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Ben Golliver -- Blazers Edge and Sports Illustrated

Mar 13, 2014|

Ben joins Travis and Josh to talk Blazers and their recent skid.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Joining us now. Sports Illustrated Ben golfer Ben always good document area. Doing very well a little bit better than blazers fans are right now so the four game losing streaks obviously not good. LaMarcus Aldridge out at least two games Mo Williams out at least two weeks at this point for the blazers just turn things around what has to happen. I mean this is a really tough stretch for Portland and I think Percival or it was cute you gotta put that in the Arctic because I go all the way back the -- and I think everybody had that. Particular road trip kind of circled as you have been atop this stretch your own schedule credit without a doubt. Abroad at a pretty easy schedule over the first app that he's -- so I don't think that. A lot of -- -- -- -- should be done about this particular trip because these -- -- -- in March on the -- at -- -- upbeat. That's going to be a lot Tuesday you know a lot of people are pretty tight. You know against -- I used it and ballot so I'll -- -- you know. The end of the world in terms of losing streak but the patriots are big deal and mostly because it's sort of a -- -- -- -- losing Aldridge Williams and also -- really is still out there. That's basically three of Portland's at a talks that would most reliable guys from earlier disputed. The rush they're going to be putting out there on the court of these next couple games or at least all of which are packed. Is going to be shell out the that they had earlier this season and it's -- -- -- a lot of pressure -- like Hitler to basically carried you know. -- -- on his back and I think he's already perhaps the deal with a little bit too much I think you looked a little bit frustrated on the court. You know we certainly look a look a little bank up the other night. It just in a particular incident and that course and nature -- seat that are static in her deputy career that that up a little bit all of these things are kind of coming together -- -- -- -- Portland -- and you know they've got a huge game on Sunday against the warriors pick a potentially. I you know at some serious or indeed any significant so certainly there's reason for concern. I've been comedy you're taken Nicholas Batum and kind of his his style play and what he means this team and it's been talked about you know on the more that the ball goes through him the more involved he is you know if he's getting rebounds this is. Scoring he's been on the glass slot some of the shots he's making. Or even taking some time to scratch your head that he has a couple turnovers how pivotal is he for them going forward because you mentioned some these entries. Is attacked predict the -- of kind of like that fire and go out there and have a couple big performances that the fans would like to see. You know I'd love for him to prove me wrong I don't it's early yet met botanic gardens that's purely going to be taking that next step up especially when it comes -- -- that abandoned the reason why they've read it's so good at what he. When you hit those you know kind of supporting role which you guys a little bigger -- What he's the guy credit beat the change of pace attack they want to go away for. You know Aldridge and alert I -- tribes -- -- giving wide open shots set up off the other way that it it would -- -- those. Corner threes. Or it may be you know -- -- attacking against he's. We try to eat Turkey can be pretty effective. What you put -- to pick and rolls with Robin Lopez's. Attitude to weaker record especially at that. Are they can -- successfully Castro. All the pressure on his shoulders you say you didn't go up they're being number one or number two scored option you have to create the -- for yourself because we don't have orders lined up. You're -- you ask you to do the kinds of things that we expect for a to WB are set to wheat in the NBA I think you got to be you know redouble our credit execs are really his -- at least bit over the course -- career. It's we spent fourteen France and so -- -- you know be huge it debuts at eight on usual I'm not sure that guy. And incidentally I kind of disagree about what we've got to -- very very. People -- sent -- weapon in the right circumstances when he showed up in keeping open chart. He can take a smaller user data to the post if you say hey you know people out there again there's thirty Qaeda and -- not who you acquire and so I think you know that's. This strain on the -- really is going to be paired. Idea Mueller because he is back -- and instead open LP exports scoring night. You know but to ms. Kennedy to contribute all sorts of ways that you should get -- that well it's a bit to eat it. I during all -- and then in the aftermath. Well when they go smaller. He's shown the ability to do that. You know at times he's you need to continue to do that no question about it. Dan Gallagher is our