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Jordan Kent -- CSNNW Host

Mar 3, 2014|

Jordan joins Travis and Josh to talk Ducks Hoops.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

They're just two games left for the Oregon Ducks before the conference tournament begins next week in LA. Joining us now is former Oregon -- now with Comcast sports net northwest Jordan can't Jordan Harry don't. -- -- And tell -- the government there. A great glad to have you with us today so five games in a row that the ducks have won nine. It's obviously better in the first stretch of the pac twelve tournament schedule below what we seen in the last couple weeks even some of those wins were pretty that they couldn't do during that stretch of the first ten games the conference are so. All person from the organ and it could get a much better job flying defense and a team. And that has involved in Iraq it's weak side being of our drivers to do. Altitude is the better read on and then they're getting more contribution from her body -- for example the first -- and the law. You still. -- goes 00 basically and then you go and you feel he is able to contribute and so. I think the through its current account -- their ride to work well together and this time. And -- coming and I looked like a pet to play much better that. They're keeping their opponent to below seven points per -- night. Burst and and it can't quite incurred -- and he's and you forget -- -- -- started and delight in the culprit. Them to win five -- it's critical because. All I would go to into public are much better and stronger in the. Jordan you mentioned it is with all the transfers don't ask you your opinion because he played college best what you understand it. Having all those guys in there and you face -- every year at what point is that sustainable and at what point you have to start going off that and that that model doesn't necessarily work for you because you mentioned chemistry playing as a team all those things that's when you know those guys in a familiar with men have played in the summer and and pick up games at what point does he have to start looking the other direction or the other way. -- -- point and it can happen in a large enough sample size -- done. -- oh. Wanted to work because. -- than originally thought the trip a little girl and a bullet I think we can all agree we've been watching call -- call for a long time and never seeing kids. You all seen that often dark hole by -- and -- and it is the more -- school. Still much more and and -- and -- -- freshmen and let them grow up together because I saw. The development. And fresh clot that mark yet. You could quite Taylor and welcome. And just how well. Celtic after your -- And so -- -- -- He's -- -- -- -- or hear their older graduation at that much coaches would like to say it all on an it group. I'm a freshman at the earliest start -- and more that he's going to catch you guys. Experience and -- -- -- a level that helped build to order peculiar. -- no -- -- and coach Kelly and good luck to. -- it is getting more more than tripled. Check out more -- should play wanna I'm fortunate that. After the first here and watch them and duplicate article on big most adults who want. In the peculiar right now you -- directly -- -- so. I think. More sustainable model is bringing in recruitment and all additional future success we get primarily -- -- treasures. You know Jordan a lot of duck fans are open Mike Moser would have a big year considering he is a local guy and he left he went off to a couple other schools UCLA the -- now he's back in the state of fore again and duck fans and the beginning of the year really kind of latched onto him and thought he was the guy for this year we didn't see a level we have lately. What is is -- his key to getting in a comfort zone for him. What I think a lot. -- him it is just to hear them coming out and look to appoint a bit in the balance because it's a -- and -- and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And got a physical -- technical. And did the other team all the more critical you're looking. At them and he's amid that obviously. Taking Warsaw -- to score but. Incomplete -- can -- it -- and throwing his eyes out which we need to do that. You start with more question more confident -- -- -- establishing himself. Much earlier and all important and -- were -- -- I'm sure -- out and play at the chip on the shoulder when they edit content. -- -- -- -- -- Who do you need to restrict you to. Go and their cute odd that now. To recruit -- having an achievement -- they give you aren't getting and that took a pot had agreed not to. A look -- wide -- but not signaled that more. Jordan with Arizona coming in this weekend in the pac twelve tournament what is organ have to do everybody kind of has them on the bubble now what in your opinion what is -- have to do to make sure they give. The NCA at their best foot forward and a winning the pac twelve tournament cures all but. Best case scenario with this week and add to the NCA tournament do they -- three wins two wins what they have to do to secure berth in the in the big dance. I'd keep them on through and put -- on -- -- out of school. You wanna play -- talk all the competitor and to communicate their vehicle ticker org and a lot of teams that are hovering right now not in that and eaten on the power play patent opera life and that they can -- -- And the conference. And -- return and get an extra game and of course he. In that they should be. You want more determined -- The -- 23 wind and bring them to around 23923. And it. I'll never really -- It shouldn't get too. And determined the paradoxical. There's our -- to -- and and situation you're talking about. Obama and Oprah did you like an -- -- watching that another adult like now or Colorado or did you Halliburton. It. I think that really strong case themselves. You're probably -- themselves or that road lost organs in earlier this year and swept at home -- the various schools. I would and the here and put them behind all. But look like you're about lightened it got -- Jordan Kent is our guest former Horry conduct now with Comcast sports net northwest to -- -- conducts. No Jordan as far as the conference sternum is concern obviously getting into the top four is still feasible it would be great to see but if they don't and there are five or sixty navy's seventh seed and they don't winning game of the conference tournament. How detrimental is that to their hopes. I can very detrimental because you don't want a loose term guerrilla. And then lose to. Worked on that five or six or seven property. Yeah it. -- are walking and organ eight. It's and we don't want that. Hole and Erick -- -- -- up -- on its plan to all but. The culprit well even though there's only once you're right it's only conference medication and I had to include your more. So -- cute -- -- to alternate heating up on each other culprit quote I know people. And it could use it. Could in the situation like what a couple of years ago where -- Washington and won the regular season title -- to commit until we -- Because the culprit -- -- was -- -- insecure opera -- -- it's so much higher that they have a chance to you. Really keyed into that are 2223. Went equally importantly it and sell it could agree it's. You know Jordan and incidentally term you have to have good guard play you have to guard -- can take -- -- game can Joseph young beat that guy. I am absolutely everything. And then and someone to hot -- good -- here and call it a lot here as well -- -- In the alternative and double internment and so certainly didn't Arctic -- you -- point -- It I'd -- -- activity and that it couldn't come down for good -- squad at all humans. And occupy. -- -- to duke it out and just to ever to beat a team. I think it's important in the country and you know they close off on the road it's not played count emperor OOK writes. You know other than -- actually culpable because you would be an. Everybody talks. I think are starting to really well. Jordan Kitt is our guest former Oregon -- key is also on Comcast sports net northwest you can see Montauk conducts on Twitter at Jordan -- can't. Was good to talk to Jordan thanks so much rent.