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Terry Stotts -- Blazers Head Coach

Feb 28, 2014|

Coach Stotts joins Travis and Josh to talk about the bench, the new expectations, and dressing up as Jack Ramsay.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Joining us now is the head coach of the Portland trailblazers Terry Stotts coach carried on today. There are doing great pretty -- here for a few minutes so. Obviously the status of LaMarcus Aldridge -- Thomas Robinson has been a question last couple games what can you tell us about where they are now. Well Meyers Leonard and LaMarcus both practiced today and will make a decision to moral whether. Either one of -- -- play. Thomas is. You know introduced did not practice today and really don't have an update on him. Coach you guys got hit the log -- injuries. Just all of a sudden end. When I ask you what's your message to a team like the night before Brooklyn or the night of the game against Brooklyn and you got to that your your for an out four guys -- dress and what's your message the team and and kinda how do you embrace that. Well. The fundamental message I have is you know win win you lose. A player. Such as LaMarcus but when you have a and in our case where we have multiple players out. But the important thing is for everybody -- realize that. They can't do little themselves everybody just has to do a little bit more and you know the sum is. So the parts it is is greater and you don't being. Obviously took it took it upon herself to -- few more points but I really. It's important that you don't know what. Nice homes gonna have a game but you know one night Thomas Robinson and one -- will Barton and you know practical -- had a good game and so what you just. Everybody just be ready to make plays in the and do things that they've been doing but don't try to do too much. When you have young players like -- will Bardner Thomas Robinson who at times to show brilliance on the floor than other times struggled to put up those same type of games. How do you help get the best out of those guys more consistently. Well. I think that's one of the things. You know some people may not understand it about. -- great players in this league is that there are able to do it every night and there are. You know there are hundreds of players in this league who can't have a -- gluten come out and scored twenty. Because they've done it before in their in their careers at various levels. You know the consistency part of that comes with time comes maturation. Comes with the opportunity. And you know it's that's. That's why sometimes you don't win. When you have a team that so relatively young you have a few rookies -- that consistency is is that difficult thing to. Sustain and you discuss. And you got to coaches that -- happen overnight. Hope we see some idea that that light bulb go on for consistency as a head coach how does that go into factor. If you're looking down on the beach second change what you're thinking about -- rotation -- comedies this guy and a different scenario after your more comfortable are you seeing consistency out of him. Well it yeah I mean look will will. Had two very good game double last three games will play two very good games. And didn't miss a play that well up in Denver so but that. I think to reinforce that. You know you -- Stay with some men. You know TJ it kind of goes through that word -- stretch where -- -- -- pretty well and then kind of fuels and flow. Bump in the road so. The important thing is that for media as the coaches I can't let that. Necessarily dictate. Too much. About putting him in the game we're not putting them in game particularly these last few games when there's been. And abundant amount of minutes out there that. Someone had to someone had to play and you know you're unhappy with the young guys when they get the opportunity and you know. We've had guys like will and Victor and Thomas who who played welder in the instructions. Blazers coach Terry Stotts is our guest here on the fans coaches and great star for this team 24 and five to start things off then around 500 since then. Was there are some in that changed in early January in this team or was it is that the matter of that play in the NBA schedule sometimes teams that bad stretches. Well. The players is that our losses. Our losses. Since. Since well we lost to Philly on on January 4 and in Sacramento but since that since January 7 we haven't lost the game. To a non playoff -- every loss has been to a playoff team enabled have been on the road so. -- we up to a good start everybody. All the non believers were very quick to point out our schedule we took advantage of that scheduled. The schedule came back during that stretch from. January from January 15 two. February 12 the all star break we have the ruckus. Scheduled a public schedule of any team in the league and you know we lost some close games to some very good teams mostly on the road Oklahoma City could've gone either way. -- Oklahoma City and the clipper game could -- -- either way Indiana game could've gone either way so. You used very close to being a very good stretched. We just we're able to quite take advantage -- so those games against the good teams. Wanna ask you about Robin Lopez in more so on the offensive end of the court ice you've seen him everybody asking you big guy in the middle and you've seen them. On the defense bent but how does having a -- -- a true center affect your offensive maybe play calling or the office -- into the court. But the good thing about Robin is he's he's. Been much. Better offensively that I had expected -- He's. He's been a very good free throw shooter he's been a decent midrange shooter when -- opportunities there he finishes around the basket with both hands. Are parked his teammates are very willing to pass to home. When he's rolling to the basket so all those things have really the really had a positive