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Barry Larkin -- MLB HOF, ESPN MLB Analyst

Feb 27, 2014|

Barry joins Travis and Josh to talk college baseball and the MLB.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back to Travis in Wilcox our next guest played his entire nineteen year Major League career with the Cincinnati Reds he was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 2012. He's now an analyst at the ESP NE is also on the advisory board for the Capital One cup Barry Larkin is our guest very Dario. Do very well appreciate the time today you know let that that Ben Wexler story the last couple days been breached and we talked about a lot last week and now the players association is looking into it did the story seems to be that there's some concern that because of what happened with him the Philadelphia Phillies. That there might be some rules that need to be adjusted based on. The relationships between college players and negotiating with teens what are your thoughts on that this really is their biggest stories that seems to be. You know -- anytime -- deal -- professional sports and college. You know NCAA. Areas. There's so many rules are you not I think at. -- needs to be some rules amended and they went through -- went -- college aptly. That draft -- I think I decided to go to college they -- out of college and you know what you can do that she can't do that. What what what can you accept what can you accept that in the deployment of the bottom line is that. College players college athletes. Make university a lot of money bring a lot of attention so there's money involved in and immediately double -- -- There's so many problems with all of the rules on what can and cannot do is great she is very -- Wish it were an opportunity to really create a pool of money for players occur because happily I was there would be very cleared buying it will all right. You can speak and we cannot be true. I wish they would just kind of -- rank up and really understand that you know the NCAA is preparing players. Or the next level he's going to be a pro something in -- obviously -- that you're going to be approach something so let's get more on the pro side of the post good temperatures. -- my take on it then you know they're good for the whole hour should speak in about. Cases in particular. But I thought that and when I lived through it it was a very uncomfortable situation for me because I simply didn't know like. Likely not up -- Who I can go to lunch with select not elect. If indeed I had to pay for that larger not -- that a lot of problems a lot of issues that -- in NCAA needs to look long and hard just becoming a little more. Income -- where the professional clubs and all the difference. With you playing College Baseball -- let -- get your take on a lot of people going straight from high school to the minor leagues in the major leagues I should say and then. You know you're going to college in is that kind of take each person's situation is different when they make that decision a lot of guys that do go to college are usually probably drafted out of high school -- at each situation makes you decide you know should I go to college in and were right fit. And is just college prepare you better for the major leagues. Well -- it did prepare me better for the major leagues and yes I do think it's an individual thing. In my dislocation when I got drafted out of high school I would. Very very green. Very very shy. I was not prepared and had been out of my mom and that house I wasn't prepared for that professional. Environments. On just personally. And -- -- to a few guys that big draft that same year that the attitude though. A complete professional baseball it's going to be a little more advanced than we socially and and -- self confidence slide helped me. But for me I felt like I needed a more controlled environment I need to be in an environment where. -- -- continue to grow as a person. That. Could eventually make positive contributions to society. So I believe yes I believe it is an individual thing I think they're probably currently blowing directly out of high school. And going to college so. You know its base and the person I know from me. That education very important. And my -- development was important also you had been created a little tough situation. I grew up and then when we did have a lot of money and a lot of Brothers and sisters and sister we did have a lot of money and tiger direct and edit drafted by the red in the second round at a high school. They came comedian and actually the question that you and -- -- your mom and dad. Well this money and you know and put me in I think because yes indeed I did want to help them because they didn't have much money. But when I could get them on the -- They told me that. We didn't have money coming up -- we still wouldn't have money in the probably gonna do what needed to do personal. So you know that pressure was really believe it it -- an athlete in the very tough situation. Yet to make that decision whether to go to college eccentric actually an actual. Barry Larkin is our guest major league baseball hall of Famer you're talking about the money aspect of things guy like Mike Trout as one of the best players in baseball yet because of where he is in his career doesn't make a lot of money. Now he signs a one million dollar deal for one year with the arbitration situation. Why is a million dollars a big deal for the situation. Well I I don't know out into that million dollar mark -- now we're back -- is. Slot if you will and that's what it is is a slot. Is highest paid player for the amount of kind that he passed. And rightly so he probably has the best player. Or you know in the situation that he is here. Right now why the million dollars number I don't know white -- million try to not -- it because that is what they could negotiate. You know player told me. There's. One now coming up he said you're only work what