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John Ireland -- ESPN LA and Lakers Radio Voice

Mar 3, 2014|

John joins Travis and Josh to talk Lakers, Blazers, and NBA.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back to Travis in Wilcox of course the lakers in town tonight to play the blazers and joining us now John Ireland ESPN Los Angeles John -- you. Do very well appreciate the time today so. Last time we talked he was awhile ago hadn't really didn't know what to expect the injuries have been a disaster is has been the worst possible on court scenario that you could have expected for the lakers this year. The court could. Of course yeah this is all that they need -- going the other. Some sort of getting your receipt and workable strategy. The biggest thing he needed to do -- Because -- Indian her instead of having zero injuries they've had injuries than they've ever -- what he's been in the history corporate. So they're detonated by injuries and on top of that. Did it happen in a year -- the -- -- this a lot of teams in the west kind of found themselves the silent the -- so. The -- at the starting gate it's -- -- No this is kind of the second year that's an area where hey guys have to come -- you lose some injuries and guys get banged up. Going into their future you have a lot of high price you've got to clear some cap is this is this differs Steve Nash and an LA uniform. I think so and teach -- L and and the decision that they need to make -- actions. What do you do with the last year's deal next here on the books to make nine -- -- -- acres you can -- -- in other words you can. He came up in three increments and when -- -- about. I met your -- -- -- his money. But he count against the cap either order -- and million next year or stretcher at 33. So that the -- are having art and let's face it why did that it injury justice series -- up or he can apply our. Do we do we take medicine next year. And once also called nine million next year or stretch it out over the next thirty years -- that and -- -- French industry and -- to make it to routine though. It's injures -- we talk about those decisions basically for next year between Nash Kobe Bryant. And the -- player option for a couple of different players that that's really all the lakers have. Allocated the next year they have a team next year. Yet -- -- 120 million minimum in cap space and that if they keep Nash did because -- 35 million if they don't. So they're gonna have. A ton of options the question is 42 I mean they're. Not a lot of free agents that you would take a term to hammer out a muscle brought up shot I don't think. The brunt commendable lakers ticket collector Carmelo but I don't think he's just stick to your. And I know. -- on the process you don't think that either I mean I -- psychic changed but I don't think they're looking at -- because they would really looked yet. Although it is Kevin Love but he doesn't come off the books for another year. So because you -- -- -- -- it's a lottery you know coast -- -- it it right now they're at the fort. Worst record leaked so it's not like that in this -- Another decision after it is do you under that. Or you package it in some type deal that could give you an impact player now. In the -- are all gonna be dealt. You right leading up to the draft -- in people -- Kevin love's gonna agree. Just in Minnesota whether actor rerouting unity that 93 million dollar expansion are all those things kind of play into the decision that the lakers need to make. John -- seemed to be a lot of narrative the fact that Jerry -- no longer a round to have kind of a stable hand within that organization -- big voice are they certain to find their groove without him not there anymore as a front office. Eight it's hard to say you know -- deployment a year since he's been on and the deck of -- Those are pretty big shoes to sell so -- I think they did the exit question I don't think it'll be Nazis and in the next couple years. I'm Mitch Kupchak is still kind of the -- of all this -- truly good. -- Doctor but was always the one who got finals -- enough and realize that and -- a cheer them. It's and then you know we don't know yet whether or not commit a cap and I talked a lot about that actually. You feel like you're accurately and hard to make sure he can continue built by might just could be on the clock. And -- he -- go to the next couple years. John Ireland ESPN Los Angeles is our guest here on the Spaniard -- for us being involved. Seeing the blazers on a daily basis we have one perspective but always curious to see what the bigger national perspective is on this team. One of the questions we ask the first two months of the season was could they sustain it didn't look like it now they're getting back to that and what's your perspective on the long term of this trail blazers team. Well let me guy and he has changed the way you India is gonna work -- and you're bringing back. Or actually it was no secret. That LaMarcus Aldridge when it's available for the right Christ's. Neil watched today and economy could speak yeah that's what a connected at. Around brokerage. And and they'll probably clear -- slower commute treat him and use him to build the winner. And so well versed in needle. Sickly creek -- stayed together. And -- came -- Develops and now Minnesota is really hasn't. To trade Kevin because it's there's been looking at every point Portland police say look at. It accurately can stay out being rewarded we're gonna go digging looking forward and put him next Kevin Love. And you're gonna be Minnesota. And a realistic that is I you know I think hey I put it this. Last year. You. Coconut Miller as except people at the very top of the end yet and -- -- let -- -- And it looked at Mike Bennett and I went well. I am do you approach as gosh -- I'd -- -- playing at that. Is a guard. -- -- Chris Paul. Trade union report for one. Personally know. It's like so that's where I wouldn't do it because. You know he got an injury History -- Three in the operation in the last 9 months. I am. It wouldn't do wish he'd come at the tail end of his career I want to curry. Because they think -- is a better all around. The question becomes due to a four altered. And I don't think I would. I think we were pitched to -- many things or a team. To trade him or yes scorched. Think they -- in and -- -- a levity culture in which year. I think the people now two years after the fact -- realized. The next -- all in Portland. And it -- unlucky there and it brought it all urgent letter. I don't think anybody wants to play Portman and the plan passed. Out to answer your original question. What's important for them is to try to gain one of those first thirty spots. I spot in the play out this year is brutal. Market street spot whether there's going down. You know predict likely to happen to -- it would be equipped used. -- Got a really good team that went out first round who loses. You can hang onto what those top three spots I think got a really you can't get around which is the -- -- or trying to and they get to the next level so I didn't see in those first three spot they're engaged. It is and -- no matter what you say. No matter before the actors there's a point there's going to be two really good -- and -- why -- just because of the numbers. Haven't scored I would I would Smeal and end. -- I I would I would keep that in mind that I would let you know that response to like help. You know Johnson were gonna get into a little bit later on -- the solo Mark Cuban topic about the what's your take on Mac is there it's such an interesting dynamic of what could be if it works out. I like a lot but it disagree that the I got a you might biggest year of development in my life was like freshman year. That trying to -- -- came a man and you know you're open to me that's when I learned a little known. And speakers will make it into my -- I had to learn how to balance a checkbook -- -- -- -- patty great attitude things right. And I I could bring even one year of college. Each hugely educational for -- Have a college experience I -- or your but I would actually. Like to TV -- 28. And that is if you go to college. In baseball commit to three years that -- can -- worry I can sell to. Even one year and this year is is trying to create in me I think that they can be so. And a -- Adam silver considering. It's just being talked about. I don't keep kids in college for two years. Willard. Get help polished and -- bella and into its cool that I. That is so rare that you'll see that went to four years a college. Instead you're dealing with guys like you know cheer green in Phoenix the Indian high school took in ten years of going to. Think actually you were eighteen. No -- 0818. -- don't know. We need to mature. And I think if Cuban plane goes and the Cold War the -- and you start giving them money and make the don't have to have a cart experience they don't have any responsibility. Only teammate was clear about. What particular what they continued to. Doesn't it. Now I'm in favor of and to go to school. John Ireland is our guest you can follow him on Twitter that they'll pay Ireland -- oh it's -- you gotta run and appreciate the time seats -- the game. --