back on the other kids to bring that aggression -- and maybe do a better job of giving up rebounds and organ out. Him that he doesn't have much like friends here that we -- So they get -- going. You're getting things down low while -- little bit of pressure down the side kind of tick you -- the -- on the outside it's bigger gulf war -- Jordan it is our guest former -- -- no contest with then northwest toward what could -- why you -- that. A lot of thought would be one of those teams playing in the first war on Tuesday or Wednesday. They get the -- in the that that first round there and hopefully we're they sold for BYU team that was not that border. And keep at it and what their best players now content that is what the meetings were very good rebounding guard how do you like -- chances in this game. You know until they go we're gonna booed him a big difference playing very very well mean humans and -- -- Streak to elude him in the Buick. Off. -- -- coming into the BYUK. Got -- or hit it and they were built by. It's gonna come down to whether they keep you why you collapse that's really where the cougars have advantages. If they can you know get up Warsaw and ordered a couple of -- -- rebounds second chance points. Good a lot of pressure on the -- of the organ aggressive on the office. Shooter you're gonna show off. It. That permit and a couple -- show. And then for the ducks -- to replace mark possession basketball -- down in the game because. I didn't get you know both games were luck that would be dictated. So if all goes transplanted organ does my that he would you like you Wisconsin beats Americans looking at around 32 matchup between the ducks in Wisconsin. Wisconsin -- -- team perennially good as the they re very very good defense does that pose an issue you. It really stop these -- office and getting into the sixties and seventies but it. Yeah Wisconsin played really good team you have to be right we usually what I see in these terms game. Is they're such disparity. What is the plummeted in it you -- -- -- -- pure athletic team. CCD but is he -- but you're not quick enough in front of the guy you're in trouble so organ can exploit their athletic deep and it's against Wisconsin because sure organ lack. I -- a rebounding but guard came to the dark in school where they can't push the ball tradition. I think -- either -- against Wisconsin trying to -- the -- athletic team. And not let without trying to pull the PayPal obviously we've got to play great defense they agree often in the game if you really close at home for them so large crowd. If -- organ got a couple of players have been situations especially. Word pop artist. I could be a familiar terror but I think we need to do that second round it's more about how. Let it out to play. In contrast to BYU game where you're the player released or expected -- spoke of stopping BYU -- collapsed. I'll keep working got to keep it -- look at all the older number cute cute because have been drawn and you know I think Wisconsin probably you don't go to -- Blocks you can get or number two but that being said -- -- the earlier you wanna trying to avoid those -- -- -- -- sweet sixteen because of a dispute. Yet another level. You know sort -- -- go to Milwaukee -- they have played with its phenom athlete but. Going to and SC gets barely four awaited them -- to wait for a team that would have been enough that it the year or -- -- that last bit. But how talented -- I especially -- I don't think that without written back yard. -- -- execute what are challenging because so much excitement surrounding game and organs -- what is your already. So I would really attribute that much a factor. -- there's just something about -- -- -- to injury it's the first open practice. Walk in the outbreak they are you get the fact that all the other team in your region playing their game there. You don't so -- and it is going to be a boxing crowd -- failure right you play that was constantly but we see Wisconsin's horrible the second round your house. And they've been number you remember -- people -- have been you know knocked off by some of these you know seventh -- -- -- so if they didn't think how. But really I think for coordinator. I think during a great situation they need to. Like pots and bring their defense. We've mentioned a couple players for the ducks are ready Mike -- chief of police -- -- comic artists which one. Maybe maybe not -- -- not what your deductible player do you think needs to really ringgit for these schemes against BYU potentially get Wisconsin for the -- to make a 360. But. Honestly I think it comes down to start the boards on the not been a big spirited we eat you gonna have to provide leadership to that in this situation before. I think for or game. Maybe he can return to McCain got what more can turn the ball over him not to come down to your point go to continue Campbell. The pressure can -- a moment to keep the ball and down or make Smart decisions. I think for the ducks in a dark avoided this really going to be -- -- -- -- about four. If you have to be able to dictate the pace of the game vehicles that organ up offensively. It makes you think you could look that we don't want or giggle and out. Guns blazing it's -- the ball around and having much turnover. Put themselves in the early hole because it is easy to do it. Caught in the moment of these games so Jonathan -- would really need to -- all presence on this team. He's been to a sweet sixteen or at big moments the pac twelve tournament last year. He needs to be able to help ease the pressure for the ducks spin. You know you might use going on that run because it's gonna happen again here's the ups and downs but he'd be able -- all of it. Jordan -- is our -- he's the host of -- -- on confidence with that on Twitter at Jordan. Or can't afford four more or conduct basketball only football player. Jordan is always thinks about for the time great that we appreciate. Hey it'll probably get grabbed me we'll talk to do.