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Gene Smith - Ohio State, Athletics Director

Mar 4, 2014|

Smith joins Isaac and Suke to discuss the balance it takes within an athletics department to build and maintain elite men's basketball and football programs.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's look him in our next guest as promised we're going to be joined here by Gene Smith who's the athletic director of Ohio State the Ohio State University. And this man overseas. What did you say the third or fourth the third largest athletic. I guess department according to budget numbers in the country. Gina thanks for joining us. -- Meanwhile while we appreciate your time out one of the main reasons we wanted to wanna pick your brain about a lot of things that one of the main ones was we were talking on a show about. Powell. How hard it is to deal leaked at football and basketball. In college sports in with you overseeing two elite programs in both of those sports. We wondered if we could start the conversation there what is the trick from your perspective in having. Both programs a lead at the same time. We'll start so first we have been and Barbara Weller -- blessed to have here at your house that your -- in the community. It's portable. Where we have the larger part of the population smokes most people who aren't true one point five billion people. So you have their populations -- good to be institution has to have the commitment to hire the right leader. It comes down to coaching. Couldn't recruit talent -- looks ultimately developed a you have to austerity -- at bottom his best coaches. The market for local should. And get along with the community dedicated community after that people are committed. -- uncles coaches in the program. Have the financial support from they have the best tools available to recruit -- develop so follow. Well we're we're fortunate to have the Austrian -- Well football has always been. In your guys DA and Amy go back one of the great programs of all time but. Went to the basketball program make its turn around and was their. A specific commitment from you guys have we need to get this going. Yeah well. While that models. The 2004. Of -- predecessors -- him to go out of content. And a chance to sit down with consumers and yet it. -- -- -- For what you thought he needed to have -- place. In order to recruit top talent -- Facilities were hired what we have with basketball we have a great candidate who truly put. Well we did have gridlock Colmes and in the -- loans at all the other -- continue to happen between track cute and ultimately develop. Couldn't simple created most people understand. How little you know. That's 100% dedicated to basketball. We -- a gentler sort of get a kick out of because of concerts or eager to agreed that nature. Which he would have to go to the rec center. It would be practicing around while the other students and their which one -- top level program actual. And the other part of that the war on your former preacher polls he called back. In the summertime the Beagle concurrent players and help if you'd better so. Dollars and if you commitment that we dated it was a noble book the book Arnold you know apparently got a great game plan and he is there enough. -- on the calendar. In an -- well. -- a key in on one thing you Sydney -- did the things that it that it made both successful it at the Ohio State. One of them is just simply just a larger population meaning you look at the top three or four. Biggest athletic department's. You've got Texas and Florida in your selves and who -- Alabama yet there was don't know that's an exception they don't have the best basketball program but. Is it does it in some ways just come down to. Just having a large enough donor base that you are gonna have some that are gonna wanna help you with. They're basketball. Yeah no question you know we have a we have 181000 seat arena -- in the average or 1615161000. The world saw Saddam will probably so on and -- -- -- And certainly in that you know most people would keel. Aboriginal 1410151000. In to us. You know that's that's a great number it will also allow. -- twenty home games will solemn can't -- -- eleven. And now we've achieved but the other one may only have seven and 8000. People -- -- of our conference games what is basketball fans here's my point to -- -- reported gates. Basketball fans here in this market one was quote basket all achievable group product Kamal supporter. You know we correctly it will all. Obviously. Our tradition there's huge basketball programs been -- now up -- two years and years to use -- use -- -- -- -- -- Where would consistently. In the in the cup quarter a twenty car broke in the last four years mostly sweet extreme good you know to be the date -- -- -- just little barbershop. Is there a sense that you guys -- you know you're dealing with a 150 million dollars for a for a school like yours but. Let's take a school like ally I don't know this Nebraska for example that the -- in the twenty's it 75 million. Do you have to make a choice I mean when when it comes to to be successful in one for a program like that is there -- enough money to go around. And so maybe it is only a handful of programs that are able to commit or how does that work. -- -- so well last wiesel for 130. -- -- operated much extort two marks the -- in general on on you know enlarges. Programs in the country relative to -- thirties exports without him. -- up. Their receivables -- we have we expect that. To win championships have Agra which Edwards. So we've made that decision to stop with those sponsors or we weren't aware national championships last year -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- insurance institute and we're number one in the country are being treated. And so what we strive to make sure that it is what we have out. Goals for national championship and at basketball as well our council. EU -- your choice is based on. Why -- you possibly for these people -- stroke alone in my view of the