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Joey Harrington -- Former Ducks and NFL QB

Mar 13, 2014|

Joey joins Travis and Josh to talk NFL FA and his foundation.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back to Travis in Wilcox and joining us now is former origin -- Joey Harrington jolly good afternoon Alito and. I'm doing great -- -- and former -- affordable. Former -- quarterback we never lower indirectly called straight Wilcox. Yeah you're my -- quarterback of all time. -- -- -- artery -- and former Oregon Ducks quarterback. Joey Harrington is our guest here on the -- So Jolie today you were ever sent to Catholic high school your former stomping grounds with The Heritage Foundation we'll talk about that here in just a moment but. Note the NFL draft and everything going on we've we've seen a lot of moves -- free agency. Don't talk by your your journey a little bit your opportunity to play in the NFL we see so many guys go to the NFL the seem like perfect -- how important is it to get that right spot for quarterback in in the right place. It is. It is imperative. It's the only way it can get pap test ends contrary to popular. Believe -- Josh can attest to this. A lot of organizations are are not. -- Screw us in the -- run but let's. You know -- fair manner on top people -- always a lot of money and have never had anybody saying no to men still there are very few cultures you know itself that are that are great. About business model. And so you really have to find that that Mitch you have to plan the right coach you have to find each of players around you it's it's. It's more than just. Studying a player's college film and com -- workouts to find the right quarterback it truly -- to be that's right a lot of different areas. Yeah where US surprises I was and I didn't play you know. Quite as many years as you did but when you got there maybe it's because we were lucky it org you know we had such great coaches but I I was -- shocked by. The inability in just ineptitude as some of the coaches that are in the NFL and you walk into everything and this is the best the best and some of these guys concepts are from like the 1930s. Well I think I didn't -- that Leo. Our culture of them. It's. Pathetic good old boy network -- yeah I need these concept that a lot of guys still alive. Are based off of -- bill Bill Walsh -- you know you're all about the West Coast stock looks. The Bill Walsh built the West Coast Conference in the early eighties you know all these disciples. Through. To the Bill Walsh family tree but it's almost as people are scared to break the mold. Because they're so happy to be in the -- are so many fuel so cute those jobs out there. That they think they do something out of the ordinary trying to be different and special in each in progress so. They're gonna. In order to get black alternate. It doesn't work out he'd established yourself as someone who boxed trending darkening yet backing and so people just. Fall in line. And have been falling in line for the group could -- to Derek. So we see a guy like Chip Kelly go to the NFL and bring some of the things that he does obviously he has to make some adjustments from college to the NFL when he goes and says this is what I wanna do and doesn't really care or anybody say. How important to have guys like that bring that type mentality the NFL. It's it's funny you mention he's the perfect -- to do that you really is because he truly does not care what anybody -- and it hurt I think we also on that. You know when you -- is it -- org has. One to press conferences and he didn't care what reporters -- careless in a the boosters in the sand shot -- wanted to went on script he's got the best way to do to win football games was Toronto is just until the -- didn't silly or the matter is in Eugene excuse get a lot of what keeps saying is the best system to win football games and -- -- -- -- the perfect guy because she does not here. -- -- Spa. -- sentence people or. -- you know it. Bucks at Bill Walsh trend mean that those who don't register on his radar you tortured -- to to bring some sort of change and ingenuity to to -- -- Joy what's the biggest change for quarterback for playing from college and having great success to walk into the NFL it is its speed is -- your eyes have to be. Is -- something to release it out you're like yea you'd expect this to be you know faster but something it is while I did not see this coming. Well actually there's two things one his one and this is a very. I -- specific. On field saying and the others kind of more are still there until that it's much faster -- restructure. You want and it actual flat out let us speed guy in college or report for the guy that's got -- You know it -- and by the time you're at thirty dollar or 55 so don't have all -- Awarded it to -- to -- I was thrown out. -- restore it deep into against the raiders my rookie year and rod Woodson was planned safety group incorporated late in his career much and I knew -- snapple -- -- -- that knew where he was gone and who can happen snapped the ought to look to last she -- through it. What would steps up and optics -- -- -- and I and I want to match the game has some work at target -- and in order -- stern had a -- tip off to the receive traditional and he just flat -- channel actually -- rock every single -- practiced the last fourteen years. Will be -- a rookie was going to be. And so it's not about the speed you know pure political speed but our top. In OP strategist who seeking they'll respond that the reaction time so much quicker but didn't seem to lose. You're playing for money. And and and money changes hasn't really it's you know your success as a quarterback directly determines the success of everybody else -- -- And if somebody else's paycheck or some -- to the ability to provide their assembly. It is. It affected by your play elect I -- a lot of pressure and and there's -- get her out -- -- I'm sure -- -- the people people not beat around the bush. If you're messing up my paycheck coming Italian and so that doesn't really exist in college. -- -- -- Joey Harrington is our guest on the -- enjoy going