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Justin Termine -- Sirius/XM NBA Radio

Mar 7, 2014|

Justin joins Travis to talk NBA and Blazers.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Karzai talks -- NBA joining us now is just in Germany from Sirius XM NBA radio someone who openly hates me on the airwaves and of course that works both ways -- -- today. -- well thanks reverie I'm trying to election to the music either capacity issue a -- of literature. Yeah I think it's definitely a a suit thing. Yeah and I mean from that that that -- -- we're playing coming in like that you want and. And -- all right I I I've never claimed to have the best taste in anything. So I just and we heard the talk about the NBA in the the blazers road trip starting tonight obviously in Dallas the first one is a really important game but. I know you work with a lot of NBA coaches and you guys have conversations about what this team is we have a perception seeing this team and nightly basis but. A broader perspective how does this team viewed nationally can -- be seen as a team that can have success in the playoffs. Larry I think nationally if you is that it's been successful year already and they get so make -- pieces to go around Willard Batum. And CJ McCollum got and actually post show little grocery section and then altered should get into sandwich you should want you now. -- I think people are around the nation think it's successful already in -- most likely this scheme. At their ceilings on his first round lynched if they match up with a team like Phoenix or Dallas. I'll worry that even a Golden State they can beat down I don't think people think they can beat Oklahoma City the clippers or -- eventually -- Houston so it's probably see that they get that three seats -- the educational that the bottom couple seats in Oshawa. He mentioned the show they do with CJ in the common had a couple a chance to listen a few times and what is your your thoughts about this kid have talked a few times seems like a really bright Smart kitty obviously it's taken them awhile to being reined in in the in the NBA season in the NBA schedule especially because of that injury. But what do you see from CJ McCollum talked -- so frequently. Yeah I think the big issue with him was was coming back after the injury it's a little more typical sex you get hurt your trade Burke who struggle she and George Utah. He comes into a situation where the real and so it's easy to sort of find its footing -- get a lot of matching -- with Michael -- we're gonna take a little bit longer pursue EJ just not find the most consistent and that's an even adults -- on the show I -- fight and it's it's typical isn't going to be impeached or college. Partly for years and I expect and really going up to the next level here and he's he's got a criminal -- -- trio format so he placed double digit -- ten to fifteen minutes tonight. OC that is -- -- actually opens efficiency also up that he is an opportunity but that I like -- ask this question will result of what's the most important thing is it. Is it money at a pretty honest next Monday's winning. Is it it's proving yourself as proving yourself and that's where -- -- the -- career it's got that's surely the winning forever but he would have liked to think it's the French. And that's certainly part of its goal but for him which is proving himself and trying to get more minutes and become part of the team. So I think that's where he's dead square that article because it won't change -- -- Just in Germany Sirius XM NBA radio is our guest here on the fan Justin we see teams like the spurs' Gregg Popovich rest some of their starters over the course of the season. Get them ready for the playoffs and other more of an aging team the trailblazers are but aside from LaMarcus Aldridge injury. All five starters have played every game this season and started every game this season do you think that catches up to them. Time now and I I think that was with the coming out of supplies are up there -- going a little strict air and mean that opponents findings are looking for them without -- -- in the lineup shell I don't think that catches up with the ball I think they need to actually judicial these guys. Could -- at the three -- is important analysts Aldridge got the most experience or what's in this league -- -- twenty years of age. Yes I think I think these guys can't electing our shop with such stories that it is something like that it'd keep all of last year than maybe I don't think it's an -- actually. When you look at Houston in the -- obviously both -- on the same record as the trailblazers have but we've seen inconsistencies from both those teams especially with Houston if they have a cold shooting night. Who was a more difficult matchup for the spurs and thunder is there one of those two team easy thing to matter the west or is it going to be Oklahoma City or San Antonio. I think it's Oklahoma City -- Sharon's on the leading into last sort of wanted to -- the Oklahoma City I am and seats so rematch from two years ago he wants to draw upon which best players in the world. Al that I watch slash -- instincts -- anybody do what scene in something that goes against block it looks like a completely different player looks like he's just another player in the weeks. They forcibly should directional shopping like you -- a little bit I think he's won five there in the last. You know six or seven to explain. So he's had some troubles and here -- Policy aperture in the finals it would probably happen terms or he might catch up shall if I had to pick. A wild card out of the clippers used are those among fourteen to come out. -- under bush first clippers and used to I would execution is being -- -- hop from outside in Dwight Howard potential -- could pose a problem. -- -- Can you see one of the other teams are there to Golden State Phoenix or Dallas or maybe you know even -- Memphis has been playing really well lately make a serious run an upset somebody. Yeah I actually pitching that's scaring everybody. He can get them against Oklahoma City your. Which financial who have the first round can take upset people because they played really well since salt came back sanctions and -- like any. Somewhere around five or six concerned should struggle and distort them but they've been a lot better since Arctic Epstein scaring everybody has. Like it's typical opens age shooting common can go with matches and it's consistent bring the defense on the road truck and got two skiers. Sirius XM NBA radios just in Germany is our guest here on the fan and Justin were looking at that conversation between Indiana and Miami -- pacers the only team to clinch a playoff spot so far but. Miami Sutton last night as the -- really really good basketball are they legitimate challenge in the playoffs. With Roy Hibbert against the heat this year. -- -- -- to win last year when nobody is on the bandwagon during the regular she's popular of the matchup nightmare. From Miami American treasure they're a lot at -- makes it a little bit of the skating here on the silver that they gather. And that's that cultural church -- Paul crucial first couple months so one shot chart commercial but on the other banks but I mean temperature -- a hindrance to them in the policies -- -- the -- player of the year Paul Georgia's -- -- -- just as good as anybody in the league outside may be quite large cap which shopped. Our last night into the concert I think they're the only team that can beat Miami because I think when it could be helped change or -- compete Miami. But they can't do -- have to think -- true. You know Cilic -- six or seven -- series so I think the -- chance to knock off Miami comes from patients actually able to use. You know the sixers jobs have been accused of tanking especially what we -- the trade deadline and a lot of coaches are insulted by that word of Brett brown talked about it today or yesterday. And said he would accept that blemish on his record if there will be utilized what they've created to have a better next couple of seasons. Do you think taking assuming that's an issue an outstanding Gundy said the problem that -- -- that needs to be fixed but to me if if you're in that position. Where you're in purgatory of being between seven and ten for number of years almost better to assist scrap don't start scratch. Open -- out meaning it's certainly I think it's an issue he's got teams that purposely going up and up. Players but that's the management purposely trying to lose a market is 76ers can. Could end -- and 36 consecutive games and you're awards watcher. I have ever seen in any sport but you're an idiot if you -- on out there taking attempted to get the first pick. I look at the San Antonio Spurs everybody talks on the -- like -- they were built by COLT David Robinson out. In 1997 -- calendar that -- -- have a better shot in docket stick up for championships up at -- look at difference eight manic on the worst record there in the end up. Blind allegiance at the united. Playing football in Indianapolis. The stadium shook global a couple of years ago and it's hundreds of millions of dollars a year should be look and he should be looking to get the best opera -- -- number one pick I like well. Upon our guy like doctor for a guy like -- -- and that's what you play for so I think it's the perfect strategy. Just in Germany is our guest serious sex and NBA radio you confine them on channel 217 also on Twitter at determining radio. Just it's always gonna document Fred appreciate the time. Absolutely and I used to -- interview that he caught I caught onto the team like taking entire Internet torso are. Of course exactly -- we had been the question. We appreciate it.