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Jairus Byrd -- Saints Safety, former Oregon Duck

Mar 14, 2014|

Jairus joins Travis and Josh to talk about signing with the Saints.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back to Travis in Wilcox is time to talk to a former safety for the Oregon Ducks he is now when the newest members of the New Orleans Saints Gerris bird. -- good afternoon how are you doing. So first of all graduation is on the new deal and there are a lot of teams that were really interested in you what made you pick New Orleans. Well I mean you know they have they are winning culture down there. You know from top to -- many. You know but to what they did last year after he just turned around and everyone knows but there are those two great combination of you know winning formula. You look at that you're you're tied up with the other great safety and back there and can Eva Peron and you're looking at coach Ryan on that defense its size and defense accordion and that's got -- -- -- of fired up play for coach like that. Being team with another great safety back there you guys to be -- probably one most dominant defense to back feels especially that safety position in the NFL. He can't get them Morton reports now. Interruption to spectators or secondary and you know taken off in hopelessness being. Took over and over there ought to expectations are no there are expectations. I do and other teams beating everybody. And I'm really excited as he -- -- -- you know. You -- you know get settled -- -- You know buffalo had -- -- the post season and are really long time had been even longer since -- wanna post season game there were some struggles with the offense but now you're gonna go to an organization that has had a lot of success lately. Is that one -- the most prolific offenses in league history when you see those prospects in what could be how exciting is that for you. Returning. Comics and it is -- It involved today you know take us back our tax credit our -- -- have everything is. Right you know our situation. We knew it through this process in it's a difficult one it -- and you kind of being geared up for not just this year but last year -- As ego though the business of football is something. It's hard for people may be better on the outside to really look at it and you have to stay focused on what you're gonna do on the field but the business side of it as well. I got to ask you -- man you got a six year deal. It's got to be feeling pretty good to have 28 million guaranteed making sure you have a little bit more stability now has an. -- That let's not -- and you know about you know here. And actually do anything -- know what it is you know that there can be taken care you know that. The special blissful. Well. Now on this story you know just. And I'll let you know critical thought and while it tells oxygen has no you know. You know a career you know you don't pick a solo you know when things -- and so you know -- supposedly NASCAR model social -- -- -- There is -- of the New Orleans Saints former Oregon duck is our guest here on the French -- seriously look at some of the teams are going to be facing a couple times a year and that division. And land led Carolina Tampa Bay and there's really talented receivers in that group. Know what's your approach when you go up against some of those -- it -- it's obvious he faced Tom Brady twice year for the last couple years but. What's your mindset going against some of those really tell the guys. It's the same as anybody -- anybody else you know -- They settle something he actually put anybody so use this same approach week you know it doesn't change you know. The game and you know base so he's going to get you can you know bring to take -- -- there -- so. That's sort I don't know are going these gain -- only noticed him. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- your father gill played the NFL eyes is coach in the NFL my father Dave played the NFL on coming up through. Describe -- relationship and maybe you know how I could have some of those conversations that only guy that he's played there and been there before cantenna understand that relate to him. And maybe how that's been value before you because I know for myself. I can go and ask my -- questions and maybe not -- who knows which is kinda of things about. How football goes you know working with teammates just maybe how valuable that's been for you where -- he -- some other guys kind of struggle with some of that. Yeah. Deafening -- -- we have a blistering -- has. -- they're not gonna you know those conditions a lot smoother. And being conversations into that conversation about what were to look for so. From a -- accuse someone who play the game you know is always. At best instincts -- -- -- so armed forces and others have been big show my career and in development. Was there any added pressure on you growing up because that not necessarily from him but from other coaches and players around you because you have an NFL pedigree. They expected more idea. Yeah you know I think people always expect me or. You know looking to achieve -- voted an excuse you know well you don't eat it because -- noticed a very openness and solid some -- -- you know all of Andino. I'm capacity and I'll let it be better of dead you know notes tendered in the IP it's so all of the culture aren't you know the numbers six and I've been blessed -- -- It is yeah little stick out it will play. And now he's trying to picture question here ask your heart arteries -- why he's -- now. An excuse kind of. One of the most amazing things as me as well as look at their free agency this year in that the defense backs that are up for free agency and these guys now on yourself included a couple other guys from the university -- that are listed right up there all. Against -- paychecks in and getting put out there in free agency. Just take a lot of pride coming from you -- and I know how would its position group she you know who's played the NFL Nino in. OK you know how can I top these guys to check cutouts -- make played New Orleans before ranting human bit. You guys have had a special group of guys -- organ and now Europe -- new ways in the NFL. It definitely. Or is a great place you know rather that that -- it shows just a -- now or CNET or it. And -- -- that you put in the league and play there are local. So you know just chat software universe you're in the you know those coaches very note on -- -- courts or -- great coaching and -- Chinese LDP coastal. You know there's still some especially you know. The DP you know as opposition to come and probably you know just aren't working on the -- -- fundamentals in the streets for the next -- -- It's not about to be noted to score in just -- -- sit there and there. Jurors -- of New Orleans Saints is our guest here on the fan injures you mentioned nick -- Leone who retired from or again this past season. Knew it was -- like playing for him what kind of guy would see what does he bring out of you when you were there. It was always -- -- -- funny to -- you don't it'll. A far bigger almost you know it's just. General away you know getting its point across is serious that the same -- -- so much -- the players to carry cared about little. He coached she took pride here you really thick air out of the -- you can have a post they're really cares about you. -- you do an informant to slow it you know the Celtics got their loved this -- almost got up our you know -- a little you know also. And that they announced it actually. -- LS like to ask people when they played in the NFL for awhile and and after college you may be what the biggest differences you could say speed decision making. But you know maybe being on that route how much time and after you have to put into it but if there's something. And you've been around the game for a long time and I don't think anything really surprise you. But is there something that -- -- just this stood our. Game the players are better is just something that really stood out -- that. While you were expecting needed expected may be -- that different. Yeah I mean -- The party goes to -- -- -- just separate thought -- experience it is disputed. It picks up a lot. But. You know to extend my idle spectators have -- market that they had a lot of inept play you know he's able to understand and know what to expect in knowing you're trying to preparation you know like okay. -- these -- they need to walk on because it just carried into into different. A lot of time you know you know people -- somebody you know. -- directly in college in the NFL can make a difference you know say it would open up a little. So. That just scripting these kind of like. Ideological. About but it does it teach you don't complain -- -- you know the position. I'll tell what position he lets you know split sir you know -- that DP you know just. -- -- Appeared you know offices -- archer tech. You know Jersey talked about pressure from you know being the son of the former NFL player and things like that but. No money changes things whether it's fair or not and been granted the of you get paid really well and and and for a safety that's that's a lot of money. So is Kerry added pressure for you to try and live up to what you've been paid now or you just need to go up play football the same way you always do it. -- -- -- -- -- I think it better so this is no different you know -- always go to my dad and myself and beat the ethics committee next year. You know it's -- you know just always been there from here OK so there's no. Well out here and so I'm glad he's a work in just. Get better. Hey we've pressure become an opera that is -- to say congratulations you know nominee -- guys go out there get that big bonanza and you know how much pressure is on you but from the Oregon -- fan base here. Love to see New Orleans and and hopefully can make some of those Dixon take those pick sixes back it's a more pro bowls and come back to Eugene and celebrate with everybody. And even in the state -- Let -- appreciate it makes it much jeers appreciating good luck in New Orleans. Thank you.