division -- current level. It is our -- anti graduation rate archived -- So if your immediate and a program with with half your budget. Edu at at that point start thinking about dropping sports. You have to -- about what you can afford to do. So a lot of schools well you know what we believe the blockers. Are we have seven or eight million dollar operating budget. All week we want to keep our 28 sports. Which don't work well but here. So these. -- scorched a little -- premier sports these are very. Are we don't expect to -- championship sports -- -- local -- -- opportunity for the young people compete. -- cannot go to the championships which a lot of people do that are. -- do the title nine regions because they have beat the proportionality. And could could could numbers. Ronald so yes some schools have to -- choice is obvious she used as a model. What is possible less sports -- the average number of -- -- -- -- 22 let's go to school while worst dictator and and -- well. Our. Law -- programs draw totaled 2728. All sports and I would disrupt Libya could staffers 35 with virtually. Source really philosophy. And com. These -- just -- this article yourself awkward there are some schools you report it actually hear their programs and -- -- -- -- -- where excellence. In these are kind of participatory. Nature. This is Gene Smith he is the athletic director at Ohio State with -- us here on the standing Comcast sports net one other thing we're talking about that it wanted to get your opinion on it's been in the news recently as. I feel like college basketball has been affected by the NBA's one and done rule and what would be your. If you if you feel like there's a solution that's needed there what would be your ideas. In part because that is so challenging issue occur if they support -- you'd have to leave. We've been blessed perhaps wondered. In our philosophies and the client are too great job recruiting in the cartilage on the network content and admit it 10 lead after one year. These -- good academics. So we'll leave here. Series of -- -- last approximately -- good academic standing at all so you're the one called back due to a degree yeah. So we wish could stop this and we believe there. Optical -- PRR. -- -- go to one and the only way it would go to -- Robert Hughes wanted to give BH cases. Which I don't eat -- advocate -- Or coup. Oh yeah we decide that -- Arnold. Yeah now that we're gonna get. So called. Our speakers here in the state -- wall Obama -- does have good attitude on. I don't think it is significantly. Detrimental. College basketball because you have to keep him mark. Is old compared to the large numbers -- if you. The Wichita State and -- one. They -- when at all this year sold leaders. That we put a lot of focus on what you put it in the aggregate number -- -- In the country. And is probable is that big an issue. Do you think that Mark Cuban suggestion that may be the NBA. Would go after that one year with like some -- like the developmental league do you think that that's a possibility. Yeah cut figures -- -- real possibility out thoughtful example so you know then who you know frankly. -- atrocity Gordon school picnic at a book it Michael receipt -- They deduct a bottle of mark problem that's been caught the ball. -- OK good to have an idea I. I only worry about one dobbs. Its yield bad really just decided to restaurant school. It is sometimes somebody wanted -- Don't get put the -- Because as a humble. Need little or Michael Crowley who played for racial of the grizzlies should wondered -- to participate in one of god. -- registered to -- Carlos is here alone would he -- a great treaty is a great role models. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It is in Portland. He'd get a good job -- here yet it impact your positive impact. Sort it is. A big sometimes we got to look at it a little bit different. You mentioned 139 million dollars he has had to work with how much of that comes from football. About 72 brilliant in cobalt. Hurrying. Not what Torre not be controlled bomb. Basketball -- -- controversial. So when you look around the country and and we were talking kind of have one of the reason we brought you on -- the difficult nature of succeeding in both. -- -- -- if you're athletic department -- -- the country and certainly I would assume it behooves you to have a better football program than a basketball program. Although now -- if you look at all of this is -- Because obviously he's durable body though on you know weeks you know hundreds of articles. And who are sitting in our dollars in -- -- -- that are pro -- which is concessions in merchandising. Who is always somewhere around 7000 head of Arnold and that's just the local morning we -- parking you -- mostly -- A different point of -- Yeah significant doubt that. And that's excluding your television contract and your Nike -- I -- contractual -- -- article thanks. Because football is at what went on the loose you article discord. And doubt. He toying with the ideas -- selling beer and alcohol. You know watch as my colleague Texas though the lots and just -- it was well among my between. On the tour player who usually talk about that a lot of CO ST patterns and different go to -- -- you know I just don't think we're gonna go there. You talked about it institutional. Broker Asian. In 105000. People won't bother to -- different. In our history and traditions and Packard. Hold on not so sure we need to do. Sort of get away from. And what got you all right lowly -- honest about it Ohio state athletic director Gene Smith thanks -- thanks a lot for coming on an answer my questions. Well no problem which she does the best -- You do you think -- -- times he's good. NN here's what I deduced. On our discussion because that's only about him on our initial question. How do you begin at football and basketball and 139 million dollar budgets and have a huge fan bases with a large population around your school that that wants to be part of.

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