back to kind of scenario you just told us in your rookie year. You see gala Johnny -- Zell who is so improbable on the field and has to make so many plays. Can his style and can peaking. At just what he can do mentally to make sure that he can make those adjustments on the field in the NF -- Presented a really big challenge for him. I think the best examples. -- -- search on him and tell our Michael Eric. And Cam Newton. Then we also are how incredible -- will start his career. At times. -- let's -- most of the time but we also saw it you know when it was bad it was back. And the team that we're able trigger crouched. You know really where it shut him down because she didn't rely on and he'll admit that put him. His lecture before Gordon's you want prisoner of land there. And ensure that he never studied. We need that he didn't. She didn't uses that he played completely out of the seat and -- Absolute incredible ability to make. Planes on the rise in the album that help the loss for awhile but at a certain point -- the seeing the same thing out in new. -- I think we'll learn quicker than -- Mike. But you see these quarterbacks were just incredible -- important can improvise. You see them either stalled them out because they don't want to work. Or they have that shift where they say OK now it's time -- -- -- -- -- -- applied to -- concepts. And knowledge relying on my athletic ability instead use that escape route when things do break down. Those guys. Learn how to play Smart football that when they our utmost interest. -- -- -- fantastic quarterback in college stepped around the NFL -- -- -- this TV commentator but one thing it's always helps you to use your family is giving back to the community I think it's something that. From knowing you and your father it's something that's kind of you know been a part of you guys grown up and and you guys are doing something here today. And given us some scholarships to some kids are having them available for kids out there to help them. Achieve maybe some of -- you know education that they might not have describe a little bit what's going on out there and and how people can be a part of this and now. What you're doing exactly for a deep these kids on the community. Yeah -- we started to believe we've announced that we're -- regular first swore. Community quarterback scholarship -- column. What we're looking forward looking for young community leaders we wanna try and those kids to. You know who don't necessarily get a reminder for another not. They're not always the best students in the class which no lipstick pig guts to stick their nose out there and do something to improve to an and that could be anywhere in this state or not. We're not focused on Portland we're not focused on. You know the land valued and anywhere in the state and and so the scholarship. The application is incredible turn to Economics Foundation dot org an option without shunted him and the key at -- Let's think makes this program's special and we're going to be given away in the first you're gonna work for 500 dollars scholarships 101000 dollars to follow -- -- Paula these kids through school each year grad former -- we're gonna have sixteen kids go and true. No commuting in the -- or 40000 dollars to just see through. And every year we're gonna have 40000 dollars and play at least but we're gonna take these kids and we're gonna. Attachment to or given the availability of these mentors. You know. You more than anybody Josh can speak to colleges in the boats. Getting it to Korea are doing well -- school -- you can speak to that direction. Exactly we got -- It -- good connections to keep. You know approached -- and as such -- you know what I see you're really interest in this here's an internship opportunities should go to. I've collected a group of mentors. Different Meyer has agreed to be a mentor programs and perhaps you folks. You know. Very prominent people in Oregon business communities and I tried to grab from all different different areas. Architecture design each government education financial. Madison. So that no matter who comes into our program no matter what these young leaders are. -- find somebody that's -- up and -- we're gonna connect with each at best and the brightest in the business world we're gonna connect to beat these future leaders that we aren't. Which -- community mentors. In the hopes that we can. Encourage these young leaders. Sustained -- to go to school and state. And and start their business here and state it's really you know Josh I know you're slums from Junction City -- -- -- an ordinary. True it's true as much Greisen -- they give you an error which. People like you who problem. To invest in the state of the young age. And then come back to lift and Henry is different this year that that's what makes this twister preached then and I think you -- -- SP -- and and and I agree with the fact that there isn't really special people period in this do or don't and we want you which just to achieve. Or what I think this says it the most to me about this is this is something for popularity contest for you this is something very important for you in has been. And I think that's -- things you're giving back the -- C eleven you'd love to see some kids get some chances because you know it's out there and you know that there's people out there that can help these kids. Achieve success that they might not ever thought they have so you know I commend you for going out and doing this not just because it's something need to do in athletes do it because you mean it and you look to do it. -- commission -- we can weaken. If we can connect to these young leaders which he -- -- certain the business community at a young age skip that whole. And skip all these years it takes to build connections and make -- connection right away to these kids are however a leg up or make in the state that are placed. Joey Harrington is our guest for more information on the origin community quarterbacks scholarship program visit Harrington Family Foundation dot org. -- always it's great talking thanks so much of the time keep the great work in the community thank you.