guest Sports Illustrated and then when when you look at dame Mueller over the course of the season -- certainly been questions about his defense. He defended those to Jason quick on Tuesday's -- for the Memphis game what do you think that those criticisms of this defense -- fair. Well he's certainly more advanced player pocket it. No question. He's got room for movement that you can -- that bottle are the top are players at that position so much to be. On offer its first -- opposed to a defense first guy because that's -- the recognition -- and I think that's where guys are your nature realize that they're gonna get to college scholarship they're going to be abused in -- record and big impact all well they're attracted. Potentially the lottery. You know the opportunities -- -- worked and attract that. -- you see a guy like alerted our friends specialist he ought to speak out like I currently. Good latest check around excellent piece rendered by you know he's not -- -- back to get the attention -- recognition ultimately. Paid eight. Out of that so to me. You know opposite only in the comfort for a player with his tell all -- 82 more -- absolutely. You know some of the but some of that stuff I think number one I think it's -- heat related. He didn't mention you know you can't really question his effort. And I and I think what he's basically. You know sitting in between -- to that it takes. You doctor played huge minutes -- after super reliable. You know there's a little bit what he's gonna be able to do that if you repeat what a body that is gonna you know get hired at various points and goes through a good -- -- packet so I think you're a little bit which he. That but in terms of units were textbook how to keep the pick and roll it he's got a point of attack. -- spurs -- the previous Leo well you know relatively new. And actually -- nothing new report policies and but I don't think all eat at shortcoming that she'll be all on his shoulders. But Mo Williams had been great. And -- just in terms of how they do depict raw -- to have kind of figured out how it would pick all the extra religiously. You know that basically their coverage which is just say go and have whatever jump shots you want they got -- -- -- regional -- or. Or whoever else can do you know off the pick. Triple to about 1012 feet and knocked on natural -- -- yet -- -- that. -- would they know your docket regard they can definitely added up there it is about to make all the template that though. I mean did your question directly -- get better on -- I do wonders deal reached coming crop. But it's not just get my ticket to -- my issues. Are pretty we eat sensibly duke. And it's starting unit together has played pretty solid because that's what all of our players have been -- -- -- eight -- Did you can't hit it about the reserves. All right then. 4223. Right now. 817 games left -- or so right there. Where you see this team finishing and maybe 10 AM. Who they match up with -- what he -- kind of playoff scenario in I wanna get your opinion may be as we're looking at the seizing this hour. Saying hey -- slide in the playoffs salmon played this well. In -- did you expect him to be 4223 at this point and -- kind of where they go from here. The other that we still slightly ahead of expectations in terms -- but that would be it actually maybe slightly to stop Erica clear expectation. In the big picture when you look at their schedule. Or worst case scenario what -- they lose all their games to achieve that there were as good at. Or you know you could you achieve better and better records that. It is -- and most likely around at least 47 which trade at 48 they've got him Milwaukee is currently Democrat's impeachment he needs. You know still left the play that and that's -- accumulate it which for you because those guys are going out there and a bit quick wit and moderate all -- So I think that's gonna end up putting Roland you know safely into -- playoff picture will be pit people up where Arch Capital the rich data Erica. So -- crash although we have a policy and I don't think. But I do think that you know. Even maintaining that -- he will be very difficult for them I expect that by the I would get it yet probably XP. I even even sliding one of those temporary teams to super hot. But there is it really that much I elected schedule you know personal like that -- so to me I think the -- cancer they're gonna it is six. That it is at a -- out -- it will be able you know went out and our race. The third you know I think. You know -- it stands right now that's probably -- -- -- the -- -- -- -- aren't used to -- -- -- but that probably going to be the clippers. And if you're looking at a potential for extra matchup that was well it's the right strategic plan right now certainly create the public aren't -- you'd certainly favored the corporate heavily. I could see that you're you know at -- games. Then -- is our guest Sports Illustrated you can find him on Twitter -- Dan and Oliver Bennett's illustrated talkies thanks so much of the time. Our -- here.