impact on our offense and when teams double LaMarcus -- been -- Dynamic in his -- to the basket so it's he's really been. Very important part of our offense I know that everybody. You know -- three point shooting and LaMarcus and and -- what they do but it's really a team playing then and -- had. Good part to do with the. Blazers coach Terry Stotts our guest here on the -- your coach whom we see what goes on in the locker -- sometimes after games or practices. We only get a glimpse were only seeing were allowed to seek. And that the perception of this team is that they're very together the chemistry is terrific and it's something that is somewhat rare in the NBA. You know how is it is that overrated -- dollar is that really something that is truly rare with this team considering how long you've been in league where he bent. Team chemistry is very important and how you develop -- a lot of lot times it just depends on you know the mix in the locker room you have. Sometime reserves were natural friction and sometimes there's just a natural chemistry and I think the fact that we have a relatively young team. You know with eight players in their first -- second year. It helps add to that type of feel in the locker room the maturation of our young players from last year to this year and then. Getting off to a good start you know outcome that chicken -- looking -- I really think affected we experienced success we worked hard. In October we had a good pre season we took advantage of the schedule in November and so bad. That positive. Environment was really reinforced by getting wins early and playing well. How to some of those young players a guy like CJ McCollum who had the opportunity to sit for a couple months with the unfortunate injury but. A player like him that had to go through some -- like that was a beneficial to him to know. He was not playing because he wasn't ready it was just that he wasn't healthy and now he's been able to play there's been some growth there that's some of the bench help him. I think you let's let's put -- ready made the most of it it's always better when you have a chance to play and I think especially for young players when they can get out there practice and when they get up there playing game that's when they're gonna. Make the most -- that beings. You know the way things happened for TJ that we tried to make the most of it and he was. Very. Vigilant with his with his workout -- he's staying involved with the team. It's so that when he was ready to play in January. It made the transition easier and by easier it didn't that doesn't mean it was easy because the guy that hasn't played much basketball for -- almost a year and it was a very difficult is they're deployed for young players to. Colombian without the benefit of a training camp and without the benefit of don't just understand the league and being thrown into. Into that situation. After the team has played for two months and then try to command and and make a contribution and by that I mean by that I mean he was is extremely difficult by -- late -- he did a good job with the difficult situation. Coach I have to ask you this. Where did you get that awesome Jack Ramsay jacket. But the my wife founded on you -- this really is the that we didn't we had to go what I wanted to go with a definite. Period piece that it wanted to have. You know some -- some. Some jacket that's made no -- it was definitely his seventies jacket we had an altered a little bit separately from the sleeve so it would look too bad. That was -- yeah I mean it looked like a nice old dumb I don't know. -- So that the threat that -- my grandmother had that so far. Yeah it was I I thought it was great you know Dick was accepting you had planned it was at this suddenly came about to honor Jack Ramsay. I had been wanting to do some type attribute to coach Ramsey for awhile I didn't know when it was gonna happen. Part over the summer. At some point during this season that we had Jack -- -- -- -- these guys or something. I just have so much respect for for him as a coach and what he means for this franchise and it would mean for the game of -- also. I just felt like it was something I wanted to do during the season and where it turned out we had a game on his birth but that was the perfect opportunity. You know court's order to ask you about you know what's what's coming next -- a couple of months left for the season is over in the and likely the playoffs three guys but. Not in the position that -- ran in the beginning of the season yet there were some things you know quite what to expect the rough losing streak at the end of last year but. Have expectations changed at all for you personally with this team -- the goal still the same they were back in October. No if you don't -- first. You know thirteen game losing streak is as difficult as that was I I really looked at that as a positive for us and we're out of the playoffs. It really gave a lot of our young guys a chance to play and we win games and thirteen games through losing streak is not easy thing pertained to go through but it gave stricter in -- central and will. All the Jan Goldsmith and all those guys a chance to play. During that time so. But now as talk about her expectations they they certainly change and to not. And doctoral park our goal in October was to make the playoffs like you know Russia -- -- media -- was to make the playoffs but not be satisfied with just making the playoffs well that's still is the goal you know to make the playoffs and not be assessed I would just make the play out so. We haven't clinched a playoff spot but when we do we don't want -- I would just make the playoffs. Trail blazers head coach Terry Stotts is our guest here on Travis in Wilcox coached always great hockey thanks so much of the time. Maybe a bill wolves birthday we'll see had been in some sideburns there with it. Not a bad idea if things go stick here click here.