the team that weren't willing to take. For you now there certainly is a you know benchmark. Across the league -- you know there are certain teams that are going to be -- high side of that and they're gonna deviate on the low -- that. But you know. -- angels thirteen that are out -- get players they have them right eyed players out rules. Some of the players over there. That are making a lot money. And so it may take a look at that -- It's where you only work like you can negotiate. I trial is very good player in the great player he's going to be able. Great player for many many years he's got to make many billions and billions of dollars and the just what it is but I got the money that he got. But because he is -- -- it. -- Mary Robinson Cano got just a couple more dollars then and Mike Trout didn't he's up in Seattle now and we we carry their games. And for the Seattle Mariners in Robinson can know we obviously that was a huge pickup for them but they do enough around him is this mariners seemed kind of in the same spot they were in the last couple years just with a marquee player. Well Lloyd McClendon in the very competitive manager and I think. What you see from Lloyd McClendon is there will be an expectation. That the players will pay a little short answer to the DJ. In I think actually -- and I'm like I'll see here. It brought -- Corey Hart also. The Logan Morrison's came in from from Miami. Think you smoke that they picked up the pieces. -- any -- acting really in the article rotation I think you're going to be. The local mosque at Taiwan walker outlook I've wondered what the cricket pitch and you know -- heard some great things about ten. I wanna see what he will do nothing will be impact. -- and the -- at the back in the bulk of -- could be future then also. So. Well it is just a matter. If you're gonna get -- pitching behind. And feel like it's -- Taiwan market gains taxes the other at a young pitcher. This is customers who works rookie pitching. Robinson you know Atlanta you pitched -- played that much. -- all the. Guys around in the Colombian scores are at the -- are pregnant Corey -- was important because there's another veteran player. That can take the -- -- Whoever's winning hit in front of and behind Robinson and now they're apt get the job done. And yeah that's the thing and whenever you get a great players come here -- like it's in -- -- and so that. And you know and I had Eric Davis sit behind me you know architecture that two other great players -- -- integrity Sanders. Yet when they're on top of their game had been hit behind me. And when -- guys I'd use or sitting in front of you it really changes how you approach of the change. That you're facing. Because they're going to challenge you more than -- a rabbit and also -- -- leaders reject it. And trying to rob will look for -- -- have a huge huge year or whoever said. Corey are people going to be able to handle the -- Pity because they -- not on canal. Beat him because he's the one in name of that lineup that that. They're going into every single game meticulously okay he's not a leader is going to be this -- is completed -- it's gonna be robbed and now. Don't look at around. I don't know they had not starting pitching. But I do you know -- -- and I know they look at what that number one game every single time now. Off Fernando Rodney -- if you which -- rightly -- If he's gonna be in the closely instantly capable great just a matter of unit that. Well I don't know it to your question there's a lot of questions out there but I think you'll see. A Lloyd McClendon ravaged team. I think you'll see them paying much more action. To the small -- -- You know very -- the Capital One cup is in the home stretch now yet suitably terming coming up in the College Baseball College Softball World Series tell us about this. Capital One cup. Capital One puppets in the that is isn't that where you'd rather see what they're here with a Big Apple were up one. Why it's great baseball and just explain a little bit about one cut their point that -- man. Based on -- -- and finishes in all different sports in my opening. And when the facts and all the division one schools are participating in all these sport pit crew point. Towards the Capital One a cup and being. They -- how they do in Ali stick export. License scheme based book because baseball as the final event that seemed. The university apt to accrue points. The winner the national champion for the baseball. -- the college World Series. Well I'd get sixty point towards the Capital One cup last year UCLA is in the -- side they won the college World Series. They had only took home the national -- should show because -- a World Series but they also took home the Capital One cup. There in the top five or sixty points in the college World Series catapulted them on a global entity to eight. In the in the final. And so therefore they -- Capital One. Along with -- Trophy at the one trophy there's 200000 dollars college scholarship money that toward trinity school book on demand and 200000 dollar on the women's side. As well soul but what about winning that national championship but also have been asking ranked. And schools better than yours and -- programs that better than your programs each and every year I'm really happy. Part of it actually actually see it happening right kind of nice that the act in Omaha Nebraska I played in the college World Series that exceed these guys plan. In the college World Series and try to win the national championship that night. But I also understand as a parent. And as kids and the candidates -- sons and daughters and college agent on the college. You've seen them do well on the field and on the us from the great. Barry Larkin is our guest nineteen year Major League that he is in the Baseball Hall of Fame 1995. National League MVP now with ESPN also in the advisory board of the Capital One cup Barry takes a look for the time really appreciate the conversation. --