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Lamar Hurd -- Pac-12 Networks

Mar 12, 2014|

Lamar joins Travis and Josh to talk the Pac-12 Tourney

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back to Travis in Wilcox the major conference tournaments begin today in college basketball and of course that does include the pac twelve. Joining us now is former organ state beaver Lamar Hurd now with the pac twelve networks Lamar right into it today. I don't carry nor do -- appreciate you joining us again today so we look at this Oregon Oregon State match up. And obviously for -- seeming like -- in the tournament and they're just playing for seeding at this point but for Oregon State what can they do with this scheme tonight win or lose. Well it's -- Egypt and now the roles of these first two weeks ago or speak ran against airs on. -- -- -- terrible schools you know they were still -- trick it into doubly important topic has now ordered state. It now playing him. Or go to Apple's Eagleburger and you know most likely going to be an IP and finally it went actual image but you know it -- they don't win this game. Your seat and this is probably done not a big ticket and I actually gave it so. They have a lot to play for a Orkut still had a lot of so but you know you wonder which can only got into him and -- to -- a little bit unexpected but you never know. What's been the difference this year and that -- state basketball team it seems like they've been a little bit more competitive or in games that a little bit more. Has -- been coaching players all being on the same page in my second question is is. If Craig Robinson doesn't get to the next hermit worse his future lie within the program at organ state. I think the difference of sort of state plate. My tooting war. On -- some of that culture and I think that's typically when it comes to the beach at the end of the ordered state and that speech. The track a year record this year could grab and committed a lot more minute and -- it just didn't want we want all our and it got a little bit better in. In command of defense and that's helped a am I go to King and I include in church and out -- it to the starting lineup along with them to be a very younger guard public mores or tree Ian Malcolm to give equal you're seeing play. Lot -- late book out on a peek at the point guard that you need it. The last couple years throughout. Genes have been counted. And shooting guard whose district are positioned for the most part but they've always mr. true regard I think. The best -- eighties and who dat column now it could if Craig Roberts doesn't achieved triple. Our production and the wind law and law is column that you -- or. You know everybody. It's got to wonder talk about its stated Gordon stayed at. That you don't get out of country we forget that he came from a situation where or came to a situation where it came to go on eighteen and they casual fans into bystanders you don't realize the text ads within. He basketball world talk about the recruit -- your perception. Of people around the league but he novels -- -- Gupta getting in and looked. How that spoke or not being part of the community. You know what Robert became -- just -- -- opted and it -- -- state until he he's got a trumped up a lot of people realize. I'll you know total -- rural bridge to cross to get. Lamar heard pac twelve networks is our guest you can see all four of the pac twelve conference German games today on the pac -- network Washington Utah underway now ducks and beavers today at 6 o'clock. And tomorrow we look at or again and they had that rough stretch in the middle of the season after serving thirteen know they've won seven in a row. But we look at the NCAA tournament the conference tournaments defense is always a key good guard play is always a key -- -- -- can take over. How does -- can match -- -- those things and defense certainly been an issue for them this year. You can't -- gathered to remember all the big it's your biggest airliner -- -- another -- ever gonna play have been saved last year -- Dominik article and now the trade contradictory and got to look at it in trade Kuwait bat or at all Republicans but it is an and they. -- do you play -- that you put in court you are a lot of people restraint what you label you put the dash. Grief for park on court which can at one time well -- worked -- -- you went out I got to contradict at least. And all -- Mike Moser will complete Olympics or control I think most of their struggles this year was figured out. Who are we gonna play because. Didn't have a problem you know -- -- division and not academic train a couple took -- and an electoral cup victory. So double big to pick up at call exactly. With a piece of tradition they have. Got a little bit better once they got into it it completely agree dot com. A lot more LE. He's produced a lot more than he looked early as he gets -- -- -- minute someone as lobbying -- and -- -- -- Of course kind of you don't want to get in the tournament cannot rely on Turkey and to get compared to -- to -- article -- typical. Can help would want out or you and that's what they do best and that they -- -- make -- jump shots. You're close to unbeatable because take -- -- put four guys on the floor. Beckons you to -- well and try to level and I don't mean you can pick that. Who are some of the teams or who maybe is one of those teams that you're looking at the -- may be. Do a lot of damage or disrupt some teams in the -- term at the need to keep your eye on because they're playing some good basketball right now. Or Atlanta and I'm not admit that you minutes ago -- longer. I wonder how big gonna respond to Nolan out security into -- -- and used -- -- -- they do I think they're going to be improbable people and you call on the other side of the bracket. You talk in that it had a pricing and an actual I don't think anybody including. Expect them to be where they -- now that they make sure you'd expect and I'm many of them that we believe could market street and end here they are. Good and and it could -- -- -- another Carroll outside look at it and let. They now know -- -- -- compete with can be all achieved in the conference. They haven't done to get -- and -- called it a little recovered terrible so. You talk -- in my whole scene and -- -- as the ordained -- we went for a gain of four days and we are in Italy tournament -- -- You know Lamar there's been some questions about Arizona even though they've been in the top five all season long the injured Brandon Ashley took them a couple of games to really get into the swing -- things there. But to me I watch Arizona I see there is a really good team but not a final four type team are wrong. I don't think you're wrong to -- and you don't eat out on the salute because of their struggles alternate to eat a lot of time there they are not one of the girl try to change. Even in the conference and the reason that they got to -- -- pig. They are nominal on the drug and that Slorc and -- into that Johnson. Has been a phenomenal player like Austria a year and they're really alters. That -- -- not playing well and that almost all lead you beat him is you need to teens have bought it typically need Nick Johnson. Struggled from the real. And you know architecture that happened in the NCAA tourney game are pretty -- it happened to -- you know on. And soul. I totally agree with -- -- democratic scene you can you can easily you make -- cup -- or. And you can easily see that they are out of work climate camp on the job. Lamar how's your experience been with the pack two of networking and doing TV and and sitting back -- be an analyst is symptom that you really morphed into and always say he'd enjoy I think everybody thinks you do a phenomenal job just described China. How you're going so far at the job the -- really think you know you -- kind of kind of fell into. Yeah how ultra book thank you you know I don't know outtakes and -- after a picture on a lot of but I appreciate it. I thought I try to -- the best candidate or 1980s open there wanted to do. From the time out the practical knowledge that my playing days -- whenever that maybe cannot -- that elevator. And and you hear your -- a commercial into. Well working which it -- sheet that Iran be Richard I was directly to part time. I just insert -- -- he's an -- called available. And -- an opportunity roles are -- aspect to count and I spoke to -- little. I guess get right people like me and Indian that the chip in the let me. Heir to the actual network -- It's been a lot of art you know people here are great calm happy. Opportunity this week where I learned how to turn into -- and I haven't done yet and I. -- career so just look toward Tibet especially now -- carpet is right now how excited expect -- to be. But it's been good. It'll all uncharted two is not make it about a -- you know one. It's easy trail that do sometimes it'll it'll sell at eight -- It'll. They're a little bit thicker end game or our program that it could analyze the Dutch media always. -- political -- wanna hear what they wanna watch and try to get so I appreciate you with a kind word -- in ultimately give and you can't achieve what you -- -- Lamar you definitely are Allard is our guest did it -- -- the pactel networks with Kevin O'Neill and Mikey and for pregame halftime post game around the pac twelve -- -- the next few days. On Twitter at L underscore heard those pretty documents Fred appreciate it thank you. And it.